David Attenborough || Deep Ocean: 1of2 -- The Lost World Of The Pacific || HD 1080p.

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Deep Ocean: Series 1Once you pass 1,000 meters, the water is completely devoid of light, and you have reached the deep ocean. Down here, temperatures plummet to 39 degrees Fahrenheit, and constantly stay near freezing. The pressures at these depths range from about 40 to over 110 times the pressure of Earth’s atmosphere. We know more about outer space than the ocean floor. Want to learn more about the ocean? Start with this mind-blowing series! , narrated by … David AttenboroughNHK - Deep Ocean: Series 1 (2016)Part 1: The Lost World Of The PacificThe same submarine which successfully captured the world’s first moving images of a giant squid in its natural habitat is used for exploring the deep sea cliffs off the coast of New Guinea. The team encounters true living fossil species one after another. Join this exciting deep sea adventure!

David Attenborough || Deep Ocean: 1of2 -- The Lost World Of The Pacific || HD 1080p.

335i monster
Like j can literally fall asleep to his voice
97 music lover97 Hippy stoner
His voice is so calming anyone else feal that way to
Alacia Fowler
That Jelly Nose was stunning. So beautiful and elegant....it floored me. What a treat to see something so unknown! The genius of God's creative power never ceases to amaze me.
Aleena Razzaq
29:40 idk guys major ghibli vibes with that music? ponyo anyone
Alfie Kinloch
Best person to be knighted I love the voice of him he belongs to nature best person ever! Wy do squrals swim on there backs to ceep there nuts drie hahahahehehe
Atomicwinter 31
Why do i want a coelecanth as a pet?
Bert Rich
Burhan Kent
bad bad bad way to bad. who agrees with me?
Cali Dorsch
26:28 helleewwwwww!!!!!!!
*okay but is no one going to talk about how the music in this is composed by the same guy that composed studio ghibli songs??*
David Cheng
43:18 That guy opening the door
David Clements
How come they always get the goodies on the \
I'll leave exploring the deep to those guys: it'd be my luck that I'd run into a bunch of Nope down there.
Dhanashri K Borkar
The term deep sea creatures refers to organisms that live below the photic zone of the ocean. These creatures survive in extremely harsh conditions, such as hundreds of bars of pressure, small amounts of oxygen, very little food, no sunlight, and constant, extreme cold. This documentary is fascinating to watch the deep sea life and how amazing they look and also God's finest creations. Exploring of the deep sea cliffs off the coast of New Guniea, lead the team to encounter true living fossil species one after another.
Fantastic production and resolution, but you lost me with the global warming lecture. That's when I turned it off. Globalist propaganda .
Donald Blackmon
i have admired his work for years. the more I've learned about \
E 10
Wild pokemon
Ermine Benjamin
Love the narrator
I love Attenborough, but the science team sound like monkeys shouting and swearing whenever they see a fish. How embarrassing.
Grey Virus
I wouls call that -Weird Fish- a \
I love how people still believe that the earth is millions of years old. When every bit of evidence proves otherwise...
Hugo Gordon
The added music....................
I wonder if that fish is blind and has to use its feelers to get around
JJ Johnson
It will take a God miracle to preserve what beauties are left in the seas, oon land, the fliers of sky, butterflies, other needed insects, amphibians. etc.
James Raymond
Around 1:50 the guy says \
Jaspere John Delos Reyes
We are not yet hundreds of millions.. Only thousand of years
Jellah kay
Sir David the sea genius, water magic, otherworldly
Jerry Ernst
So instead of naming it after its defining feature, these people decided to name it after its nose? Ok.
Jesús Herrera
Jonn Mero
At least the 'music', although completely superfluous, wasn't as intrusive as on other such ones. After all, the narrative by Attenborough was all needed besides the natural conversation. Other than that, brilliant!
@ 1:51 the scientist actually says \
Julia cardassian
the person that is talking in the background as a very calming voice 😍
Kevin Bracca
Hit or miss I guess he doesn’t miss *HUH*
Kitty Keeling
Anything he does is just perfection... It would be such an honor to meet him, actually, I have no idea what I would say, I would just shake his hand and be completely speechless. Unlike most 'celebrities' he has changed the world in more ways than we are aware of. He's a legend and I'm so proud to say I'm just from the same country as him!
Lisa Baynham
400 million years!!! This is incredible.
Lisa Godin
This reminds me of the old days of Jacques Cousteau narrated by Rod Serling and Jacques.
Sir David is just lovely in every thing he does, their will never be another one like him.
MT Bil og Motorsport
The lost world of fysh. Halfway expected them to find Cthulhu down there.
Max R
48:26 this is utterly fascinating. The possibility of finding a new species of animal this recently is absolutely astonishing
My drunk friend on rare fish: \
Mmm Dddd
Felt like I was playing Zelda or something then found out that the composer of the music was Joe Hisaishi and it all made sense.
Mubi Info
Very niCe😍
Do we know the Ocean more or Space more?
Nancy nichols
thank you!
Natasha Sherwood
Me: \
Nauman Javed
19:23 I want to know how much pot they take down with them on these dives...
Neo Luthuli
I'm here after watching Our Planet trailer by netflix Mr Attenborough
Nero Mauritzen
Assuming that \
Nightcore Music
37:11 me , dragging my drunk friend
Noneyo Beeswax
All y’all need to stop being condescending towards each other and just enjoy the Attenborough documentary. If someone says something you don’t agree with, you don’t need to be mean about it.
Old Man from Scene Twenty Four
For all the religious, flat earthers and young creationists ... \nNot every creature of every species evolves, some are dead ends. \nJust look at yourselves, with your small, uninformed, uneducated minds and certainly unwilling to be educated, you've become biological/genetic dead ends.\nIn order life to grow, it has to adapt to its environment. These fish have done that, therefore, they've reached the end of their evolutionary path. They're certainly not going to become something else randomly and create an anomaly to their environment, which would cause an imbalance and might cause their own destruction as well as the destruction of other species.\nThat's how nature works, that's how evolution works.\nAdapt or die.
OurOwnMasters O2M
this documentary was awesome and i love anything with David Attenborough in it.. but i have to be that person that says that fish they found at the end, its face looks like a Pokemon called Mewtwo.. go check it out!! also did anyone see te guy come into the boat cabin while they were recording and put a face like\
Persona Slates
29:45 i found he who shall not be named @ 29 : 45
Rahim LaQuica
Keep posting those videos please
Rebecca Bougher
Great sound quality and visuals!
Reclining Cough
Question - if Darwin was correct then why hasn't the Sealicanth evolved.....
Ree Sa
My question is if this species was thought to be one of the early ancestor of land animal then how their next generation still persist in the ocean? and far away in indonesia while the fossil found in africa? does his species not evolve? I mean 400m years ago was a long time ago?? \n\nSorry if im asking a lot of question bcuz its soo intriguing for me 😀
With attenborough you don’t need the “1080 HD” clickbait
Robert Gaylord
Tone down and turn down the opening music. Have trouble hearing David Attenborough's voice over music
Rosa Haces
The music is amazing and beautiful!!
bruh its 720 miss me with that c l i c k b a i t
Sackulus Maximus
Surely they hotboxed the sub, surely
Skeet skeet Brapp brapp
Does no one else think the music played @17:48 and in other places sounds like the music in Harry Potter?
In case anyone wants to know, the jellynose fish that is filmed is Guentherus katoi Senou et al., 2008 - Kato's highfin jellynose. Really nice catch guys!!
So Cal Bee Guy
Attenborough is the best, but the goofy music wan't really helping this documentary.
Spock the Dog
Two fish in a tank. One of them says\n\
Sportsss 32
Anyone else getting harry Potter vibes from some parts of the music
Sprang Productions
Absolutely incredible. \nGreat video something I'll never be able to see in my life.
Sun Brolem
I love david attenborough, but when the documentary is finished and I need some light hearted entertainment, I need look no further than the comments section to laugh at all the young earthers and instant creationists that feel like this is a good place to debate that sort of thing.
don't swear David!
The Chris & Phaedrus show
The Grouper at 27:00 had its whole universe shattered! It was like \
Whip nae nae👋😫👊😎
Like hundreds and hundreds of other videos, the background music ruins everything.
Vuldrae M
Joe Hisaishi, the composer who has worked on many studio Ghibli films worked on this documentary. Ponyo anyone?😋
Wave Whisperer
David Attenborough ranks with Bob Ross and Fred Rogers
Wez Evans
What does a fish say when it swims into a wall....\n\nDAM!!
amatir channel
Raja ampat in indonesia papua not papua new guinea
That grouper was terrified and rightly so...wow that guys face scared me!
chun ho tsang
Best thing to watch before sleep
final boss
46:25 this fish has been named and everything but I can't find it
hybrid green
Once you read \
:( most of the corals have gone now , we killed them all
joklik Omondi
I didn't even search for 'best documentaries' I searched for David Attenborough and he led me here
michael kelly
Super, super and interesting . But isn't there more information available? I'd love to get a year's pay for that conclusion (not to mention sub rides). Is there some insight available which isn't obvious?
quitewind Broken
Allah Almighty created everything on the universe all praise to Allah.
I wonder if those fish way down go back and tell the other fish...guys...you won't believe what I saw today...it was crazy...it was huge...\n\nSome fish believe him...some cast him off as a crazy loon!! 😂
saiful islam
My humble request to all scientists; please don't bother the nature anymore in sake of discovering anything. After discovering anything then there will be tourist spots. A few years later it would polluted by humans/us. So we all been witnessed every thing so far... please stop discovering to further!!! Mother earth is now fed up but also disturbed!!! \nIt is the high time to leave our mother nature as it wants to be... please for the sake of mother earth. Stop discovering!
starting over
What affect would music have under the water being that its a natural conductor of sonar\n\nHow much does travelling to other religions or tribes affect the person as they take bits and pieces from them.
tom Creed
Just love Sir David Attenborough definitely won't be anyone else like him on his way of looking at wildlife and his voice alone is so relaxing just to listen👂 to... Here's to a great man on Earth keep up with the good work David and always love your work and documentaries... Legend👑 of the natural kingdom.👍👍👏👌🐵🐯🐺🐆🐗🐃🐼🐘🐻🐨🐫🐸🐊🐢🐍🐋🐬🐙🐜🐝🐞🌲🍀🌴🌵🌺🌋🌍🌞⛄🎥🗿✝☪🔚🇮🇪
2:35 Holy TITS!
32:24 - those are the derpiest looking fish i've ever seen
To paraphrase Joe Rogan, why are we looking for aliens on other planets, when we have them right here on the bottom of the ocean?
The modern scientist equipped with million dollar vessel had to ask a fisherman with leaf and stone where to find coelacanth. What an interesting side of human life.
not 1080p...