Football Is Life | Motivational Video

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A LOT of work has been put into this video!BE SURE TO CHECK OUT COLE'S CHANNEL: for supplying the footwear and other equipment in this video! Check them out for all your latest soccer needs!Video equipment used:Canon C300 mark i and mark iiSony A7SPanasonic Lumix GH4Lens:Canon 70-200L f2.8Canon 24mm f1.4Canon 16-35mm f2.8Zeiss 35mm 50mm and 85mmMovi M-10 StabilizerGlidecam HD4000

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Aditi Gopalan
This is amazing! Football is life \u003c3
Aiden Pearce
From lkobet1 to this ;) I hope this goes viral dude it's awesome
Albin Sporrong
The best football video I ever seen man #ballislife
Alvin Betz
This really took me out of breath, and it's true, football IS life. \n\nKeep up your amazing work! \u003c3
American Freekickerz
Astounding video! Do you play for a team or aspire to play for a team?
Ammar Zahid
PROBELY the BST VIDEO on Youtube !!!!!!
Axel Bruno Monroe Herrera
Por fin encuentro esta obra mestra, alguien q lo tradusca por favor
Blake Burckhard
WOW! Great video Louis!
Such a professional video that was also very inspiring! Louis your the man!
wooow,you look like Dybala
Charlie Andrews
How can anyone dislike this video?!!
DJMoore98 - HD Football/Soccer videos
Mate - that was just incredible! Not much more I can say really. Damn, perfect! :P
Watched you for years, this video was legit worth more than any praise it can get it'll speak to a lot of people well in man!
Dmitry Ivanov
Cole is a talented filmmaker based on this.
Dylan Sanchez
BRO IM soooo sharing this Video!! Just Great and Motivational!
Elation Football
This video is way too awesome man !!! \nSick sick sick \u003c3 :D Football is life !!! :')
Evekta -
I like this vid so cool
Fishmenace tacoface
Football is truly the most beautiful sport on the planet !
Wow so powerful! Amazing job done man \u003c3
Francisco Raposo
Amazing video! Please, could you tell me the name of the song you used? Thanks!
Freekicks TMWZ
wow..... best motivation video for football...
Gerardo Romero
Amazing video Louis your videos NEVER disappoints. I always enjoy watching your stuff, keep it up.
Awesome video mate ! #FootballisLive 🙌🏻💥
Football is my life 💗
Graham Blanks
1:29 gave me chills. Omg
Wow dude, quality video! Really loved the cinematography
Hamish MCG7
Hamish here from New Zealand, that was such a good video bro you really nailed that one. More people should be subscribing to you because you definitely deserve it.
Hulk Hogan
Now zerkaa can release illuminate
Ilaripro - Football, Freekicks & Skills
Stunning video bro! I've been planning to do this kind of video too hahah.
It's Darshan
Absolutely incredible,this was next level \u003c3 The story behind the video was so amazing !!
Awesome video football is life⚽️❤️
J Breez
Phenomenal video it was awesome🔥🔥
this video is sick! great work!!!
This is the type of video that makes me want too go out and film! Loved it!
Jake Cooper
This is a great video absolutely amazing if you reply I will screen shot and put in a frame on my wall
Joce Teixeira
Amazing! The videography, the skill and the message. It's GOLD! Great job Shoot
John Sohn
Hey dude great video. Bro the fields play at were the exact same fields I played 3 years ago for regionals. The scene with the battleship in it was where my teammates and I went to mess around because our hotel was the haunted one along the river. Great videos and I hope to see some more cool free kicks.
Damn man, great stuff. Need to get back in the game ;)
Kerelle Carranza
This is good for a Nike Football AD. :) In other words, great vid mate!
Kieran Brown
Insane vid man! :)
King Vidmer
Absolute Amazing Video! Keep it up!
Kiratpal Pruthi
Such a motivating video! Great cinematography! Football is Life :D
Great video
Knuckleball Twins
Quality man, absolutely loved this! Could tell you had put a lot of effort into it - AWESOME! :D
Wow! Amazing video, mate! Also props to your cameraman. The cinematography is awesome!
Logic Lekan
Wish I had those Cr7s too poor to afford them. This was an Awesome video though!
Louis Okines
this is generally one of the most motivational video's i have ever watched, keep up the great work.
Lucas Camargo.
How old are you?
Amazing video! ;)
Best and most truthful football video I have ever come across
Mehdi Styler
Awesome Editing - great Video
Mikkel Magnussen
i dont know how u dont have more subs, thats just a awesome video bruh
Mitch Clowes
Beautiful video!! Well done, your content just keeps getting better and better
Krijg er koud van! Dit is jouw leven, maar ook de onze. Voetbal \u003c3
Navarra Freekickerz
Neymar11_Agus Gutierrez
That was an insane meg by the way
No No
Can you say hi Lewis please your my favourite you tuber!!
Nova 360
Amazing video really inspiring
Oon Sunmutsis
ommmaaagood 0 dislikes
Honestly one of the most touching videos I've seen,quality mate,easily one of the top 5 football youtubers,keep up the good work
Polish Freekicks
amazing video! 👌😃
Power And Precision
Mate, this was some next level stuff. Goosebumps at 1:38 no lie haha. Also nice to see some of your freekicks, whole video was really proffessional and original. Nailed it bro! \u003c3
RV Football
Amazing video!
Rich Daley
Damn that was sexy
Sam de Visser
Hands down the best video i've ever watched on youtube
Great video but shoot further away than the goal as it would look better!
Savage Gamer
When I try to do a knuckleball, the ball curves. I don't know why.
Sepehr Teimouri Mokarram
amazing video and pretty emotional for a football lover like me , keep it up
my lord this was unbelievable. The camera work especially! the editing and music choice was also perfect! please do more with this style, ie boot tests with a more cinematic feel
Some Soccer
Great Video!! :D
The SkillGame
Traduccion en español?
TheBiggestBaller #BBB #LonzoROTY
Amazing Amazing Amazing Amazing Amazing
cant wait to see this channel grow even more than it already has
Man that was amazing! Probably the best football video I've seen on YouTube!! Amazing man, your definitely my favorite YouTuber.
Timo deK
Best motivation video in 2016 so far!
Absolutely terrific.. Well done pal
Upper 90
I could not ask this video to be any better, and subbing to hope of you!
Vadim Connolly
Class vibes! GH4 though \u003c3
WJH Football
Sick video bro was class!!!
Will Claramunt
Wow! Louis that was so motivational! You're channel will grow so much with these types of videos!
Will Hunt
Amazing video man! Insane cinematography and overall it was sick! Definitely one of the best vids on YouTube that I've seen lately!
This deserves 10 million views!
Yb_ Moz
Yoon Soccer 7
this video make me cry :( very very nice video and thanks all the time :)
Zach Esfandiari
Great video Louis! keep up the great work !\n\n\n\nthis is probably my favorite video on youtube
Love this video mate! Great work from both of you. I'll be sharing this for sure
Sick Video, Editing & Content
iSoccer Tv
Nice video #Respect
leonard hedelius
awesome video man, football is life
AMAZING VIDEO, shout out to both you and you're filmer! This has to go viral
Great video man
One of the best football videos on YouTube. Just perfect! 🙏🏼\n\n-sk
Quality video bro!
This video actually made ms so happy! Brilliant work pal
Man, this is completly epic! We hope you'll get deserved amount of views