Miraculous Ladybug (English Dub) Episode 26 - StoneHeart

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*Orchid* *Pearl*
So this is how he fell for her.
Adrinette Forever!!
10:38-10:41 \nMe when I see new episodes of MLB - I MUST WATCH THIS!!-\n\nEdit: 11:39 ❤️
Amøur_ Sadie
Even master fuo thinks they're are made for each other🐞🐱
Ana Lyden
I can't believe alya didn't see Marinette transform into ladybug she was right there 🤔🤔
AnimeLover 0246
Marionette: They’re made for one another! They just don’t know it yet.\n\nMe: You can say the same thing about two different people.
Ashley Imul
The way adrien nods soooo cute 😄😄😄
Aubranna Fogle
19:15 marrinette made it seem like she was about to say take your as over there lol
Ayyeitzemily333 Verdenis
anyone notice how marionette in 1:19 she has a picture of adrien
Belldec 109
0:59 so marinette you did not quit after all and you put earings and kept them
Candy Crush
They really are made for each other
Cata patata
Corenne Brinquez
Okay if Chloe didn't put the bubble gum on Marinette sit I guess they will be close
Cotton And Angelic
even master fu agrees! they are made for each other! eeek who's excited for tomorrow? (not for school but for the new episode frozer) \u003c3
DJ Melody
Dora Bracken
This isnt episode 26 its episode 1
Eragon Dragons
Fareeha Flora
Cat noir is sooo cute!! Aaahhh!
Gacha Verse And Avakin Life Verø
Hoseok is my gluttonous father figure uwu
Ibo Bam
Who just came hear to watch the umbrella scene 😂😍
Ifeoluwa Bankole
How could Alya not see her transform because she did it right in front of Alya...
Its Miraculous!
The Umberella scene * -*
It was so cute when Iven was so excited to write a song for the girl he likes hehe 😁😏☺
Jamie Raisbeck
Anyone else wondering why Mari was already coy/playful and yet cold towards Cat Noir BEFORE she officially had a crush on Adrien? At this point she didn't even LIKE the boy! So why the brush off of Cat Noirs affections?
Jaznerd Studios
Who here thinks this is how Adrian's crush on Marinette starts
Jeantelle E
I guess, Chat Noir is actually her moonlight in her darkness lol. Because LadyBug basically doubted herself but Chat's like, \
Jennylyn Baoy
21:07 \nKwami: excellent choice master!!\nMaster fu: those two are made for each other😇😇\nMe: Ahhhhhhhhh..........OMG!!!!! 😍😍😍😍😁😁😁*STILL SHOUTING*
If he had the paper in his hand then how did he pick up two people?🤔😐
Just a Person
The music from the background when they first met each other underneath the umbrella 😭❤️. It’s just beautiful 😩💗 anyone agree with me?
Kate Salazar
I hate cloe so selfish and she jealous lady bug
Kimberly Playz
14:11 sHe iS jUst a fRienD
Kylix AO
Welcome to Godzilla 2
Hawkmoth : thats the problem with superheroes they're to heroic\nMe: why do you think they're called superHEROES\nPs third time watching this 😅😅😅😅😅
Lady Mist
Marinette and Adrien made for each other.
Lavender 54236
Every time when Cat noir is making an impress face or in love face, My heart is screaming for my...\n\n\n\n\nSHIIIIIIIIIIIIIPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩
Lili Stove
If adrien see the behind mask maybe fall in love
Lilly Fic's
I just came here for the hawkmoth scene with all the akumas.. and for the umbrella scene.. 😍😍😘😘😃
Lonely Noodle
Even the sensei thinks that their meant for each other 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Lulu_ Musical;Lover
17:39\nme: ?¿?!!!\n\n\n\nP.S. ik I'm late
LydWolf 90876
And this was the video that started the shipping😍😘😊
Lé Avocado
20:51 You're a LIAR! Why are liying? I know you LOVE HER! 😂❤
Hey you know if Adrien never gave Marinette his umbrella would she be in love with chat noir??! 🤔🤔
Macey Cain
There's no way the series won't throw Marichat, Ladrien, Ladynoir, and Adrienette together because even Master Fu chose them because they were made to be a pair. So that gives my old dead heart love and hope for them YAY I LOVE THIS EPISODEEEEEE
I really ship marichat than ladynoir (even though it's the same thing 😂) u see at the beginning marionette fell because of a black cat soo she is going to fall for chat noir more than Adrian at the end 😂 \n\nThis is my theory \nI hope it comes true though
Maslin Hasan
Wow..how could ladybug sitting in a high and small spot like that
She is just a friend starter pack beginning, the umbrella ~
Mercy Raju
How could Adrien keep such a selfish friend like Chloe
Mingaska Chan Oyake
Master Fu: Those two are made for each other.
Miraculous Tikkibug
Don't u just love how she transformed in broad daylight
Mitsuki :v
pause and look at adrien/adrian (i dont knowhow to spell his name xD) face xd **got rekted by an ladybug** (13:50)\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nchat noir: **SHOOK**
Momina Sultana
why don't they make a episode related to ladybug's and chat noir's indenty reveal!! i am dying 2 c a episode like dis😭😭
Moon Reaper_95
And master Fu also have a very good eye 😂😉
Nasrin Hatna
Oh my gosh I ship Adrien and Marinette soooooo much and this is the most amazing beginning to their ADORABLE relationship 💖
Nophyrg Parodies and Animations
11:01 she just transformed in public? wouldn't someone see her? seriously is no one gonna notice this
Ny _z
Am i the only one here who screamed \
Oli Ubjjued
Secret dream
Olivia Océan
Even the master ships them😂😂
People Are Still Weird
'They are made for one another, its just they don't know it yet' \nMe: yea just like you two
Princess Brave
This feels like the first ep but its 26 i dont get why theres a lack in the story its all jumbled i dont know why
Random Girl
the umbrella scene 😍 was the only reason i watched this episode again. but as I watched it again I realized it was kinda the same way I formed a crush... we HATED each other (we were also neighbors) and I got stuck after school at a homework thing, and by the time it was over it started to poor down rain and me and my crush walked the same route home... he saw i was drenched in rain so he offered me his coat (it was over sized) and we walked and talked for about 5 minutes then i realized he started shivering. so we shared the coat. (that happened this march)
Robe's Channel
Am I the only that didn't remember this episode existed at all?
Roblox gamer Player
The last part 😀😀😀😀😀 and the song
Ross Balderson
I think it's creepy at 21:08 because he just appears
Ruby THe CAt
I love it 😄😄😍😍😻😻😻😻😻
Chloe u ou might need some ice or aloe vera for that burn
Shina Reina
wait i think this episode 2 you know, huh is there anyone who know how to watch miraculous with right episode? , but still thank you for upload ❤ i am from indo and i like it, miraculousss :D
Sky Dancer
20:12 that look...❤\nThat moment when they were staring into each other (and that music in the background) that was...very...very deep. Very deep that my mind gone blank for a moment and I thought my heart was going to melt😖...like...JEEZ!!\nI'm too sensitive😥...but hey they are REALLY meant to each other 😊💘
Spork Pasta
Did alya see her transform
Ladybug made arime
Temmie the Tem
Then goes on season 2
Therese Paraiso
Why does alya did not see mari transform into ladybug?
Victor Nikiforov
Who else realizes that Alya can see Marinette transform into Ladybug..the car isn't even 20ft away and Alya has her head peaking out of the top 😂😂
Victoria Chavez
Chloe: I promise to be nice and say thank you.ladybug:what?
Victoria Madylin
Master fo is right (at the end)
Wonzie Animations
Master fu is me and Adrian and Marrinette are my friends that I got together.\n\n\nI've done this like a million times lol
Yeah Yesh
I always think that adrien and chloe are siblings both of their mothers are gone and they are both rich and have blond hair
Yeasha Montalbo
Yeri Park
YouTube with Josie
Inside master fu's head: I SHIP THOSE TWO
amazing Ami
aurela cahani
I love the blinking sound ladybug makes at 12:51!!!! haha
instant noodles
this is episode 2!
just a human
Soo sweet!!! (the ending of course)
rania dupain-cheng
Heu adrien sees marinette just as a friend 😞
sritharan sivalingam
Adrian has a crush on marinette and marinette has a crush on adrian
tabitha harvey
am I the only one freaking out (and sprained a muscle in my hand) because you have watched both seasons so many times you know every episode word by word and only just work out what master fu said: \
the squad yt jr
So when ladybug and chat noir use there powers do they go to a new world
vid whit yare 123
Im waching in s2 and ep 16 loll
xValuxble YT
Lol Adrien: You know what is strange? The fact that all you eat is this disgusting rotten smelling Camembert cheese then I have to smell like a 24/7, that's strange! 2:09 - 2:16