🎥 THE SIMS 4 GET FAMOUS 🌟 Trailer Reaction! (OMG I’m in it)

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The Sims 4 Get Famous trailer is here! Here is my reaction! What do you think? Thank you so much to The sims 4 team for including my sims self, its a dream come true! Enjoy xxFollow my INSTAGRAM, SNAPCHAT, TWITTER: @DELIGRACYTWITCH LIVE STREAMING

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A Good Username
Wow Deli congratulations!! EA loves you as much as we do!!! 💖
Wait does that mean we get another world? Cause that would be AWESOME
Alice V
Can I just say? I got emotional too when I realised Deli's simself was in the trailer ahahah😂 \nAlso can't wait for this Expansion! It looks so cool and the \
Angie Fazio
Your reaction is honestly so cute. Your excitement just makes me happy. Love you Deli and I’m super excited for this!
Anja Alt
The Journey of a poor girl becoming rich and famous!!!(ik it sounds kinda like rags to riches but thats not what I mean)
Anna Darling
I know you said you were thinking of making it a book (and I SO hope you do), but imagine how good this pack would be/would've been for Hampton Falls!!!! omg
Anne Fredrikke Haugen
I'm so excited for this! 👍😁 and you and James in the trailer....just made my day 💖💕👑👑
eeeyy just woke up and got this notif! haven't even seen the trailer yet lol
António Cebola
I am so happy for you Deli!! It’s a dream for every single Sims player to appear in a trailer or in something created by the Sims team... Congratulations!! I’m also really excited about this new pack and about the new LP you must create when it comes out!! Just imagine the amazing storyline we can get out of your creative mind? I’m looking forward to that honestly!!! Love from Portugal xo
Armaan Arslan
DELI!! You should definitely do another simself series when YOU get famous
Ashley Tudder
I’m not super into this pack for my own gameplay but I’m excited for all the storytelling opportunities for my fave youtubers and streamers! It looks awesome!
Audrey de Coursey
Continue crystal Harris’s modelling career!
Avery Potter
I am so excited......as an aspiring actress I absolutely love this❤️❤️❤️
my chest hurts cus the only pack ive LOVED so far is seasons and this one looks like its gunna do it for me
Betty Simmer
It's amazing! So happy for you!!! Congrats!!! 😊😊😊🤗🤗 And I can't wait for this pack!. Everything looks so beautiful!.
I love this and I’m definitely going to buy it, but I was kinda hoping for uni...
Bryn olf
I thought your sim self was Kristen Stewart lmao
Cari Fantabulous
Deli you’ve made it! 🤩
Deli when the pack come out than you should make a celebrity family (Kardashians). This Expansion will be AMAZING!
Chloe Woodruff
Let's Play should take place in the 20s & be about a young actress trying to make it in OG Hollywood! 😍😍🎥🎬
Chris G.
I have a little group of teens that I really want to have in an actual, official, rock band? I'm here desperately hoping that it might be a part of this expansion, because I really just want to see my precious punk kids rocking out together, and rebelling against authority, all while playing some hardcore jams!
Claudia Novas
Maybe you should do a rags to riches Let’s Play or an a-lister celebrity who’s life is getting destroyed by her jealous friend
Courtney Dunn
So proud and happy for you dels
DisneyGeek 8477
This is insane! This is better than any mod ever!😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
E Al
Deli should do her fame lp with kori sharpe!\nDeli liked my comment!!!! 😍
Eleanor Deerrock
You should do a poor to rich lets play with a sim called felicity and her boyfriend called Stan
Eleanor Zoe
I’m going to ask for this pack for my birthday!! I’M SO EXCITED!!!!! 😆😆😆 Love you so much Deli ❤️❤️❤️
Ella Sims
You could make an old fasion LP based inthe like 1800s or something. In brindleton bay because thats the most rural of the words (Or atleast thats what I find) Or you could do a rags to riches type of thing where sh/he idolizes some famous person and wants to do what they do and meet them but then when they meet them THEY EVILLLL (for Drama)
Ellie Mackintosh
5:05 I thought that sim was you when I watched it?? Congrats regardless it must be amazing! Big up to you guys x
Ellis Marfo
please when you do the lets play can make like real famouse people or just make cool new ones and can one of the actor or actress have 14 bof l love you vid so one is seriel romantic peace
Fleur McCall
I really hope the social media career affects your sims celebrity status too because like if your sim has a million followers you'd think they could be considered \
Ginevra Tasselli
I’ve just watched it and couldn’t believe you were in it 🙀🙀\nEdit- 😹I only commented 4 hours ago and it has so many likes. Thx btw😂❣️
Gonçalo Goulão
I don’t remember her name, but I think we should do a let’s play with that girl that killed everyone with puffer fish!
I see a limo... does that mean cars? 😬😬🙏🏻
Hugo Matthews
Some cameos of characters from other LPs should be in the new LP, like Crystal could appear, or maybe Bailey or something!
Isabella Cortesi
I love the play-by-play style to her reaction videos!
Iwatchyoutubevideos A lot
Hampton falls spin off can be based on this pack ! Who agrees?!!! 🤩🤩🤩
Jam ‘n’ Jelly
This is amazing! I’m so excited! ❤️❤️
James Lawrence
I think a let’s play about the rise and fall from fame? Like a Britney Spears kinda thing, teen celeb, failed marriages, shaved head and comeback etc.
Jennifer M
I love you sooo much can’t wait for this
Jesselle H
Omg!! Deli congrats! Of being part of the trailer, i'm really happy for you❤❤ \nI hope someday that My sim will be part of the trailer too
Joe Melhem
Damn you’re quick 😂😂
Joshua Sheppard
When your in a Sims trailer, you know you made it :) Love ya Deli!
Julia Liu
But seriously though, how many more packs are EA going to push out?! As much as I want to buy every pack, I don't really want to end up spending 500+ dollars getting all of them, it's getting ridiculous!
Kate Hamilton
I keep telling myself that I should save money and stop buying EVERYTHING that the sims puts out, but I just love having all of the things. I can just tell that I’m just going to keep buying all of this awesome stuff!
Kayleigh Stiff
I'm so excited! My storytelling always centers around someone who started out in a rough situation (parents' death, adoption, divorce, etc; not always rags to riches) but become \
Kimberly Solomon
Girl ur so not overrating! That is so cool to have ur simself in a trailer! Congratulations to u❤️
Korilian O
Nervous = exited. OMG I relate to that so much!
I’d love to see Hampton Falls characters incorporated into a get famous let’s play
Deli Deli Deli\n\n\nHampton Falls season 2: Road To Fame! You could finish that fame storyline you started with Crystal!
I’m SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited. I’m going to play with this so much omg.
Lora Elstad
Congrats on your Sim’s fame, Deli! Slaying the Sims YT red carpet. And I was stoked to hear you mention my hometown of Hollywood, CA, USA! I think the Japanese restaurant in the hills you went to is the Yamashiro. I’ve never been there, despite being so close my whole life. \n With this fame pack and the fashion career, please consider doing a Jefree Star type LP. Because of you, I found myself watching a video by Shane when he visited the Hollywood home of Jefree & Nate, I think his bf’s name is. Cute, too.
Lydia G.
How was your reaction uploaded after 2 seconds of them uploading it 😭
Mack LetsPlay
Deli if there are limos does that mean that there are cars ?!?!? OMG I AM SO PUMPED TO GET THIS PACK
Maddison Tayla
Deli, Even though we have never met, I consider you one of my best friends. I'm so happy for you and i'm so excited for this pack!! ❤❤
Makayla Elise
It’s a soap commercial because it’s like a old timey soap opera 😂
Megan Phillips
*WOW* You're a speedy editor! I can't wait for this to come out! EEK! 😂😁😘💗💕\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nbtw I'm a small YouTuber! 💕
Mia Dibble
Lol oops I thought the girl with the ponytail and the denim jacket was deli
Milsy 165
U should do rags to riches, bc it’s like u have nothing then u become famous that would b so cool!
Miss Aussie Jay
If there isn't a simlish cover of the song \
Missy Panda
Oh my gosh you and Sasha (Vixella) are wearing the same top in your famous trailers lol 😂 love it ♥
Mohamed Mechmechia
No Name
I absolutely LOVE your trailer reactions because you break it down so much, AND IT GETS ME SOOO EXCITED FOR IT TO COME OUT.
Pharoah Simmer
Already waiting for November 16th-not for the pack but for deli to upload part 1 of let's play the sims 4 kardashians.
Purple Rabbit
I'm crying the Victorian clothes are everything I needed. So pretty
Rebecca Emma Caroline Karlsson
How about Crystal from Hampton falls has been discovered due to the photos she took and she decides to just leave everybody behind and try her luck in Hollywood. After a while her crazy family joins her,. Like her little sister is a young mother for example. And she might bump into some new Hollywood Wives from the good old times...
Hampton Falls season 2, Crystal gets famous?
Rose Granbacka
You are the most cinnamon of all cinnamon rolls
I get nervous when I should be excited, totally relate
Ruby Gillett
If your a sim that comes when you get the world i will play you twenty-four seven and make you a family
Ruth Gussis
You should make two sisters and the older one hangs over the younger one about how successful she is and is a famous actor, the younger sister is working on set and trying to prove to her sister she is good enough, and there should be the male lead, who likes the young one and the older one likes the male lead and is very mad and jealous that the handsome actor likes her little sis and not her. I WANT DRAMA, I LOVE YOUR LETS PLAYS ❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍👑👑👑
Sadie Askew
ARRRGHHH!!!!!!!! There's a Limo!!!!!!
Sara C
You should do a LP where Biancas mom(from hampton falls) is a young adult and she is livin the actor life
Sara Lahtinen
DELI PLEASE MAKE A LET’S PLAY ABOUT A TWISTED PERSON GETTING ITO THE SPOTLIGHT! We need an evil main character in a big let’s play. I hoped Crystal would be malicious and fun, but she ended up being a goody-two-shoes with an edgy style instead
Shahed Ali
Hooray Simmers! You long and anticipated dreams of making \
Shelby M
Is nobody talking about the fact that there's a CAR in the trailer
I would really like to see someone from the Hampton falls in the new lp as a famous actor
Simran 167
Ok I'm super excited for this pack and all but can we appreciate how gorgeous deli looks in this video
Sims4 Builds
OMG i'm so exited for this pack to come out i wish it came out sooner! BTW GOOD reviving deli
I feel you, I got emotional when Club Penguin closed\n\nWADDLE ON
I came from lilsimsie and she found you as a sim!
Your sim is totally going to have my babies.
Stacia Lizer
I promised myself I wasn't going to get any more Sims DLC...lol I can already see the money disappearing from my bank account
Whatever you do, please include a Hampton Falls character somehow! Maybe it's a spin off where Crystal moves away to LA to start a new life after all the drama, and turns her life around for the better. You could also introduce new characters with her new friendship group etc! I think it would be an amazing way to continue with your fav character from the series but still start fresh :)
The Unicorn Simmer
I have an idea for the storyline, what if you had this woman(Faith) who has to support her twin daughters while also pursuing an acting career. Also I am SO EXCITED FOR THIS PACK!!!!!!!
Theresa Zuk
Deligracy, I think it’s cool to see a sim version of yourself in trailer and I’m very excited for this expansion pack because I loved having my household be apart of the celebrity status from the sims 3 late night expansion pack.
Tiema Starborn
nobody to superstar playthrough?
Tildy_Bea X
Ommmggg that’s the day after my bday hmmmm maybe I could get it with my bday money 😁😁😁
Valeria Mili
It’s coming out at my grandpa 👴 birthday 🎂🎁
Veronika Jonsdottir
Congrats Deli! This is HUGE! :D also, sooo excited!
You will never know who I am
Deli you should make a LP with this expansion pack with Crystal from Hampton Falls since she was going to become a model I feel like it would be really interesting. ❤️
book lover
kiwi vlogs
For your let's play you could do a couple and the guy wants to be famous and the girl is shy whilst he is at work he should have a fling with a co worker and she doesn't know. just a thought 🙂
library of dragons
I understand that feeling of the nervous/excited, but for me, it is not that..... When I start to get tired, sometimes my body confuses sleepiness with depression.... It is so weird. My body only knows HAPPY, EXCITED, anxious, nervous or completely sleepy. The in between sleepy is what confuses my brain.
this is kind of out there ... but what if you were able to watch your sims movies on the tv?? that would be soooo cool
everybody: wow!! love the new hair!!\ndeli: wow!! would you look at that lovely table!!and don’t even get me started on that shelf!!\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nOMG DELI LIKED!!!
You should do a series like hampton falls but with celebrities and rich sims!
•ItzJust Justine•
Don't take this as hate cause your actally one of my fav Youtubers but the sim that you think is your's is actally Baby Ariel.....