CoSM Full Moon Gatherings

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Produced by Luna Vigilo ProductionsLunaVigilo.comDirected and Edited by John KovalskyDirector of Photography: Dave SikoraMusic by Joey Ortiz and Jordan MendezSound Mixer: Joey OrtizBoom Operator: Jordan MendezSpecial Thanks to:Jon OhiaMaggie KellerMike MagilnickJon GalvinPaul FalconeBrian WellsInterviews with:Marshall Leffertscosmometry.netFun Yung MoonJoness Joneswww.jonessjones.comDr. Michael GargerEileen

Alex Grey (Visual Artist) The Chapel Of Sacred Mirrors (Location)

Joe Brumfield
I Love you CoSM family, near and far. We are blessed.
Kwisatz Haderach
I value the art created to the divine, the idea that we live and that that in itself is nothing to be taken for granted. All the art that Alex and Alison create has a religious base. Still, when you look at religion past and present you only see dominion over consciousness, punishment, humiliation and mockery in regards to questioning. I'd like to see Alex or Alison saying somewhere how you reconcile all the pain and the tardiness religion caused in human evolution by so violently emasculating human intelligence for so many centuries. Its guilt is even greater when you realize that it was only them there, that there was nobody else civilizing, teaching humans in all contexts how to live or act ( see how without them we would not have progressed either). The guilt is even greater in those western traditions and in India as there are many great men and women of intellect associated with Christianity and Hinduism and they knew of its flaws. Why we still take from the bloody shameful past? When I look to Alex or Alison's work I value those pieces that are not in any cathedral or temple of the past, those pieces that they were able to somehow put forward and that are truly new.
Misael Rodriguez
beautiful, i hope some day be able to visit CoSM, and experience some of that energy! love and light brothers and sisters.
Are any of the musicians at COSM tuning to 432?
rhys castro
this is absolutely beautiful