Riding to School with my Vespa PX

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Piccolo on-board mattutino in viaggio verso la scuola con la mia Vespa PX 125 elaborata con GT Polini 177EN: Morning ride to school with my Vespa PX 125 with Polini Cylinder 177.

Bagheria Elaborazione GT177 LSDALESSANDRO Liceo Scientifico Polini Px 177 School Scuola Vespa PX 125

it's not about falling down or not being afraid, it's about staying alive with all your body parts. I would click like, but I don't want to encourage you to continue riding like this! what's the orange light, ride safe side!
Alex Cvek
0:30 face reveal
Awesome conan:0 / Amar Almasaly
Awie Skin
nice ride bro. i have vespa px too
This reminds me how reckless i was with a vespa p150s small tire version in Peshawar Pakistan.
Bens videos.
When your late for school...
Boban Pantović
da si moj, koliko odmah bi ostao bez motora, idiote jedan!
Et les gants ?
Bruce Ketta
Lui non frena, supera
Cape 50 Tuning
sei il meglio
Cjansen Jansen
irresponsible with a girl in the back.
Creativevenky66 Productions
Awesome ride bro
Damien Newfuna
You are putting other people's lives in danger just because you want to have some fun.... Seriously dude, this is only a question of WHEN an accident will happen and not if.
Daniele Maglionico
cazzo bro non so se definirti un pericolo pubblico o un pilota
David Casas
Vale que no te importe tu seguridad cuando conduces esa bonita Vespa solo y lo haces a lo loco, pero...¿Tan poco te importa la seguridad de esa persona que viaja en el asiento de atrás y pone su vida en tus manos? Piensa en ello....
Delmy Cubas
ese esta loco quiere morir💒
Dhiyo Arsyi Umranulfurqan
You guys should see how we ride a motorcycle in southeast asia
Dimas Pamungkas
Valentino Rossi
Dremix 98
Fraaa ma sei anche tu a Bagheria! Non l'avevo riconosciuta 😮
Esa Skykke
*Give this man the Darwin Award!*
F. Serrão
4;37 Little wheelie ;))
Farie Indriawan
You should calm down with that bike, especially with the fact that you have a Polini 177 kit. Sure, you can ride as fast as you want, but you gotta follow the traffic laws or else you'll end up in a hospital bed. It's OK if you're involved in an accident and it's just you who got injured, but how are you going to be responsible when someone else got injured?
Federico Cimino
ciao..come configurazione hai solo il 177 ho qualcos'altro oltre al 177?
Florian Burk
Food Nights
Tom Cruise in disguise.
Haruki Kodama
your driving makes me anxious lol. good driver!
Holden Monaro
beautiful place I liked it
Homer Simp
che marmitta monti e che gruppo
imagine a Roadrage 😂
Ihsan Karagülmez
wtf is with your cam
Jonge doe s rustig maat gwn eerder aanrijde hedde die haast ammal nie
Kanker steen op je gevel
Does this guy shift a vespa 😂
Louis Mustermann
Lucas Luke
4:36 what was that 😨 The lives of others are endangered.
M M Yahya
Is it italy?
Max Power
Kind of sad that He drives to school😣
Bellissima la vespa, ma tu caro mio guidi come un'idiota... Sei un pericolo pubblico!
Moped Rider
Just buy a piaggio zip or yamaha aerox
Crazy rider \u003e.\u003c\nLove this full streets and rides like that :D
I'm really bothered about your gas light than your riding lol.
Norman Bell
If you ride like that every day then you are a good candidate for a very rude awakening, slow down be more aware, a ride in an ambulance is no fun at all!.
Metti dritto lo sterzo ti prego hahaha
Oscar Lagerström
All the dislikes are probably Americans who think lane splitting is dangerous. Even though in Europe it's very normal AND legal in most countries. Also we have less accidents.
Paddy Doyle
U will be killed someday driving like that
Panag. D. Philippopoulos
The bus was ready to turn left this it's indicators flashing and then you overcame him from the left side. You are an intelligence! Classic vespa is not smth for you, you just want to seem cool to your classmates that's all
Patrozzo Guidetti
Mbare mi devi spiegare come cazzo fa a non scivolare quella vespa quando prendi le curve in quella maniera hahah
Peter C. Kopp
You drive like an idiot..
You ride so uncarefully
Philip. M 100
We HAVE same driving type.
Puma 230
Senza specchietto 😂
Qui-Gon Jean
in Indonesia, when a vespa rider find another vespa rider, they will give a 2 times honk to each other. By the way, your style of riding is not common here among Indonesian vespa rider. We accelerate smoothly. Maybe because most of vespa rider here rarely in a hurry :D
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that is crazy how people drive in the other countries, how do they not crash, I'm from the use
Richard Hindman
I'm guessing you haven't studied Charles Darwin in school just yet.
Rifqi rvld
hey bro, the fuel indicator its work?
Riku Savolainen
Do all Italians ride like this?
Salvatore Napolitano
Guarda su una strada di 689 buche ne hai prese 1000 🤣
Scooty Man
I watched for three minutes and switched off. Your riding skills are terrible! You have no safety gear on at all and you clearly show no respect for other road users. Why do you keep yanking on the throttle like that. I did laugh because if you did that on a big bike it would have thrown you off on the first corner (I know my 1000 would).\nApart from that, lovely sound of a Vespa.\nRide safe and think about your safety buddy.
ScorpioN YT
Y dont know to drive wtffff
Sherif Badran
You're abusing your bike
Siddhant Ghayvat
I love vespa
Silva Franco Máximo Alejandro
Bello e il norte di la italia
Sílvio []
Slow down, buddy
Ci vorrebbe una marmitta calcolata
The Heavy Creepy Sound
I've been to Italy once. Thats literally how everyone drives. For me as a german this was an horrible experience.
Tiziana Puopolo
Ciao, potresti dire cos'hai oltre il GT? Sei bravo a fare video continua a farne altri che li aspetto😉😉
V Rider
Lo specchietto non sei in multa?
Vijian Beond
them that is so danger!
Virginia Machinery
I'm impressed pretty good riding I think
Wamique Rehman
wow u have a GF 😍
Warrior Within01
What the hell is wrong with you son , dont you care bout your limbs
He's the real street Rossi
7:18 wtf were u thinking
a b
Death wish
circumcise me
You need to chill bro, you got a passenger tho
grande mezzo!
divine providence
I ride a scooter but not like this!! The person is taking unnecessary risks and passing pedestrians at silly speeds. The rider needs to re-take his test before he kills himself or anyone else. Completely clueless about riding safely!!
dr Widmer
Um milagre que voce ainda esta vivo pilotando assim. Respeite as leis de transito meu jovem. Juizo.
to all of you making comments about this mans riding, that is just how they do in italy
jozo šaravanja
Riding to school? More like riding to hospital or cementary
keith hilton
Absolute idiot of the highest.
let me get uhhh
People complaining about his driving lmao this is how we drive in southern Europe.
marissa rossi
My dad drives one (l_l)
6 grande! mi piace!
moon supply
I rather walk then drive on such a thing in my country i swear.
You need to let it rev higher cuz i imagine most of the power is in the top end
pubbie hive
extremely italian driving
kamote rider
For the people saying he drives crazy, it’s because you are not used driving in a crowded space. You’re probably used to big open roads. Where I’m from Jakarta, every one rides like this. From the young to the elders.👍👍
sergio s
Guidi come un spericolato, ma sei bravo!! bella vespa
stojko profesionalac
trap king le vlog and gaming and more
What is the anoying suond in your helmet
Lol compa io sono 1 anno scientifico,sono alla succursale di merda
андрей шубин
Чувак попутал со спортом. Но мапедка быстрая зараза