Revenge of the Ninja - Liberty Park

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Sho Kosugi vs the Village people
Ben Middleton
master Sho kicking ass as usual. a true legend
Carlos master
ai sim taku na vara kkkk
Count Iblis
Damn!! The Village People got the living Crap beaten out of them in that scene!
David Stella
Liberty Park scene, why would people be dumb enough to pick a fight with a NINJA ?
Devin Drew
This whole park scene was over the top. I mean Sho should've finished it within about 1 min. Instead it got dragged out,..& they still didn't get any info from these 4 clowns.
Gamer and sea fishingman bruce shakur
Still remember the day i saw this movie. I was hooked on ninjas and still am I now training in ninjutsu and and training to become a 3rd Dan black belt in the sport...
Jeremy Bryant
Well Sho Kosugi is a Black Ninja. Awesome.
1:29 the guy holding the kid in the background lol
The blue cowboy was actually the Silver Mask Ninja in the final fight.
Ronen Venter
Awesome fight viewers. I hope y'all become the same as these fighters.
Stormy Davis
The fans, are the coolest part!
Real master
Tadeu Dimas
Bruce Lee chutando o rabo do Village People!!! Kkkkkkkkkkkkkk
Terry Thompson
So a guy pulls out a handgun, shoots at a cop in a crowded park & he isn't arrested?? Ahhh.. Movie Magic!!
I trained to become a real ninja, and now I have to take it to the next level.
A ninja vs the village people