The Sims 4 GET FAMOUS Expansion REACTION (Im in the trailer!)

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Guys, it's The Sims Superstar 2!FULL TRAILER:

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just a quick reminder that ea have been milking this game for 4 years now and has 20 pieces of paid dlc
A CookieSandwich
Can't believe I didn't get clickbaited...
Aeryn Aguilar
I really want to see a Sims 4 University expansion pack!
Airiel Hawkins
Next Rags To Riches with Lady II and make her famous! She goes from Stylist to A-Lister. I'm super excited to see your vids so I can see this pack in action and it is AWESOME that EA featured you guys in the trailer!
Alexis Aurora
I find it hard to believe any of your videos after that The SIM 5 trailer -_-
Alrighty Aphrodite
Perfect for Benadryl Crumplebottom Rags to Riches.
Alvaro Martinez
Don’t get me wrong I’m excited for this pack buuuuut, where is university life?
Andrea 17
Oh my god? Did you mean oh mAGOG? Also when are we finishing that LP?😂
Autumn Fauber
Cant wait till this rags to riches 😂 please use the hated child.
Bethenny Mayer
Eeeek! Legit just watched the trailer and you popped up with your reaction!! 😬😬😬
James is very handsome actually
Blooming AG
*goes on instagram* *sees sims 4 story* *sees swipe up to watch get famous trailer* * screams at top of lungs* AHHHHHHH OMGAHHHHH ITS HERE!! MY DREAM IS HERE!!!!,
Blue Willow
Lol \
Bruna Feitoza
YES! I laughed so hard when I saw you were in the trailer! Fancy being a sim celebrity, James?!
But will this expansion have special guests like Christina Aguilera and Marilyn Monroe???
CM Coleman Home: recipes and lifestyle
This could actually get me playing again, especially if you can record movies.
Cait Mcdonald
Are you going to do a meet up in London?
Cecilia Linea
My first thought when i watched it was, WAIIIT IS THAT DELI !? - Sorry James, you look fabulous tho
Cherokee C. C.
Sims 4 has been becoming more and more something I'd play regularly. Still not quite there for me.
Christine S
YASS new rags to riches?!
Claire Ryan
New cameras and lights, maybe a bit of inspiration to finish the big brother house?
They really going to make us wait for University.
What I love about you is that even though you're in the trailer and you get acknowledged by the Sim devs on occasion I know that once the expansion comes out you'll give us a really thorough and fair review of what it adds to the game. You're not afraid to give constructive criticism to the devs and I think a lot of people in your position would be more tempted to be exclusively favorable towards them in the hopes of more perks.
Demigod Wizard
I thought this would be a game pack.
Dumb Cucumber Plus Fat Toast
I bought it but I can't play it is it because I pre-ordered it or is there a problem? should I wait until 16 November?
Emily S.
And get robbed by money hungry bastards from EA
Feni Skoura
omg those cameras would be perfect for the big brother build!!!!!
G4m3r K0n3k0
If you are in the trailer will you be a sim in the world to meet?
Gloomba King
Ea CEO: you know how we're planning on releasing terrain tools for free?\nEmployee: yes\nCEO: use sims 1 superstars as the next expansion pack
Heather White
I honestly don't think I've ever been this excited for an expansion pack! Superstar was always my favorite. I CANNOT WAIT for this! Yaaaaayyy!!!
Lol. James pointing himself out to us was giving me ‘hi mom! I’m on TV!’ vibes.
This actually looks exciting. Are the Sims4 turning around????
Jakub Potoczny
I can't wait for Rags to Riches Fame Edition
John L
This better not be clickbait...
Kaitlyn Casimir
Bro I pre-ordered it today and now I feel like an important YouTuber
Katy Amsden
I genuinely thought you were trolling us and it was just going to be clips from The Sims Superstar - this is so exciting omg
Kawaii Prissy
8 am Pacific time... really!? 1:30 am (where I live) on a school night, c'mon mannnn...
KayCee Fry
Is this actually an expansion though? Like, $40 to be famous.....? I hope not. It's not worth it, at all.
Next time on R2R: Rejected child Lady Bigwallet II gets revenge on her family for emotionally neglecting her by being the biggest superstar there is.
i think it's overpriced :/ because in my country it's costs more than the other expansion packs (why??) and it costs MORE THAN THE BASE GAME!!! (in my country)
1:34 we all gonna ignore the shape of water thing right there
Kyla S.
At 4:38 I think that every day the sets automatically change
Linett Boe
With the lastest updates and expansion packs Sims 4 has improved so much
Liz Mowrey
I was thinking of studio town from the sims 1 as well
Im actually excited. This wasnt a pack I was dreaming of, but it does provide a new town and stories to tell.\n\nEdit: i hope the area right outside the city can be a rundown place for sims struggling. Everywhere else in this game looks too nice.
Lucille -
the sim from the trailer looks like 2014 halsey ldkjflkyx
I cant wait for the Rags to Riches version of it!!! Love you Semaj 💯
Lycaon 1765p
That \
Lynn McG-E
So fun for you James. The movie set and jobs in it look a little like the ones they've had in Freeplay for a while. They had options between director and actor when you split off in the career but you also could work costumes at a lower level. I think it looks such fun, I really like the idea of having a career in the performing arts. And the city looks fantastic.
I hope you can be a popstar and I have some sims I want to be singers to and do some modeling
Mariah Ernest
I just spent a week in a psychiatric hospital, and this is the first video I clicked on. Not upset.
Mezgit Fileto
Omg this pack caught all of us off guard. But oh well I still want Island Paradise the most. I dont know what would I do if i saw a trailer with interactive ocean/beach & entire pack dedicated to tropical beachy stuff.
NerdyPanda Gaming
Wow an expansion that may not be actual garbage. Looks like ea finally got their shit together. Let’s hope.\n\nI’m gonna be super upset if the only thing that’s included is acting.., so far that’s all they are showing.
I frickin saw you before you even announced it!!\nCongrats
Does this mean that Raggy's gonna get to be a movie/tv star in the next Rags to Riches? I really hope so!
Nina Leus
James, that's pretty awesome that your simself was in this trailer! That honest was super cool! 😂 This video does me excited for this pack. ......but......\n\nThough....I know we can never get *everything* we want in the Sims 4, unfortunately. I *was* kinda hoping for a game pack *and* an expansion pack before the end of this year. Seeing as this year has been a total roller coaster for Sims. Also, I was hoping for a pack more similar to Sims 1 Superstar. I am a *bit* disappointed that we just get acting (edit: forgot about \
No Name
6:02 HOLD UP! So their is a chance that their might be famous SINGERS too and not just famous actors?
PS4 gaminghd
I'm so excited cause the celebrity status and movie star career were my favourite things to play with in Sims 3
Petey Cø
Looks like road to Fame mod is not needet no more\nEdit: thx for the likes
Pink n Fluffy Ryuk
I am not really hyped, because I am not sure if this pack is his money worth? I mean what do u see? A film-set and a star...?
I miss when cars would pick you up for work! One day sims 4 lol
Rachel L
I’m excited for Get Famous but I’m hoping we get a sort of “supernatural” expansion eventually. I miss playing as fairies and witches etc.
Ray Ari
This version of rags to riches is going to be amazing!!
Reading Ever After
Since every single shot of the set has these crosses on the floor I feel like maybe the sets will be customizable, but you will probably have to add the marks on the floor to do certain interactions? I don’t know, just guessing but that seems like a way to have it both be customizable and not too much of a crazy thing with infinite variables which would be a very big pack and maybe to heavy for most computers to run well?
Renato Antelo
Please optimize the Sims 4 for consoles, it's almost unplayable.
Sean K
Sims 4 drivable cars confirmed, open world!
Shahed Ali
EA's description! \n\nHave you ever wondered what it’d be like to be famous? Like, really famous? Like millions of fans, crazy awesome mansion, movie star famous? Well, your Sims are about to get that chance! The Sims™ 4 Get Famous Expansion Pack* releases November 16, 2018 on PC and Mac, and we couldn’t be more excited to share this completely game-changing news with you. We’re gonna give you an overview of what to expect (plus a surprise or two), so be on the lookout for lots more to come! If you just can’t wait to get your hands on some Sims fame, pre-order here.\n\nLifestyles of the Rich and Not Yet Famous\nOne of the most exciting parts of this expansion pack is the new world! Say “hello” to Del Sol Valley, which is home to A-listers, up-and-comers, and everyone in between. The residential area is split into two parts: Mirage Park in the flatlands with modestly-priced homes, and The Pinnacles, high in the hills and fit for the rich and famous. Plus, your Sims can explore the park, nightclub, and other awesome venues. But if you think any and every Sim can get into these places, think again. Sims might not be on the list for some destinations. But there’s always a chance they can convince a bouncer to let them in. If not, cheer up. The more famous they become, the easier it will be to slide into the most exclusive parties.\n\nAnd . . . Acting!\nWatch out Starlight Boulevard, because your Sim was born for the red carpet. The shiny, sparkling acting career has arrived, and a rags-to-riches story is bound to happen. First, your Sim will join the active acting career. From there, it can be a whirlwind of fun and fame, as long as your Sim keeps up with all the demands. Practicing acting, staying up on social media, and joining a talent agency are all part of the journey to stardom. And, the bigger your bank account gets, the more awesomeness you can unlock, like flaunting your wealth with a money “phone.” I mean, your Sim earned it, right?\n\nThe best part is you can join your Sim on their acting journey. Follow your Sims to acting gigs on the Plumbob Pictures studio lot where they’ll be transformed in the hair and makeup chair, rub elbows with the director, and act in an award-winning performance. Will your Sim risk going big during a scene, or play it safe to get the job done? More on that soon, Simmers!\n\nThere’s so much to share with you in the coming weeks, but we can’t sign off without mentioning a few special cameos coming to this pack. First up is Baby Ariel, a talented real-life signer and social media maven! Catch her around town and listen in as she performs songs in public places. And did you spot any Game Changers in the reveal trailer?
That makeup artists hair is everything...
Something I missed from sims 3 was reputations and I’m so excited for something like it! I hope they incorporate like relationship reputations, like how a spouse can be known as faithful or a cheater!
When you click a video thinking it’s clickbait\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n*and it’s NOT clickbait...*
I don't know if I'd rather want semaj or lady the second to get famous... Anyway, sounds exciting!
Cant wait to be famous
Tabitha Scheible
Who else can’t wait to see Max Powers become famous??
The Corner Girl
Thought this was another fake 😂
The Nomad Gamer
The Poetic Gamer
I hope we get University as the next expansion pack after this one....
Theresa Zuk
The Sim Supply, I think it’s cool that your sim self is in the trailer and I thought that this expansion pack is similar to the sim 3 late night pack where you had a career to become an actor and worked at building that created films, but in this pack you now get to follow your sim to the film site and actually see the set as you play sim.
I saw you in that trailer Semaj. XD
Veronica Arble
Omg we totally need to turn Lady Bigwallet The II from most hated sim to most famous sim lol
Zoe F
I can see Lady II rag to riches get famous!
ZuGgy Gaming
Hope you don't mind, since they love you, that I request this here.. I have everywhere, and it should catch their attention sooner or later.. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, Whoever is in charge of pricing, start marking prices according to each country's currency! I can't pay 1500 argentinian pesos for an expansion pack! Would you pay 1500 dolars for a Sims EP? doubt it. Please, everyone else has marked their prices to match each country's currency, and they should in the actual country currency, not in USD. Please start doing the same! These packs are compleltly unaffordable for some of us!
So, we know that Get Famous will involve an acting career. It would be cool if sims could choose a directing or script writing career too. It would be even cooler if we could watch the movies/shows/commercials on the TVs after the filming is finished, like a recording. I'd also like to say I miss electric guitars, bass guitars, and drum sets from The Sims 3. We are getting Get Famous, so now would be a good time to bring them back, along with the ability to form bands, doing performances, applying the microphone object with it, and using the fame mechanic with it.
How did you do this so fast
WOOT WOOT! Sooo, sounds like Raggy, Richie and/or Lady II are getting kicked out soon ;)
brooke morris
Make scooby doo with raggy
emma lynn
Sims 4 get famous rags to riches!
I would be really excited if I had the money to buy it
flavs Joseffo
Rags to Famous \nThe rise of Lady Bigwallet II
grace I guess lol
I’ll totally get this when it releases lol. And if they make a version of island paradise and university in ts4, I will completely stop playing the third.
Wait is that robot llama thing supposed to be like a Jawa from star wars???
I really hope we can do modelling or musician to get famous too! The trailer seems to only feature acting.
martina j
BOI\nDID YALL SEE THAT LIMI\nCARS???? and yes james, you made it XDD tho i would say you made it long ago *^* cant wait for this, this will act alot more gameplay in everyday life of my sims. i hope the sims dont just react to your playable house hold or active household. i hope they react to other famous sims, like premade in the game and npcs for example. and also, would be fun to see the active careers, that are famous, other then actors, models(i hope we get models), would be cool to see if fashion designer plays a role in this, and also a movie producer. that would be cool. also, i hope reputations are a thing XD would be cool if there was a celebery sim that was notorius, and a celeberty sim that is quite popular and likable
Who's gonna play Joey Tribbiani in The Sims 4?
you know you made it when youre in an official sims trailer