Revenge of The Ninja: Sho Kosugi vs Ninjas

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Revenge of The Ninja (1983)Starring: Sho KosugiOpening Ninja Fight of Sho Kosugi.

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Arthur Roberts was awesome as Braden. A middle-aged white american guy is also an evil ninja.
this battle is intense! yeah there are a few clunky parts that could have used a second take, but that's on the director, not sho. holy crap he's FEROCIOUS!
+Shehasnomorals  So they could have one with enough padding to take the slice to the gut stunt.
Alden R. Davis
There's no one does it like the Ninja himself, Sho Kosugi.
Still the best ninja movie made
David Stella
Sho is the greatest !
GoldenScopez 89
Love sho kosugi can't get enough of him he is awesome
James Tressler
Some of those ninjas look like they have beer bellies. Where'd they find the extras, at the local 7-11?
I've always loved watching Sho Kosugi. Many people forget he is an actual ninja.
John Gonzales
the ninja terminator !!!!!!
Nelsonba Win
U know what.. there will be no naruto withoust sho kosugi
Spartaculus Jones
Sho Kosugi is a true fighter.
Syphon Filter
Sho Kosugi is the Orkin man of the Ninja world.  
Sho Kosugi is a true Ninja!
The Zec
One of the most awesome MA fights ever.
Ultra Jazz
фильм моего детства, супер, до сих пор смотрю с наслаждением.
these movies were so bad they were great!
Willis Chalepah
love the part where they lined up on sho it was cool.
holy smokes!!!!
Злой Волшебник
Lame ninjas LOL.
Павел Тун
ахуенный был фильм!!!!