Whitney Houston - I Will Always Love You - Lyrics

Check out Leorah's piano song Antigua with her beautiful music video: It's I will always love you with lyrics. Thanks for watching. Hope you enjoy. :D

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07459669728 Momoh
When your ocecream drops on the floor1 (2when your parents take away your toys or Xbox or ps4
1D K-Girl
*RIP Whitney Houston I miss you so much!!* 😭😭♥♥♥
Adam Harris
In this cover version of this song, the Yamaha DX7 internal patch “Electric Piano 1” and VRC-101A patch “Electric Piano 4” (which are similar to each other) were heard.
Aimee Pique
To that someone. . . It's u... I will always love you. . .
Alexandra Consuegra
When your not in the same class with your friend
Allison C
this is not even the official mv lyrics and yet it has more than 200m views. it just shows that a lot of ppl actually love her and this song. RIP Whitney. ❤️💙
Amanda silva
Amaya Brooks
And III will always love fooddd stampsssss
Anime #1 24/7
And We'll Always Love You Whitney Houston... 😢🙁😞💐🌸💮🏵️🌹🙏
Ashlee Janes
This song seriously gives me chills... This woman's voice is so fucking powerful! 😍
Ashok Kumar
S good you
Audrea Drury
I love this song. Whitney Houston was great. I do wish you you love.
I sing this song to my chocolate before I go on a diet... 🍫
Brenda Sebela
I will always love you ♥️❤️💞Whitney Houston.. 2018💋🎶
Brooke Thomas
And I always love your music
Brooklyn & Angelo
when  your favorite pants are too small & tight........ D;
Brooklyn Renee Dunlap
My grandpa passed away yesterday!:( 1like= 1 prayer for my family!! It’s been hard without him!
Cail Stearns
i play this song when i drop my cookie in my milk
Camsy Kelly
And I will always love you: my grandad sang to me before he died
Caramel Goddess
RIP Whitney ♥️😢
Cash Money ENT
anyone else screaming alone in their room
Chip Woddle
When you're WiFi goes out.. \n\n\n\nR.i.p Whitney you're loved dearly.. ❤
Colin Dale
gone to soon xxx
Crypdik man8
r.i.p Stan Lee he gave us so much happiness he gave us so much. he is the greatest superhero of them all. i hope he knows we all love him and his comics. excelsior :( he will NOT be forgotten.
Death Claw
Best version is from Bulletproof😂
Dimitra D.L.
October 2018?
EpicInferno 11
Best song I habe ever heard. She did not need autotune. Rest In Piece Whitney Houston
Erin Parks
This is a hard song to sing! I can sing but how Whitney? HOW
Esther Flores
Rip whitney Houston 😭😭😭
Fier Jon
I love
Gauri Korde
Wow she's so beautiful!
Greg Spengler
im definitely watchin this,and it reminds me and my mom,she's in heaven right now i miss her now😥
Grishaenne Infinite
my favorite song in my life
Best moment 1:52
Halley Evans
we will alwasy LOVE YOU Whitney oxoxoxoxo
Hamza Eljamal
I sing this song to my chocolate before I go on a diet.
Jacko Schultz
And I will always miss you!!!!
James Parker
REST IN PEACE Whitney Houston 🙏
Janshen Caro
Anyone watching here in 2020?
Jennifer bagaan
Hands up November 2018 still love to listen this song of you My one and the best female singer.. God bless you in heaven..
Jermaine Lance Lopez
Wow amazing
Jessica Kelly
John Narvais
How to be saved Jesus died for my sins shed his blood for my sins was buried and rose again according to the scriptures and Jesus death and shed blood was for all sins Jesus is God believe this and realize your sinner then you are saved
Jorge Alberto Cogollo
Quién de Latinoamérica???
When you lip sync the song but you're still out of breath.
Kimberly Stanley
Queen of sing
King Jordan
Who's Listening in Summer 2018 ?
Lana Heather
When your crush missing school more than one day.
Lily Cliff
If you are reading this and you have just lost someone they are safe in heaven and looking over you stay beautiful and postive guys ❤️❤️❤️💙💙💙💙💙💙
M. Elizabeth Santana
Anyone here for January 2018?
Maria Consuelo
my fiancé died in a car crush exactly 25 years ago. I was 25yo and I am now 50. We were due to marry within two months when it happened. Before the accident we had been together for 7 years.\nI went on with my life but there is not one day when I don't think of him. Sorry for my bad English...I write from Italy. Manlio, ti amerò sempre (Manlio, I will always love you)
Mariah Goldsberry
Why did Bobby brown brown make her smoke that stuff man I wish she was still here
Mary Maynard
Saying goodbye to someone..I truly love with all my heart ❤️❤️❤️
Mbela Lwakila
Not only have u inspired my kids but also me😍this song will always be number 1\nI will always love you😍Whitney Houston 😍my role model❤
Melanie White
And I iiiiiiiii will Always Love Uuuuuuu
Michael Strickland
This song gives me chills every time I here is
Mimoza Doci
I will always love you...
RIP Whitney, For you are Sadly missed by all of your Fans Etc.
Naranbold Javkhlan
who is watching now?
Neisha Pitts
I like if u miss her 😭😭😭
Noelia Sena Ribeiro
Whitney Houston (1963 - 2012).
Oh Im Godly !!!
Whos here beginning of 2018
Olivares Egy
thanks you 💗 Whitney Houston I love you 💖💞
President Nathan
3:14 what we all came for
Red Ned
I miss Whitney Houston, MJ, Prince, David Bowie, Christina Grimmie and Alan Rickman.. Also any other legend that's passed away. Not sure why, but this song makes me think of them.
Richard Glazebrook
Beautiful love it one of my favorite songs and bands beautiful 2018
you do hear so many fuck ups of this song. It really shows the powerful voice Whitney Houston had, such a complicated track with the different melodies not everyone can keep up with
❤❤R.I.P Whitney Houston❤❤ magical person
Sabrina Luck
Truly if you love someone.... let them go. 😭
Scott Rustulka
This is like the best song.. yet the best song of memes
Shehzad M
I will always love you!!!
Shijania Oporta
Tatos Caramean
2017 ???
Taylina Diaz
Love this song so much it makes me cry😍❤😢💋
Taylor Love
Who's heart melts when they hear this song, I think of my boyfriend everytime
The Sarceno Family
I can't believe it has been almost 4 years since you have been gone. I will always love you brother Jack
I was 2 at the time.. Almost 3 because the video was made June 28 my birthday July 31
Três é Ótimo!
White Gacha
Who watched this in 2018????😂😂😂😂😂😂 LOOOOOOOOOL
Yass Hass
She is a queen
Zoey Mungin
When you and WiFi have a strong connection
farah xiumin stan
Where are my k-popers supporting this legendery iconic song 😘💗💗
jessica rivera
This is a lovely, sad and beautiful song that only the late great Whitney Houston could sing. RIP.
Some swear by Mariah, I swear by Whitney.
who is still listening to the goddess herself in 2018?
musiclover moonwalker
0:48 , 1:51, and 3:14
myyeshia green
It blows my mind that this song is performed before the age of auto tune, yet it is literally perfectly executed.
penny poularaki
i know how to play this on the kazoo
tone tone
She sings the impossible. Such powerful vocals!
vicki rabbitskin
I will always love you Damian Day Day Prosper R.i.p 1985-2006 i miss u everyday always thinkin of you 😔😔😔😔😔😔
september 2018? who here?..))
•Moon Spirit•
We will always love you Whitney ❤ R.I.P.
My crush was singing this at karaoke...\nNow I’m a fan of this song but can’t say that in front of him because he’d think I’m creepy 😣
Who is here in October 2018??