Whitney Houston - I Will Always Love You (Official Music Video)

Whitney Houston's official music video for 'I Will Always Love You'. Click to listen to Whitney Houston on Spotify: TheBodyguard---------Lyrics:If I should stayI would only be in your waySo I'll go but I knowI'll thinkof you every step of the wayAnd I... will always love you, oohWill always love youYouMy darling, you...Mmm-mmBittersweet memories -That is all I'm taking with me.So good-bye.Please don't cry:We both know I'm not what you, you needAnd I... will always love youI... will always love youYou, ooh

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If I should stay\r\nI would only be in your way\r\nSo I'll go, but I know\r\nI'll think of you every step of the way\r\nAnd I will always love you\r\nI will always love you\r\n\r\n\r\nYou, my darling, you, hmm\r\nBittersweet memories\r\nThat is all I'm taking with me\r\nSo, goodbye\r\nPlease, don't cry\r\nWe both know I'm not what you, you need\r\nAnd I will always love you\r\nI will always love you\r\n\r\nI hope life treats you kind\r\nAnd I hope you have all you've dreamed of\r\nAnd I wish to you joy and happiness\r\nBut above all this, I wish you love\r\n\r\nAnd I will always love you\r\nI will always love you\r\nI will always love you\r\nI will always love you\r\nI will always love you\r\nI will always love you\r\n\r\nYou\r\nDarling, I love you\r\nOoh, I'll always\r\nI'll always love you
*2018?* 😭💔
Andrea Enriquez
Nunca escuché algo como esto antes😱
Anime Mv19
I hoped she’s happy wherever she is 😢💔\n\n*Please don’t Cry* she says. Me:😭
Anna Hu
Anon Anon
Dolly's version makes you cry. \nWhitney's version gives you chills. \n\nThey're both legendary vocalists. To me, both versions aren't comparable because they're sung so differently. However, it pains me that many don't know this is actually written by Dolly Parton.
Anthea Green Burns
Listen to the Voice.... you put the rest aside. RIP Whitney!
Antonio Spatarelu
The best song ever
Ayoub Elbekri
2019 anin styl
Azúcar Moreno
Siempre fuiste fantástica! Un lujo haberte podido conocer!
Bianca Lourenço
Born For Entrepreneurs
Listening May 2018?
Camila Cotta
So eu aqui sou do Brasil kkk\n(only I'm here from Brazil)
Carol Baer
The song is true I Will Always Love You
Daily quotes
Who is listening to this at night???
Debby xk
Whitney Houston is a beautiful singer and I hope where ever she is she is with God. Nobody can be like her. She will surely be missed😢😢😢😢😢\nR.I.P😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Edmar Adeon Fonseca
eterna musa.
Emma Mikaelyan
This deserves 5 billion views, not Despacito.
Erica Sheppard
Say what you want but.....When Whitney was at the top of her game, No one could touch her!
Ester Lane
A melhor cantora do mundo sem dúvida nenhuma! Simplesmente perfeita👏👏
Francine Palmer
J'aime toutes les musiques tu nous manques beaucoup
Fransisco Critiano
2019 i love you 😊😊😊
Gacha Rosa kawaii :v
Y por fin un comentario en español :v\n\n\n\n\n\n*a no :\
Gashoky Morethe
Whitney you still live in us R.I.P\nWill always love you 2019
Grant Ding
When half of the people who hear this can't not cry or at least tear up.
Grind:30 Entertainment
Planet Earth?
Gustavo Silva
2019?\nSem dúvidas uma das melhoras cantoras do Mundo\n#Saudades 🇧🇷🇧🇷
Harry Deacon
This song reminds me of my mum who passed away about a week ago , I really miss here. Please do not share hate in the comments just know if ur watching over me mum , I will always love you ❤️❤️😔
Heavenly Cow
3:10 AND AAAAAIIIAAAAA WEELL ALWAYS LOVE UUU :Me Screams,falls off bed,goes to emergency room
Henriette Ndiaye
Hernán Alberto Arroyo Troncoso
I'm at 2.019 and you???
WHO'S WATCHING THIS SONG...?\nBEFORE 2019.. 2020.. \n\n\n\nLove this song until the end of time\n90 % kevin costner looks like me.. cool
Ivan Cirlos
2019 and still such an amazing song! It never gets old!!!!!
Ja & Rob
@1:56 the best! Pierce's the soul, it's everything!
Jagy Jagy
Carol g, nathi Natasha, greyci ,bechy g, etc, etc,etc. Son una hormiga a lado de esta gran voz.
Jerrie Walker
September 2018
K Mor
This song is dedicated to my Mom who passed away last August, 5th 2018 from cancer. I'm the luckiest daughter to have had you, Mom, I miss you so much.
Linda Asantwaa
God why ,I really miss her☹☹☹
Madelyn's World
Wow... We lost a *GREAT* singer! So good... When I listen to her... She gives me chills (the good kind) when she sings her high notes! RIP Whitney!
Marcos Extintor
Linda demais ! Mulher e Voz !
Margaret Rose Hernandez
Mist beautiful voice ever Whitney Houston RIP ❤️
Martina Xtm
I will always love this song ! 2019 ???
Moisés Aguirre
If I should stay, I would only be in your way\nSo I'll go, but I know\nI'll think of you every step of the way\n\nAnd I will always love you\nI will always love you\nYou, my darling you, hm\n\nBittersweet memories\nThat is all I'm taking with me\nSo, goodbye\nPlease, don't cry\nWe both know I'm not what you, you need\n\nAnd I will always love you\nI will always love you\n\nI hope life treats you kind\nAnd I hope you have all you've dreamed of\nAnd I wish to you joy and happiness\nBut above all this, I wish you love\n\nAnd I will always love you\nI will always love you\nI will always love you\nI will always love you\nI will always love you\nI, I will always love you\n\nYou, darling, I love you\nOh, I'll always, I'll always love you
Monalisa Vieira 🎶
2019 alguém?
Monica Agati
Papà mi manchi tantissimo amore mio ti amo.....
Natcha Chamsungnoen
2019❤️❤️❤️I\u200b LOVE\u200b HER💖☺️
Nermin Maqsudova
Perfect ❤️💜👍 Wonderful..
Nina Deniz Dz
who's listenin' to it in 2018?? I love it! The idea of singin' in a theater is very nice...She sings and remember him...who's the director of the video..I like it! That's why the people like to see it again and again from the 90's..Bravo! Rest in peace Whitney💜
Nina Mo
*Who will be listening/watching 'I Will Always Love You' in 2050?!*
Nsamba Swaibu
RIP... Unparalleled vocalist I have ever known
Oh Im Godly !!!
Who here in 2018 Let me seee 🤟🏾
Patricia gonzaga
Brasil 2019 quem mais?
Paul Brown
Whitney you were one of the most beautiful persons to grace this earth with your sweet music and voice. Such a shame to lose someone as lovely and talented as you. We will all miss you so much. May God bless this beautiful person and give her peace forever more with you. We know she is now singing with the Angels of the Lord today. Rest in peace sweet one.
Public Enemy
Respect from Poland! You will always on my mind Whitney!
Still here for my Queen in 2019
Still love this song in 2018 ❤
Swirling the Whitney style
Reece Whittaker
Still my fav song in 2019
Rocio Ramirez Martinez
2019 y sigo escuchandola muero de amor 😍❤️
Rosa Rosario
You are forever in my heart 💓👑Legend & Icon Whitney! Will love you for all the decades of my life! Blessed to have seen you perform live in MSQ NYC in the1980's! NeverForgotten🎧🎤 RIP😢💎🙏
Rip to my aunt dada I miss her so much.. April 2 1960 - December 22 2018 💔 .
Sandra Drera
Than jouw winte sur bodiguar bon bideo avec hevin costner belle musique repose en paix⛪😚🔔📣📣📣🎻🎹🎹📣📣📣🕪
Sarah Johnston
One of a kind voice.... Really missing you Whitney...:(
Scotty Abdou
Finally 2,000,000 likes for this LEGEND!
Simon_ S
Якій тварюкі цей шедевр не сподобався?!?!? Це моя улюблена пісня!!!!
Sophia Anastasia RITCHIE
Voice of a true Angel...blessings ❤
Sr Universo
Stephanie Amanda
2019 and still love this song?
Stephanie C h
Love you Whitney ♥\nI will always love you ....\nRest in Paradise
You know you have talent when you don't have to do much but sit in a rockin chair and still sell over 100 million worldwide. These poor girls nowadays have to get half naked just to sell 500,000
Suzette Lennon
When this song first came out, every where I went it was playing. I think I heard it a million times. I remember saying, OMG if I hear this song one more time... But now, what I wouldn't do to still have you here singing it . Sometimes we don't appreciate people until they're gone. It's unfortunate! RIP beautiful!
Thays Pereira Da Silva
Tem alguém Brasileiro aqui 💚💛🇧🇷🇧🇷
500 million! Miss you Whitney, can't believe it's been five years already. You and your voice well never be forgotten. \u003c3
Never gets old. ❤️❤️❤️
Vera Taha Al Hasan
2018...and still my best song ❤️
Viraansh Sontakkey
I will always love this song!!💗💗
Wanda Aponte
The music very beautiful
Yan Gamarra
🎶 the trompet sound 📯🎶 \nI love you the trompet sound, I love you Witney houston 😍❤👏👏👏👏
Yani Smith
3:10 wow!! I will always love this part...Amaizing voice
Zil 2473
A voice from heaven. I can feel God in her voice ❤️
Zohir yakari
Wooow... 2019 ❤9 years ❤
abc decorating paradise
Memorable voice! 2019 Who's still watching??
ercüment sümer
she don't dead. she is my heart...
filmes e séries ! m
Mais uma que as drogas levo 😢 odeio vê um talento desperdiçado 😢\n2019
juan pablo Urrutia
madre como te recuerdo con esta canción pensar q te gustaba siempre te tendré en mi 💙😢
Whitney Voice will have Aliens in 3019 in Tears😭 to know there was a Talent like this that grace the world.
lina lina
makhosi mzimela
if your here in 2019 tap that like
maydson vieira
Im love music
monika sobkowicz
Mineło 6 lat od jej śmierci ..... Ale ta piosenka na zawsze zostanie w naszych sercach....\n\n\nZnicz... [*]
salomón brick
whitney houston es la mejor cantante del mundo \nviva los 90s : )
super girly gamer Bernardi
Its so sad that she died over a drug overdose
özkan bozan
2019'da Türkler de burada mı?
נדב קידר
꧁Io༒ᜠe꧂ ꧁Io༒ᜠe꧂
Alguém ouvindo essa linda música em 2019? \n#rumoa1kdelikes!