Hooks Song: Revenge Is Gonna Be Mine - Once Upon A Time

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Watch a sneak peek of the Captain Hook's musical number from the Once Upon a Time musical episode event, 'The Song in Your Heart,' Season 6, Episode 20, and don't miss Once Upon a Time SUNDAYS 8|7c on ABC.Subscribe:

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A crocodile? Oh so innocent Snow...
ANNSQuake’s Old Channel
I was laughing for this entire episode
Alexis Taylor
1:10 love how he's looking😍😍
Anastasiia Popova
People who disliked the video probably thought, dis I like
Andrew Komaniecki
Wait, there are musicals of Once upon a time? And they're using the actual actors' voices for this? Damn!
Andromache Rey
*Official: The repeat button has broken.*
What he's singing out loud: Revenge, revenge, revenge is gonna be mine\n\nWhat he's singing in his head (we all know): Your daughter, your daughter, your daughter is gonna be mine
Anna Dols
This song was written by a sibling after a fight 😂😂
Artistic Princess206
Just think, Snow White is meeting her future son in law... And hook's wife is still in the tummy😂
Avigail Zar
It will take years for me to tell you how many times I've watched this. His voice thoughhhhhhh ❤
Barbara Jefferson
Uma and hook crossover PLEASE!!! 😂😇😅😭
Billiejo Clarke
Damn it Colin. I am dying here. I love him.
Saw Hook at the Disney D23 expo. He sang this song in his closing
Bitsy Zombie
1:06 I feel like I'm in the matrix
Brandon Yamamoto
The best Captain Hook EVER
Cade Murphy
Collin O'Donoghue is GREAT as hook and his voice is amazing!!
Carlos Thadeu
Small Details:\n2:13 \
Cecilia Lopes
Chloe Jade
Christian Ali
Once Captain Hook finds himself somebody to love, suddenly revenge doesn't matter so much anymore.
Cristina cuscani
I love hook😍😍😍 he has got a beautiful voice😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 he is my loveeeeeeeeeeee
Daryl Lood II
2018 hey wake Up!!
Direction To My heart
Not trying to be rude or anything, but it always seems that us Irish people know how to sing very well. Not saying that no one else can sing.
DreDreMoran 07
Dream Killer
Some say let it go i say hell no \n\n\n\nMe when some one takes the last cookie
Ella Samms
I love this soo much!!!😍😍This is my hundredth time watching this😂😂😍
Ellany Fernandez
I love Collin O'donoghue
I definitely get a Queen vibe whenever Hook sings.
Eva van Hees
The awkward moment when you realize he's talking to his future in-laws while his future mother-in-law is pregrant with his future wife and he's also kind of threatening them. 😂
Fanny Johansson
This is the best thing I never knew I needed
Francheska Ortega
I love his voice and how he sings ❤️ ❤️😍
Green Ranger
189 people need to go walk the plank.
Gwladys Gerard
Yes David this is your futur son in law!
Hayley Olson
Loved this episode! Honestly, his voice was the one I was most impressed with. Colin did amazing! Hope he voices a Disney animated hero some day :).
Horror Girls
Ilsa Rashid
[Colin O'Donoghue - Captain Killian 'Hook' Jones (Captain Hook)]\nMy dear prince and princess, your offer is meaningless\nDon’t give a damn ‘bout your rank\nThe gold in your sack, well, it isn’t worth jack\nI should make you fools go walk the plank\nYour riches would fill other pirates with glee\nBut none of those pirates are me! (They’re not he!)\n\nSing a yo-ho, keep your jewels divine\nYo-ho and your manners refined\n‘Cause even more precious than rum in a stein\nIs revenge, revenge, revenge and it’s gonna be mine\nRevenge, revenge, revenge is gonna be mine\n\n[Ginnifer Goodwin - Mary Margaret (Snow White)]\nRevenge? On whom?\n[Colin O'Donoghue - Captain Killian 'Hook' Jones (Captain Hook)]\nJust wait for the second verse, love\n\nI’ve savaged and pillaged and pilfered each village\nMy conquests I’m justly proud of (He's proud of!)\nEach town that I plunder I leave torn asunder\nA pirate’s life is one to love (Lots to love!)\nAnd yet my heart’s hardened as hard a rock\nI won’t rest till I’ve skinned me a croc (Gonna skin him a croc!)\n\nSing a yo-ho, you can beg, plead and whine\nBut yo-ho, you are wasting your time\nThat croc got my hand, wanna tear out his spine\nRevenge, revenge, revenge is gonna be mine\nRevenge, revenge, revenge is gonna be mine \n\n[Ginnifer Goodwin - Mary Margaret (Snow White)]\nSo you want revenge on a crocodile? For taking your hand?\n[Colin O'Donoghue - Captain Killian 'Hook' Jones ?(Captain Hook)]\nAfraid he did more than that\n\nOnce I sailed toward a horizon\nWhere I might find happiness waiting\nUntil that croc destroyed my life\nAnd filled me with hate unabating\nSome say “let it go!”, but I say “hell, no!”\nI’m finally on the right path\nSoon the Dark One will feel\nThe fire of this pirate’s wrath (Feel the fire of his x2)\n\n[Ginnifer Goodwin - Mary Margaret (Snow White)]\nWait, did you say the Dark One?\n[Josh Dallas - David Nolan (Prince Charming)]\nI think we know why you haven't been able to find him. We have him. In our dungeon.\n[Colin O'Donoghue - Captain Killian 'Hook' Jones (Captain Hook)]\nBloody hell!\n[Ginnifer Goodwin - Mary Margaret (Snow White)]\nCaptain, if you give us safe passage to the Queen’s castle, you’ve got yourself a crocodile.\n[Colin O'Donoghue - Captain Killian 'Hook' Jones (Captain Hook)]\nAye, love. It's a deal. Have one last drink, mates! Then we’ve got a date with destiny!\n\nSing a yo-ho, I’ll slaughter this swine\nYo-ho, must be fate’s design\nAt last our tales will again intertwine\nRevenge, revenge, revenge is gonna be mine\nOh it's gonna be x2\nOh it's gonna be mine\nOh it's gonna be x2 \nOh it's gonna be mine!\n\nIt Took Me SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Long To Write This!
I can't help but imagining Peter Pan using this as blackmail or something against Hook.
Jacqueline Renner
I've seen all 7 seasons of once upon a time and hook is by faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar faaaaaar my fav character. I had no idea he could sing sooooooooooooooooooooooooo good
Jessica Ladd
I keep thinking about the meme they made about this episode. ~\
Jo Gabet
June Kilpatrick
I finished season 6 in two days just to hear him sing and finally get his happy BEGINNING ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️#captainswan
Just Me
I LOVE THIS SONG! 💛edit: and hook😂💛 edit2: he can sing better than I thought\n\nLike if you agree
Just look at those sausages !!
The 4th wall break with the line to Snow tho haha ! AND THE LET IT GO REFERENCE OMFG BYEEEE
K- Queen
He's hot, he sings, and he acts IS THERE ANYTHING THIS MAN CANT DO OR BE
Katerina Damyanov
I didn't realize Hook could sing a solo😮😂
Katie Pugz
This + Zelenas was the best
Kee Leichtle
I heard Colin broke his foot during this scene and he said there's a point where he slightly flinches. Can anyone find that? I'm just watching this and wonder how he can possibly do all this with a broken foot! There must be a special award for this cause he deserves it! Now that's a classically trained actor!
KittyIsDead Inside
Hahahahahaaha \
Laura C. Daydreamer
Am I the only one who's still listening to it? HAHAHAH
Lieke vS
Snow is pregnant with Emma so technically is this Emma and Hook's first meeting
It's kind of weird how Snow White is pregnant with Emma right now and Hook doesn't know that's gonna be his future wife soon 😂
Liron Davila
Who is watching this in 2018?I really like the way he sings.\nHe is my favorite character
Liz Russell
Wait for the second verse luv 😂 I LOVE his voice so much
Lizc4l Vlogs
this just made me fall more in love with hook😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Killian is singing revenge revenge revenge is gonna be mine \nIn his head your daughter your daughter your daughter is gonna marry me
Lucia Lazaro Gonzalez
This song is bloody addictive
Lucie Lemaire
Omg now that I think about it this was the first meeting of Emma and Hook, because Snow white is now pregnant of his future wife xD
Marie Huston
Hook: \
Myuuu Blake
Am i the only one who watched this like a 100 times?😍😂
Mädy de Vos
He's devilishly handsome
Nicole Wisdom
Anyone ever think how this singing spell just started and everyone was like, \
NightWolf Gamer13
When I was watching this episode i was literally begging the hook to sing XD my life is complete X3 he has been my favorite character since I 1st saw him \u003c3 although I was a little sad that rumple didn't sing Dx as much as I hate him it would have been funny
Nomster Crew
Oh wow. I actually really like his voicd
I remember that Colin said you could see the moment he broke his foot in the episode (0:25) I can't help but cringe slightly whenever I see that part 😖 That's dedication right there! A broken foot for 8 hours while filming has got to be a world record or something. He still looks pretty damn hot 🔥 in that outfit 😍
PurpleBunny 131
Test at school and you hear in your head:\nREVENGE! REVENGE! REVENGE! IS GONNA BE MINE!
ReddieForever Bitchs
You know what I find funny \nSnow and Charming go tho Hook for help with Emma but Hook is a fully grown adult but marrys Emma which isn't even born in this scene yet why do I find that funny
This was better than the entirety of Pirates of the Caribbean 5.
Sareyna A
1 like - if you got this song stuck in your head \n1 comment - if you did a tiny dance with this song\nAnd 1 of these 🖐🏼, if you sang every word and followed his actions on 1:30
I fell in love with him and his voice... Someone write an x reader plz
Shadow Black
His voice *melts* it's relaxing and soothing
Shaked Gilad
Fave episode .
Shira Yitzhak
Spring Mederios
love it he is mine
Summer Lawton
I love hook, I love once upon a time, I love this song, I love his voice. Like if you agree
The Pompeo Method
The Strawberry That Loves Victuri
The gentleman valathon penn
My buddy hook for u he can sing
That moment when killian turned down his in-laws in front of his wife who has not been born yet. Also love this song and his voice.
A real Disney episode!\n\nI have another reason to love Hook: a handsome pirate who can sing really well. And can really sing \
Vader the White
I can't help but think about the fact that Snow is pregnant with Emma (i.e., Hook's future wife) in this scene and it makes it feel weird.
Valentina Gómez
Que hermoso tipoooooo
Victoria Adams
He never actually got his revenge 😂 but I do love Colin he's amazing 💗
Words & Whimsy
He can sing?? As if I needed another reason to find Hook attractive. Damn it.
Ximena Hernandez
November 2018 anyone ok just me
Xxliverpool Ali1260xx
2018 any one
a stan is an anagram for satan
I'm still laughing because up until he said dark one they thought he was talking about a literal croc
anni.is. crazy
OMG, his voice is incredible😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍I love Colin
killian: then we've got a date with destiny\nsnow: *suddenly rubs her stomach*\nme: 😏😏
cakecat videos
He is a good singer . Like if you agree.
Absolutely the hottest man alive. I love Hook. And his voice... I'm melting
2:10 Now I really hope that my name was Destiny
kitty reid
This is definitely the best of the song from this episode 😁❤️
Whelp. I can see why Emma was drawn to Killian now. She was sittin in Snow's belly and went \
Colin talked about a part in this song where his foot really hurt and he winced and you could see it in the act but he didnt say where so I looked thru the song and found it\n2.23😔\npoor Colin \nA really good performance on a broken foot tho 👏
I lost it at him standing on the table spinning XD
He's bloody handsome..💖 get it