Connie Talbot - I Will Always Love You (live)

Connie Talbot小康妮 - I Will Always Love You (live) in Hong Kong 27 December 2012. From the live concert Blu-ray and DVD+CD 'Beautiful World Live'.I Will Always Love You 來自香港/台灣現場演唱會DVD+Live CDSubscribe to Connie Talbot VEVO channel 訂閱Connie Talbot VEVO 頻道 - ℗ 2013 Evolution Media Ltd. under exclusive license to Evolution Ltd.

BGT HK concert connie talbot connie vevo cover dolly parton evosound i will always love you whitney houston コニー・タルボット 小康妮 코니 탤벗의

She's growing up now this very humble talented little girl in BGT she's more great singer while growing up God Bless you Connie
Alvin See
I still remember that time Simon Cowell praise her well . Haha . Just wondering if Simon Cowell actually watch Connie's video :)
Amy A
Connie a Breathtaking performance, and live! I love it
Anna’s World
Connie keep following your dreams and rock on I 💖 you!!!!!!!
Audrey Michelle Yelawolf
Brian Burns
Hello Connie, You're an excellent singer!
Carla Barros
You have a beautiful voice \u003c3
That last big note brought tears to me eyes
After what Whitney did for this song, Connie has guts even trying to sing this. I think she did great.
Daphne Aljona
She and Jackie Evancho are without doubt two of the best singers in this whole world *o*
Dary Santos
Diana Wayland
I still remember her on BGT... she is so big now :3
Dix Ang MRamírez
Por Dios!!! Connie Talbot, es absolutamente precioso!!!!! Un gran abrazo desde Costa Rica!!! Mi familia y yo te admiramos muchisimo!!!!!!\n 
I'm like her but I'm shy to sing near people.\n
Ellen Chen
Great song
Emilce Gonzalez
Canta rre bien
Eric Biddle
who gave her negatives? lol shes still amazing.
Eva LB
Wonderful ! ♥ You are an amazing voice♥
Ewa Kluczkowska
Przepieknie:-) \n
Finland Jaruttjinda
She still look pure innocent since Britain's got talent
Fran Fuentes Correa
This is talent3
How can somebody dislike this; 526 people can, unbelievable! She's lovely!
Ganzorig Batbileg
Im mongolia. we love connie  tailbot . beautiful voice wonderful girl 
Gene Riggs
The 244 people who put a thumbs down on Connie Talbot are insane.
Gianina Dante
beautiful song
I swear I sometimes wonder was Connie born a perfect singer? Here's my answer yes she was.
Hannah Sass
This is definetly the best Connies ever sung ever anymore videos from this performance?!:)
Heart Bloomers Band
I sang her version of I will always love you in my school and oh my g! I got the perfect score for singing the high notes perfectly... ,love ya Connie!
Isaac Cheng
A great cover of #IWillAlwaysLoveYou by +ConnieTalbotVEVO live in #HongKong
You were from my primary school
John Byatt
Connie will come out with album #5 later this year and will have original songs she and others have written for her.  We know she will tour Asia again for it.  I hope she makes it to America.
Joselyn Perez
I love this even though she sings it better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll amazed that she sang this beautiful! it was cute when she sang it when she was little!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!;););) :)
Joyce Maric
this young lady has a wonderful musical life ahead of her.
Kassandra Fernandez
Remember watching her when I was 8 :) thought she was like amazing and I still do. Maan she grew up so fast. And then I think about myself. What happened in my life. Lol im already 15 now. Lol
Kasteel Arcen Wachter
She's the angel that came with the turn of the century, 14 years ago.
Kaydence Brown
I can only sing in front of my friends and they all say i have a great voice and i think i have a good voice but i could never sing in front of people.Connie is a great singer and she sings this song perfectly.I would love to be a singer! :(
Kelsey Pino
she is amezing
Laura Vergara Jaramillo
Wooooowwww is beautifull*-*
Lia FuJing
I came to the comments to see if there were any nasty comments, thank god there weren't cause she wouldn't deserve the hate. Connive is an amazing singer and so pretty, I so wish I was like her. To be able to stand up I front of a crowd with a voice like that she will go far.
Luna Eclipse
When she's older I guarantee connie will become a big star
Madi Smith
How does she hit those notes??????
this one of the hardest songs in the world and she sings it
Makina Hoshirama
I got goosebumps 👍👍
Mark MS
Another fantastic flawless performance by Connie and she sings a wonderful mellow version of this famous song. Pitch perfect, totally relaxed on stage, beautiful tone, beautiful personality. Hard to believe anybody is so good and Connie was 12 years old when she performed in this video. That is why so many of her fans always say \
Marlene Belgrove
I will enjoy watching and talented young girl blessed to you
Max de haan
Almost beating the original...😱
Melvin Elsea
you did a beautiful job singing this song 100%.
Miryem the queen
any one noticed when she waved 00:46
Look at you Connie. Getting so grown up. I first saw you when you were 6 years when you did your auditions for either BGT or AGT. I can't remember which one. But I knew then that you would be a success. Good luck sweet Connie.
Nicholas Crego
Not only do you have an amazing voice, but you have beautiful hair too! Keep up the work? I love Whitney Houston, and you are one of the few who can pull her music (mainly this song) off.
Psychopathic Crush
so good ! Connie! I love you song^ ^
RMJRyanosawus ryan
abuse that replay button
Rachel Metcalf
how can you dislike this? this is talent!
Rootin Tootin Putin
I've always wanted to be as good a singer as connie.
Sage Clarke
Absolutely Amazing, I'm In heaven
Sara Selena .
Wasn't she the little girl on Americas got talent that sang \
Scott Mcclure
she always makes me cry.
Seth Winters
Connie always puts tears in my eyes every time she sings. That beautiful voice. I admire her so much
Sherrie Wheeler
Thank You Connie ! Your Amazing !
Sistah Channel
Es muy triste que aca en Argentina no se pueda aprender como tu aprendiste a cantar :c
this song is very hard to sing, i can sing it though, but i don't want anyone to hear how i sound :(
Supergirly Sofia
I cannot believe how much Connie Talbot had changed! Connie was on Britans Got Talent I think, or AGT, and I remember her as that little adorable kid that made the judge cry, and now she's 14 like, OMG wow people change, I feel old now, even though I am younger than her by like a year, but really its been a while since I've heard of her
Tai Man Chan
Oh my angel
Wayne Wheeldon
she is a very good singer, she is the reason i started singing btw im on my grandpas account lol
Yana Senko
3:37 is amazing!
Yashni Jhurry
Her voice is cute she's beautiful and she looks like an angel who is singing. I WISH I WAS LIKE HER \n
Zoe Hampton
Who Ever Disliked This Have No Brains!!!
alejandra paguada
Que lindo canta!!! : )
I live in Hong Kong to bad I didn't go
at1212 b
Wow, she's alot better than I expected. I hope she keeps at it, and then makes it big.  In terms of being a real true singer, and not some pop icon worried about image, etc.
blesly young
An angel .
celeste huashuayo
Es un angel esta niña hermosisima voz que tiene Soy su fan!! c:
chandra supadi
Your voice is beautiful, good luck ^^
chloe wilkes
WoW!!!!!!!!!! fabulous songs connie absolutely wow would love to sing like that well done xxxx
choffy cupcake
reproduzcamos este video hasta que llegemos a un millon de views conniefriends
gameplay game
whos watching in 2016
huwa fuji
How old was Connie at this time?
ichigo kurosaki
shes like jessica sanchez\n.....
Is it just me or what. But man i swear she looks extremely angelic lol like, legit how some guys wants a girl to be and dress like.
kawaii01 rabit
me pone la piel de gallina...♥
marion jones
i have talent but its not singing.
What a beautiful voice and beautiful singer.Always,Connie-san...\n声も彼女自身も美しいですね。
queen snookers
oh my god i love her so much ;w; i'm so in love right now help me ;w; she looks like an angel and she sings so heavenly.
sara brewer
Connie you dont know me but you have an amazing voice i think if you keep your head up you can impress the world and you probably already have! -Sara Brewer :) \u003c3
septicsugg pewdiepie
shes good she dosent get enough credit
stephanie Gutiérrez
connie... you have an amazing voice :* love you from mexico :D
train crew
This is probably Witney Houstons greatest hit. I have heard some disasters from singers attempting this song. To even attempt this song is brave. Not only do you attempt it, you make it your own. It's fabulous, and well worth listening to.
Сдаётся мне, господа, растёт новая Анна Герман! Шикарно поёт девочка! Я видел её выступление с этой песней в пять лет, но, думаю, эта версия лучше :)
นกน้อยของGot7 igot7channel
She voice so sweet
She's Good