Deepwater Horizon (2016) – Official Teaser Trailer - Mark Wahlberg

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On April 20th, 2010, one of the world’s largest man-made disasters occurred on the Deepwater Horizon in the Gulf of Mexico. Directed by Peter Berg (Lone Survivor), this story honors the brave men and women whose heroism would save many on board, and change everyone’s lives forever. Starring Mark Wahlberg, and Kurt Russell.Summit Entertainment and Participant Media present a di Bonaventura Pictures production, a Closest to the Hole / Leverage Entertainment production, a Peter Berg film. The film is directed by Peter Berg from a screenplay by Matthew Michael Carnahan and Matthew Sand and from a screen story by Matthew Sand. The film stars Academy Award® nominee Mark Wahlberg, Golden Globe® nominee Kurt Russell, Academy Award® nominee John Malkovich, Golden Globe® winner Gina Rodriguez, Dylan O’Brien and Academy Award® nominee Kate Hudson.

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Alexei Romanov
2 thumps down ;(
Alledas Lawliet
Just for my Dylan. JUST FOR HIM.
Wow! Its like they made this scene just for the trailer; lol. It looks good though. its it about the BP oil spill im assuming?
Arthur Workman
Came here hoping to see Gina Rodriquez.
Ashlynne Renae
I pressed it cause I saw Marl Wahlberg but had a fan girl attack when I saw Dylan. I had the creepiest as smile on my face when I saw him and I couldn't wipe it off lmao
Bonnie Elizabeth
Boyd Peters
Everyone loves a disaster film\n\nExcept The 5th Wave. That was just a film that was a disaster
Brett Williams
Now that's a trailer, I'm totally interested in seeing this because they didn't give us anything !!!! Not the whole story, not crammed with everything that goes on in the film. Clever clever editing!!!!
1:33 when you get home and the chipotle hits you
where's superman when you needed him the most.
Che’ allen
To everyone doubting Dylan just look up teen wolf void stiles and watch some clips. I promise it will change your mind on his acting capabilities.
Chuck Norris
only america would try to glamorize one of the worst oil spills
Commonwealth Of Ascension
I don't know why but the simple allegory of the soda can gave me chills.
Classify:\n\nDocumentary\n\nHorror/Tragedy\n\nAction/Adventure\n\ndid i miss any relevant ones ?_?
BP must not be that sorry to fund this propaganda crap, even using that guy who made Lone Survivor.
Dibidi boeuf
i'm here for Dylan O'brien 😍😍
Dolan Kang
If you want to know the real story just watch the 60 Minutes episode that interviewed one of the survivors. This was pretty much completely BP's fault and they haven't imprisoned one single executive. BP has been fined but they've written off a lot of it in taxes, so the taxpayer is footing the bill for their crimes. The single largest unrecovered oil spill in the history of mankind.
Eda Manavoğlu
I hope Dylan O'Brien wins an Oscarhe's a really good actor
Eustace Bagge
this movie brought to you by british petroleum (BP).\nbritish petroleum - it's cheaper to make a movie than paying for maintenance...
Eva María Escobedo
Anyone else here for Dylan?😂😂
Fauk Yosef
Based on cutting corners to project a higher profit margin for shareholders story.
sponsored by coke
Hannah Elizabeth
This is the kind of movie my dad will watch and he'll finally understand why I'm in love with Dylan O'Brien. 😂
I remember this tragic event watching it regularly on CNN. I was happy to see this movie this evening and learn more about what happened. It was a very good movie. I highly recommend it. \n\nUnfortunately, I noticed that many of the comments here on this discussion string are very negative, usually by trolls and really of no value. If you've got nothing constructive to say, why waste digital pixels with your crap? Sometimes comment boards like this is feels like reading a bathroom wall full of nonsense graffiti.
Ian Concepcion
I thought this was a Cloverfield prequel.
Ikmel A.A.A.
Watch the story of these heroes who mined oil for your freedoms, while spoiling the vacation of anyone who was in the Gulf of Mexico at that time.
Indra Windiardi
who's watching this on offshore rig right now?
Jeanné Smit
Dylan o'brien better not die...
Jenni Siella
I'm gonna watch for Dylan
Jewel H
Should I go see this?
Jimmy Wrangler
Holy.Shit.\n\nPowerfully edited trailer.
John Harrell
how much of this was paid for by BP?.....all?
Jordan Hansen
Either BP paid for this entire film, or Summit Entertainment would have had to have had permission to make the film. If the latter is the case, obviously BP gave it to them. Do you really think they allowed it without acquiring a percentage? You know EXACTLY what this movie is? BP is trying to show the world that they only hire hard working family men who are all kind hearted heroes. They're also going to show that what happened on the rig was purely inevitable, could have happened to anybody, and wasn't completely their fault. Thus providing BP a ground to rebuild from. Do I blame them? Of course not.
Juraj Trent
Americans are destroying our planet. Stand up for your planet and fight !
I'm kind of tiered of this movies with few actors & all this special efects that they make today, no one makes movies like they used to.
Stop commenting you came for Dylan because this movie is based on a true story. And how many people who survived got traumatized from this event as well as the families who lost a family member in this huge accident. And with the oil contaminating the ocean. The character Dylan plays watched his close friends die and he in REAL LIFE is traumatized. So please don't say you're only here for Dylan or mark. Cuz this movie is to honor those who passed and to those who work one of the dangerous jobs. If you argue with me I most likely won't reply😂
Kish Jugo
Strangest coke commercial I've ever seen.
Kun Bata
chris prat is the real dinosaur tamer
Levi Wilson
Holy hell, this movie is soooo good I saw it last night, I highly recommend it!
Lone Wolf Reviews LTD.
It looks intense and has Malkovich, Russell and Wahlberg.\n\nI'm sold.
Lucien Draay
This trailer made that girl look so freaky...
Luck z
BP evils will be going to Hell one by one...
hands down the best horror movie of the year !
Marie Alexandra
I feel like this movie should talk about how they decimated the environment????????? Like, really????????
Martu Coria
Who came here just for Dylan?
Yes, they are real heroes. \n\nThe crew of the Deepwater Horizon was just doing a job. We need gas to burn, they help provide it, so cut the righteous bull-crap. \n\nAll of a sudden there was an emergency, but all the equipment meant to handle said emergency failed due to ass-backwards engineering, and corporate greed. *Just imagine your life flashing before your eyes while everything you try to do in preventing incomprehensible disaster and death fails miserably.* They could have abandoned the rig, but they didn't. It was a fight to the bitter end against unbeatable odds.
Mike Box
I wonder who's playing my friend and High School classmate Stephan Curtis. RIP, one of the 11 Lost that day.
Mike Messiah
In an irony fit for the big screen, executives were onboard Deepwater on 20 April when the explosions wracked the vessel, celebrating seven straight years without serious accidents. However, US federal data revealed that \
I only hope they are true to the story and that the screenplay isn't some made-up bullshit to cover the real culprits in this event... Seven men died that day... We look at a statue dedicated to them every day we go to work at Transocean...
heros? for causjng the bp oil spill? talk about the media putting a spin on reality. sad thing is that people will actually watch this movie and believe they are heros...........
Nat Jones
When that thing blew up I screamed \
is this the one with superman in??
Does bp get a part of ticket sales? lel
...Enjoy...but just don't think of all those B.P.Oil Company Execs who never went to Prison...that the Obama Govt gave a free pass to...yes the same Obama that B.P. had previously \
Paul Mccafffery
Coca-Cola is very sticky when spilled on a wooden surface.
What someone is still paying billions of dollars to compensate for, Hollywood is gonna make heck loads of money from it.\n\nBP is gonna be so furious lol
Interesting:\nWhen Monsanto was getting burned in the media for all its criminality and contamination, Disney went out with a movie of a good-guy-lovely-heroic fumigator plane.\nNow, with the oil price going down at historic levels, fracking getting banned and big oil corporations trying to steal everything what's left, there's a movie that put \
Rando Bot #6354
Bring me the deepwater horizon
This movie is great, 10/10. Love it!
I didn't see Nicholas Cage anywhere. Did anyone else spot him?
Saher Sarang
Am I the only one who is watching this just because of Dylan O'Brien
Sierra Hotel Alfa November Echo
I saw this movie last night it was really good yet really emotional
Slim Shaddy
im pretty sure thecoke bottle experiment did not happen in the real story.
Money 1:0 Nature
Stuart Little
This is how you do a fricking trailer!!
Sydney Neckel
everyone saying \
Ted Comet
they should end it with that clip from south park where the CEO says \
Thamal Liyanage
THAT was a trailer
Thania Arreola
I'm here for Dylan O'Brien tbh 😍💞🌚
The Monopoly Guy
At home with his family and seeing his kids? Definitely not a true story about a oilfield worker
The Novel Sanctuary
um excuse me I'm gonna need a trailer with Gina in it please.
Tibo Smolders
Will they also talk about the \
Tony Kong
Damn I'm not afraid to say the ending got me in tears
Tyler Henshaw
FACT: The oil we drill up actually is not from dinosaurs. It is the accumulation of dead ancient algae and other microorganisms that create large pools underground that form oil reserves due to geological cycles at the bottom of the sea.
Upcycle Shoes
Chernobyl liquidators would of been a better movie. Men knowingly going to the reactor for the good of the country.
Voluntary Exchange
oil comes from dinos? LMFAO r they STILL peddling that bs/?
Just watched it, it was AMAZING. It's a must watch for sure
ZoM_ 2014
Since i live in Louisiana this movie trailer scared me.
alex cross
there will be blood 2
just saw this today was a really good movie! my dad was on a neighboring oil rig, watching this made him cry very well done and realistic
My friends and i went cinema to watch Train To Busan. Then i saw Mark Wahlberg's new movie poster. I pick this movie instead. \n\nI'm not disappointed. Nice movie. Worth my movie tickets.
Is this about that BP oil spill? lol
joe momma
I just saw it. Excellent movie. Very intense and emotional.
laurie d
Should make a movie like this about fukashima and how it's still leaking and destroying the ocean...DON'T EAT FISH OR ANYTHING ELSE FROM THE OCEAN...PERIOD!
lil atlas
Secret link of the day 3/24
and then Clark Kent jump off the boat to rescue with hairy chest
Dylan is going to be sooo great in this movie, I can feel itttt
I didn't know he was in it but the second I saw him I screamed DYLAN
mckenna blaze
I'm so happy Dylan is getting into more serious acting, I knew he had the potential for this stuff. Him and mark will make a dynamic duo. Love them both and can't wait for this.
Just saw the movie. It's a MUST see, absolutely stunning movie
I dont get it. \nThe heroes are the people who are destroying our planet by pumping oil from where it should stay?
nicole hutton
who else is here for Dylan
samuel avalos
Not to burst anyone's bubble but wasn't it a mistake made by these 'real heros' that caused the largest man made environmental disaster in history in the first place..?
sweggmcmuffin 69
I really wanna know if he manages to get her a fossil
How many CEO's, directors or executives went to jail?\n\nZERO.
uh what
came here for mark
How are they heroes busting open the Earth?
you made the worst environment disaster ever GODDAMN Bp