How to Pack Your Suitcase Like a Pro!

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OPEN FOR MORE INFORMATION!Packing list no longer available, sorry the link expired!-Suitcase (by the brand Anne Klein), plastic travel bags, toiletries containers, & luggage tags were purchased at Marshalls-Black and White Striped carryon bag is from Victorias Secrets-Toiletries Bag is from Target-All other small bags are from random places-What I pack for my trip to Hawaii: __________________________♥♥♥   All opinions are my own, and all products were purchased by myself unless otherwise noted. I will always share my honest opinion so that you know when I tell you my opinion of products/methods you can trust what I'm sharing. Love you XOXO, Alexsis♥♥♥

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Adri R
Aleah proll
What about the dog when u are gone
Anyone notice the missing clip of her showing the rest of her makeup ?? X
Amelia McGilvray
Roll your clothes
Angela Grohovac
loved it
Anika Kapoor
is it only me who is going to disney in 2017?????😏
Anita 3kids
I used to be HUGE over-packer.\n ✳How many days are going 2 be at your destination & ck the weather for your destination. (It will give you an idea...)\n 💠Your itinerary :beach,\nsightseeing, formal\n✳Lie your clothes on ur bed & \
so so helpful thanks so much!
Ashle Michl
I know I'm a little lat but if you want to save the planet or don't want to buy the plastic bags you can just roll your clothes! MIND BLOWN yeah I know saving the planet one trip at a time😂
Ashtyn Gannon
who else is binging vacation vids right before vacay
Beckstrom sisters
Roll outfits together
Belle Milano
if you dont want to go out and buy the bags you can just roll your clothes so there is more room.
Bethany P.
I thought that I overpacked...
Cerena Fernandez
Chardé's World
this is packing like a pro plz make more or travel more
Awesome, Amazing, and VERY Informative! Great job. #THANKS
Crafty Sets Up
You saved my life!!! 🤣
Dani Lauren
Omg that list is genius! You are so organized and all of these tips are great ideas! I definitely need to re-watch this whole video next time I go on vacation :)
Drenusha Zeneli
I would roll up my clothes it saves time and u have a bunch of space and those bag things they cost money so it will save money
Ebony Godwin
what did u use to make that list plss x
Ella Whitehurst
Why don't you roll up your clothes and put them in your boots instead of pool noodles, it's a win win situation you save space and your boots aren't going to get fe formed
Ella Worley
did anyone notice it said tavel instead of travel
Emma Hulett
where did you buy you planner
Emma perron
The way she says bag lol
Freya HP
Roll your clothes it's the best hack
Gianna Champion
I'm going on vacation soon and if i forget anything at home there is a walmart right next door so
Gina Miller
Best packing video ever!! Realistic for a girl who loves her “stuff”
Haley T
watched so many videos yours was the only one that made sense to me thank u so much!
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Try rolling your clothes
What size suitcase is that?
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I clicked to see the list for traveling and it wasn't available
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Am I the only one that thinks that her nails will fall of any second she holds something? **Not hating I just wanted to tell you what I was thinking throughout the video **\nLove you a lot... The video was amazing loved it a lot. Have a good day or night and an amazing week and be you be happy forever Love you girl!!
Jessica Broderick
Omg like who likes watching packing voidos even if your not going on hoildays?I do😀😀
Julia Wright
How’d you make that list? 1:12
DIY how to overpack
roll your clothing, it's keeps some clothing from wrinkling and you save a hella lot more space.
Kai Green
I personally think rolling your clothes would've saved soooo much more space 😐
Kate Murphy
Im too lazy to buy the bags so i just sit on a ziplock bag lol
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Did anyone notice she spelled travel wrong?😂
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who noticed the dog in the background watching 5:45
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Who else can’t download the list?
Lawyer Rock
Thanks! Great ideas. Getting ready to go to an all inclusive resort in St. Lucia for 15 days!! Hey, believe it or not, about 20 years ago, I tried to pack my clothes in ziplock bags and I would roll them to get all the air out, but they never worked. I guess they were not 'air tight' huh?? But, I had the right idea. I also would 'roll' my clothes so they would not get wrinkled.\nMy husband is watching this with me and he saw how many shoes you are taking and he laughed so hard. He was like \
Leah Rosenman
wow i think she packed more shoes than i even own
Lenox-Mae Reid
My mom is able to iron so flat that 10 shirts takes up literally 7 or 8 inches. I recommend ironing them; you won't have to iron them when you get there 😊
Lily K
Im organising my trip for December... it is July.
Liv Pick5
No one watch this it's just how to overpack
Mae Art
My sister has a little hack for traveling in planes! My airport lets you have a carry-on and a personal bag for free, like a backpack and a purse. What my sister does, is she uses a smaller suitcase for the carry-on, and a backpack with her purse inside for things like a laptop, phone, and maybe some more clothes. It amazing, and she never has to pay for a single bag.
Mahwish Danawala
How did u make that list? Is there a specific website?
Majella C
Why do you keep saying my sister in law's wedding? Would it not make more sense to say brother's wedding?
Manushka Thomas
Why am I here? I never travel
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over packer much??
Maria Selena
what size is your suitcase? I've been trying to find the perfect suitcase for a 30 day trip and i think this would be a good size. (:
I'm always suprised how much stuff people bring when they go on vacation
Maya Bixby
You can put all of your clothes for that day in a ziplock bag. This is especially good when you are going to camp or camping trip. Because you can just grab it and go to the bathroom and change. It also keeps your clothes neat and you'll have more room in your bag
Megan Arnold
Instead of wasting space with pool noodles in your boots, you could just wrap your converse up in plastic grocery bags and stick them inside your boots. That or put all of your socks/underwear/pajamas inside bags inside your boots. I also NEVER pack my toothbrush in my checked luggage. I've had my checked bag sent in the opposite direction (like the time my bag went to Seattle when we went to NYC on our honeymoon...) too many times to not pack at least a toothbrush and a pair of clean underwear in my carry on bag. Just get a small cosmetic bag, like the ones they send you with your Ipsy bags, and use those to put toothbrush, toothpaste, underwear, and any other essentials you think you MUST have to survive for a day or so should your bag get lost.
This is a great video! I always over pack for trips no matter wear I'm going. And over packing causes my suitcase to always be overweight and then there's that awkward fumble of trying to switch clothes over before checking your bag. This is going to save me a ton of time packing for my Europe trip this summer! :)
Metallic Melon Satisfy
Good Job!❤️👍🏾💎💕
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Who's watching this 2 days before holiday and planning to pack on an insta live the night before u leave even tho u know no one is gonna join
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your dog walked by like hey what you doin
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Oh thats a lot of stuff haha
Miss Iva
You should get heat protector bags for your hot tools. It'll protect them and keep the chords at bay!
Monika Meh Noor
Well, If u r staying in a hotel then u dont need to Carry out a Blow dryer, Bcz its already in the washroom of the hotel, And I think U have packed so many bags, And by rolling up the paper bags Your dress will ne spoiled bcz of without Iron, So its better to Pack ur Suitcase like earlier, Means you fold up Ur Dresses And keep it on a side If we do that then we get more space, And u r Carrying everything toiletries Others and u r taking so many Panty's Like u r Gonno travel for all year long, weird,
Olivia Marie
I have that EXACT suit case but it's teal and cheetah print
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5:42 was I the only one not listening and just staring at the dog?
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Packing cubes, leaving for Hawaii for 14 days.
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Who else is watching a Marathon of packing videos but not planning on going on any vacations anytime soon? Just me? Okay...
Phan Addicted
i either over pack or just grab 5 clothing items and a book and shove it in my bookbag lol
Raphael Loh
Should've put your normal shoes into your boots, then you would've had a little more free space. And if you got something like your toiletry bag for your jewelry it'd be easier to access/find, you can get pencil cases that open completely like a book, if you're into arts and crafts you can just add some pockets or straps...
Rilezsz s
You could've just rolled everything and had much more space
Rodeen Edwards
really enjoy the video super helpful great tips,i'm going use some of these for sure, thank you Alexsis love you.
Salve Delacruz
roll your clothes to save a lot of space i told my parents to do it and the could pack more than they used to
Shosho .-.
Roll your cloth for more space
Just saying too too too late now but you forgot a towel
The best packing video I've seen so far
Suavecita Jaz
On the travel list I think you spelled travel wrong at 1:25
The DAT Sisters
I am going to America for 5 weeks and I showed my mum and she loved it so she tried it
The Minimalist Ninja
I will be moving soon and will \
for the bags i used regular food bags and it worked
Why hello There
You said this was a video of NOT how to overpack
Yg Cat
My personal opinion is that air tight bags will wrinkle all your clothes, especially since you have to roll these ones to close them.
jeez, woman pack EVERYTHING
alana Paige
she brought 3 of the same color ed shoes what
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Omg thanks so much this helped a lot... lol idk but I'm prob the only one who LOVES packing lol😂😂
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Who else had a ad about PACKING cubes
grace Elizabeth
Hey woah I'm from around Nashville 😂😌
WOW this video was AMZING!!! Thank you so much for all your tips, super helpful!!! Just subscrined :)
juels b
u should have put your curling iron inside the noodle inside your boot....and the blow dryer is small, it might fit into the bottom of the other boot, and then your round container of make-up brushes on top of that, then something else soft , rolled up....
kennedy jones
Not hating but that bag is literally a big ziplock bag
kitty cat
and if you don't want to get the whole tooth past you can just look around and see if you have a old eye dropper or an empty one fill it with some tooth past and it also saves alot of space and if you are going to bring a perfume take jeans and wrap it in the wrapping way or style so it does not get broken cuz I see that the people who lunch the bags that dont fit in the airplane throw them like when I saw that I was like I need something to protect it and you can put you re shoes in the ways she did and put it in a shower cap from like from the dollar store so you can never get them smelly or dirty
those airtight bags you put your clothes in took so much space
Her voice reminds me od Camilla Luddington so much!
Check-in bag? Travel \
Tip:keep all valuables in your carry on bag!
sariah cook
Just use a ziplock
tuna -
How long she going for?10 years
These bags for heavier clothes like coats and sweaters 😂😂 I can pack all of this and more in a little carry on!!
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if its your\n sister in laws wedding wouldnt you say brothers wedding