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Let your hair down and join us at the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors.

Alex Grey Hurley Art

Gediminas Jesinas
I‘ll have to be big critic of his works as in his COSM movie there was a lot of ignorant bullshit. Sure paintings are beautiful, amazingly detailed and a lot of effort was put into painting BUT Greys philosophy no way can appeal to scientific and realistic world view. It seems that Alex keeps implying theistic world view, that there is creator God who loves everyone and so on. But reality is that he is just trying to profit from lies that ignorant religious and mentally sick people buy. Religious stories and even LSD trips are not proof of divine realms although I have to agree that it shows how our mammalian brains have great imagination.\nNature is NOT loving and harmonious as he depicts in one of his paintings. But in fact it‘s violent and indiferent to suffering to sentient beings. Even peaceful herbivores are fighting in nature for survival, Alex even depicts in one fragment how bear kills deer – how he can call that loving and compasionate act? Nature creator is either pure evil scum or there is no creation and everything is just purposless chance.