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Hey Guys! Super chill video today! Matthias and I show you exactly what we carry around with us in our suitcases when we move. I want to state again that my goal is not to own as few items as possible or live out of a backpack! This is just the lifestyle (and amount of stuff) that suits how we are living right now! If you think its too much ro not enough that's totally fine! It is not a competition who can live with the least amount. We all have different comfort levels! xo SarahHello! I'm Sarah Nourse (pronounced nurse). Thanks for checking out my channel! Click to subscribe!

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do you have pens and paper?
Abs K
Dang. You are moving up the in the YouTube world if 5 minutes after posting you already have 100 views!! Congrats!
Hey Sarah...How are you today? I'm writing you because i'm a lil confused :) \n I follow you for a while, you're inspiring me. Thank you for that. I tried to live like you, i tried to declutter my environment, i semi succeed, but i realized i have too many hobbies and all the \
Alejandra Mercado
I want to see what you own!!
Alejandra SV
I am collecting the words as well! I look forward to watching you in your adventures guys!
Alicia Una Ryan
I absolutely love love love your videos. What language do you & Matthias speak to each other & yes, I'm religiously collecting the words of the day :)
Amy Jbr
Hi guys! I am currently planning to move from France to Malaysia and this tip has really saved me: using compactor bags! I put all my clothes in them and removed all the air in the bag; gained so much space in my suitcase ! Also a great way to store you clothes that are not for this season; takes up little space and keeps them nice and clean :)
What kind of suitcases are those????
BJ Ribeiro
I'm collecting the words!!! Always enjoy your videos.
Bayley Brunck
I'm collecting the words! And I'm loving Vlogmas so far \u003c3
Bear Staffing
YES Playing along!! :) Love your videos!! Sara from Northern Wisconsin :)
Brionna Welsh
I love how minimal you two live! Such an inspiration!!!
Caroline Mickle
I'M IN IT TO WIN IT haha\nI'm collecting the words!!
Cass The Crass
I'm in it to win it! So excited to see the new place!
Charlotte May
Your eyeshadow looks greaaaaat on you!! Love ur video as always \u003c3
Charlotte Sasser
Yes! I'm collecting!
Courtney Magnuson
I'm keeping up with the words Sarah!\nI would also like to see all the clothes that Matthias owns too!
Crystal Nico
yes in it to win it lol😄
Crystal The Minimalist Cat Mom
Hey you guys, yes I am collecting the words and loving each new video you put out! I find your simple way of living very inspiring. I try to simplify my life and possessions as much as possible but having a home with 3 cats and a husband with many hobbies it can sometimes feel difficult. Personally I have come a long ways, but after doing my winter capsule wardrobe and closet clean out videos I feel like I have more than I need. Time for me to downsize again lol. Can you offer any advice on the best way to store bulky seasonal items away in a suitcase? I found that sweaters and pants take up almost half my off season storage! Thanks! xoxo
Daria Kest
Also it would be fun to see how much matthias owns and your updated cruelty-free makeup collection!
David Dodson
I think I'm the only guy here, but I'm keeping up with the word of the day! I'm also a minimalist and live tiny. Can you make a video on what all documentation you need to travel internationally? Also, can you comment further on the health insurance you have and how that works in Europe if you need medical services? Thanks in really enjoy your videos.
Digital Nomad Girl
Do you ever use the lens filters?
it was slightly annoying when you kept correcting and interrupting matthias
Eliza Don
That teddy bear though... :D It'll have to feature in future videos, you know that, right? :) :)
have you considered folding your clothes the KonMari way?
How long did it take you to find a place in Berlin? My partner and I are doing the temp thing right now (luckily through a friend of a friend rather than an airbnb) but so far apartment hunting has been...stressful!
Erin S.
I'm playing the game!! I really wanna win! 😊😊😊
Evy Corona
I'm in it to win
Thanks for showing this. I have no need to have all my belongings in suitcases but my goal in 2017 is to be able to get all my clothes, books, journaling supplies, hygiene, etc in bags and see what it looks like. It seems every time i pouch or bag stuff up it helps me edit to just the essential for my goals.
Gabrielle San Pedro
It'd be cool if Matthias made a video breaking down the amount of his belongings like he mentioned!
I'm definitely collecting the German words! I think it's a great idea.
Heather Garner
Always look forward to the consistent upload times! :)
Hunter Diane
What size luggage are those?\nwhat size do you recommend?
Jen Mere
i like how Matthias is using the pink suitcase! :) #BreakingGenderNorms
Coucou from Canada ! I discovered your chanel few days ago and im in love xox
Judy Spencer
Love the outro with both of your voices. You are inspiring.
Kaitlin Smegal-Clark
I'm collecting. It's fun! My two best friends live in Germany so I love learning new words. 🙂
Kaiyun Yang
It's so nice to watch your vlogmas every morning (+8 hr timezone) The ending quote always makes me prepared for the day. Hope your two have a nice day moving~
Katlyn Anne
Hey Sarah! I miss you, come back to florida to visit! I'm so happy you made youtube videos so I can keep in touch with how you and Matias are doing. I wish you both the best! Merry Christmas :)
Kayleigh Nicole
I found you all a few weeks ago and have spent most of my free time watching your videos! I start my mornings feeling inspired and motivated after watching you! It's a bummer that I hadn't found this channel when you lived in Nashville, because I'm only 30 minutes away from the city! I'm collecting the words also!!
Kelly Maglione
Can you make copies of important documents and keep them at one of your parents house? Just incase you loose them in your travels.
Kendall Winkler
I've been writing the word down everyday! 😊
Kia Lindroos
Ugh YES so many amazing vegan beauty products available here in Germany! ;)
Kristen Hall Vlogs
It would be awesome to be able to live like that. I'd love to travel but we have kids and it's just not possible right now lol living through you instead!
Kristen Kay
I hope all is well in Berlin and that things really fall into place for both of you ♥
Lauren Weiss
Your eye shadow is beautiful! What is it?
ME! I'm in it to win it!
Leo Olsson
Great video!
Linda Mouw
It's a nice video, I love your vlogmas video's. You both are an example how to live like a minimalist. I collect the words, I like this kind of games. 💕
Living Free Forever - Melody & Ric Schafer
Your Christmasy intro is so pretty. Really love it! Love the video. Always inspiring. :) Melody
Maike Wasel
always so happy when a new Video from you pops up in my subscription box :) would love to see a video about Matthias clothes!\nYou should definetly visit Cologne and Bonn, it's just a must in my opinion ;) I live in the near of Cologne, maybe thats a factor as well ;)
Hey guys! Thanks for the video! I was wandering actually how you could travel so light! Now its clear, and inspiring! I have a couple of questions: do you guys travel with towels? I didnt see any in your lauggage description. And also i was wandering, do you have anything left in the US? If not, I'm impressed! Lots of greetings fom Munich, visit us soon!
Marcia Gratz
Yes I am playing along - Great!
Marie Reyes
I've moved 3,000 miles from the east coast of the U.S. to the west coast. I only had 6 bags/suitcases. SIX. And I overpacked because I should have still thrown or donated a lot of the stuff I brought. It's been two years and I moved to a bigger house and in the move, i realized that I accumulated so many things I haven't even used in a year. The new house is being built and I hope I can become minimalist with the things I need and use in the new house 😅
Megan Dawn
Hello Sarah and Matthias! \nI am collecting the words of the day. It great that you guys are so open about your lives. I would love to see your update makeup. I also wanted to say I love that scarf that has the bold print on it. It's like gray and have like a triangle design, just wondering were you got it. I hope Berlin is going well and you like the new place. \n\nThanks, Meg
Michelle Alyssa
I'd love a vegan Christmas treats video if you're into that kind of jazz. Love your videos, hope you're having a good holiday season :)
Michelle Sunshinestar
I admire minimalism.  But could never do that.  I've been in my apartment since 2010.  I signed my 6 month lease this year.  I tried explaining YouTube to my uncle.  He was like can they see you?  I'm like no, it was uploaded 1 hour ago, and its not live.  He was like, what's the point?  I was like, entertainment?  Even my dad understands better.  I showed him a Cambria Joy Vlog about her picking out a house, my uncle was like: what's going on?
Mina Hellfire
what is it that we want to see others suitcases, rooms and so on? i feel so strange when i watch videos like this but i can't stop this habit.
Molly McCann
Yes, I'm playing along and enjoying German word of the day. :-)
Morgan Rees
Would love to see a video on Matthias's minimalist wardrobe!
even though you're not planning on living out of suitcases (and i don't either) i really got into that minimalist lifestyle over the past 2 years and i totally like that i don't have extra stuff. it still amazes me that such a life is possible and it doesn't feel like a sacrifice at all. but you two just take the cake with the 4 little suitcases!! :D\nbut yeah i guess at some point you do wanna own the basics like furniture. for me it's just important that i keep it all to a minimum at least that's what i take away from the minimalist lifestyle ideas you see everywhere.
Natalie Steffl
I'm in it to win it ;) \u003c3
Natalie Theo
So cool that you guys are vegan! I'm English and my husband is American, we are currently living in California with our baby! But I'd love to move back to Europe. Especially when I see your videos.. I feel like life can get so superficial here and I want to be closer to my family. But then we'd be apart from his! How do you guys deal with that?
Nicci Rea
I'm totally playing along! I love learning the words!
Nicole Vigo
I would love to see a updated makeup collection!!! :)
I am playing but could you say numbers of the german words cause I know you didnt start on the First day of vlogmas and I don't know if I have them all or how many should I have at that point...😊
Noell Vidaurri
Collecting! In it to win it! :)
I love how you guys are so low maintenance and despite traveling you guys demonstrate that you 2 really hussle for your dreams !! 😘💗
Offensive Username
7:02 that thing seems to be the one Ikea mirror with the mirror removed?
Our LANDing Crew
I am really starting to just love your videos Sarah!
Paula B
I always love your videos. Yes, I am keeping up with the word of the day. :) Can't wait to see your apartment. I know you will be so happy to be settled. It was nice of you to share your future plans and not wanting to living like this forever. But, your plans for the future are your plans. Whatever makes you two happy is all that counts. Lots of love and hugs. \u003c3
Pnw Goddess
Congrats on finding a place in Berlin! Can't wait for the tour.
Robin Brouwers
This was a great video. I don't know why but I really enjoy these type of videos were you show what you have and what you're using and explain exactly how you make it work for you. I also love the German word of the day videos and am playing along and collecting them each day!
Rockinitbarbie TVTM
I am.
Sara Novau
I'm totally collecting the words 😃😃😃😃 receive a card from you, would be the best Christmas gift ever 😃😃😃😃 is also so fun learn new words
Sarah Lafi
🖒Love your videos... you are so cute. Be always happy.
Sarah Nourse
Hope you all enjoy the video!
Shanna Moe
I'm playing along 😄
Hey Sarah! I'm collecting the words 😊\n\nAnd This has nothing to do with the video but I'm just wondering why you still haven't monetized your videos. I feel like you're working super hard and I know from experience that recording and uploading this consistently takes a lot of time. I feel like you deserve the fruits of your labor.
Shelby Hood
I'm playing German word of the day! Enjoyed you pointing out this won't be your lifestyle forever. Makes me feel better about my situation! Much love!
Susan Baity
Why does he have the pink suitcase and you have the red?
Susan Velez
I think Mr. Bear may be your lucky charm guys look at your subbies! So proud of you both!
Suskia H
Im collecting the words but I will be in a remote area without internet on the last two days so I wont be able to enter the contest, but i love the words anyway! Maybe you could keep it up after vlogmas?!
Suzanne Roelofse
In my native language Afrikaans, we also call a case a koffer (I'm South African) I've always thought that it's such a funny word, so you made my week! Good luck with the move xxx
Tialor Abelin
i am in it to win it!
Toni Corley
Loving your videos! And yep I'm playing along here in Alabama 🙂
Ulrike Selleck
Btw, what do the two of you do for a living? How do you make money? What are your skills? Thanks sweetie!
Veronica Landaverde
I'd love to see how much of what you have mattias
Wiliams Johnston
Please do it Marcuse (sorry I spelled your name wrong) Iam always inspires by you guys and love you guys lots. Keep up the great work love it ❤️
How have you managed to take that amount of makeup in a carry on ?!!! I had to bin a few flight sized liquid items because they didn't fit in the 1 plastic bag they make you fit all your items into!
Mathhias is having a pink suitcase 😅 the teddy bear is cute
christel smeets
i am in #cardgame
i'm collecting the words :)
liza marsh
I'm loving the words!
I like that Matthias has the pink suitcase lol