Whitney Houston-I Will Always Love You|The Bodyguard|Live 1997

Live In Washington 1997 Concert Classic Whitney Houston The Voice Of The World

Always Houston Love You (album) Whitney

You would never have been in the way had you stayed Whitney.  God bless you.  Wish you were still here.
4:57 I felt a warm and exciting spirit and I was just filled with joy and it sounded like the old whitney then
Definitely Not As Good As The Live 1994 Version...
ASMR lil VezZy
You all talk about her voice at least she had some balls to sing live even when she knew her voice was messing up she still sing live unlike mariah Carey I'm pretty sure she knew what she was doing and she was probably trying to save her voice for other songs in the show so her voice won't go out in the middle of the show so kiss my ass all of the haters she the queen
Abanose TV
i love hir
Adonilde Barroso
voz que tanto que tanto colocava outros cantores no bolso a voz eterna. .
Ahmad Karim
Watching this brought tears to my eyes, her voice was not the same, so sad how it all ended, she was one of the greatest voices singers ever.
Andras Mal
It was a cheesy entrance haha it was common at time xd She is so pretty
Andrew Martinez
Throw the first stone who never had sined against god..if not then shut yur mouth cause theres noone perfect and only one and that is god..
Annette Rome
Within 3 years of this concert the DEMONS would emerged for the whole world to see on her face and in her voice, she was a totally different person! SO SAD
Anthony Scott
This is Whitney song all day dolly who
Art Raleigh
who else got teary eyed with her entrance?
Betty Holloway
no matter the negative or the positive people says about Whiney, l will always love whitney, her voice was truly heaven sent. l can only imagine her in the heavenly choir, even more Beautiful..tears
Blü Melløw
Who else thinks she looks a little bit like Rihanna??🤔🤔
Bodicea 1
As always men ripped her off and never let her live. Woman don't survive the glory because they have to do it all. I think she was given to us because we have to continually learn to love women. But she like all the others was taken away because we don't allow women to be free even today. Maybe in the future...maybe not.
Calvin Moe
People think its easy to sing most people don't understand that if you don't take good care of the temple which is your body eventually your voice won't be at its best and it really take a toll on you when you get older Whitney Houston wasn't the only one who failed to hit a high note many singer have failed its just that Whitney was more popular and a great different tone and the way she can go very high then drop down to a low tone with little effort that's why she different but whitney couldn't live up to the standard that people put her on she even said so her self I'm not perfect but no one can read between the line we put a lot of pressure on her that she can make no mistakes like we alway expect 100 per cent or more in each concert the voice need lots of rest after all those show a true singer yes with a whole lot of pressure staying on top it began to take a toll on her marriage trying please everyone and to be herself she said she don't always ware dresses America expected to much from whitney Houston she said she was tired of being someone else unfortunately she turn to drugs to escape some person they wanted her to be she was tired of living a lie thats one of the reasons she wanted to show the world that i'm not some black Barbie doll you want me to be and to make things worse her own black people called her a trader because she sing songs white America can relate to she the second black celebrity who have crossed over to get black and white audience beside Michael Jackson
Carlos G
That's what drugs do to your voice! Her voice worsened dramatically in only 3 years because of drugs!
Carlos Henrique
Eu me recuso a acreditar que essa mulher, essa voz morreu... Alguém me diga que é mentira, que é só um pesadelo? 😞
David esteban Arango serrano
La mejor cantante del mundo i love you Whitney Houston
Divas Live
In my opinion, she is the only singer whom I knew who's not afraid to sing live despite her conditions. Her voice during this concert was sick and yet she pulled out a very good performances, her professionalism is so tough to match by any other artist just to give it back to her fans and audiences. They will not dare do live when they are at their worst. But not Whitney, they come to see and listen to her so she is giving it back.
Donna Louis
I will always love you,,,,the best voice on earth,
DrEvan Anatomist
God bless her soul
So sad she had throat problems these two nights. She was better in the rehearsal and she had some great concerts during her Pacific Rim Tour, although she also suffered from some throat problems there. The thing I love about Whitney is, she always found a way to make it work, such a brilliant artist. This performance is so different from the recording but it is brilliant, even though she wasn't in great vocal condition.
Never will be no one to be a.good she is.
Emmanuel Ricardo
eternamente minha Deusa,inesquecível........
FET Engineer
Don't forget y'all if it wasn't for her drug abuse problem she would STILL be here today... DRUGS KILL.
Foxy Brown
Gordon Andres
She's such a great singer even with her voice being gone and from overuse of crack she could still sing that song and pull through like a true legend and a great vocalist. Such a professional. She was Amazing.
Heide Voglis
Best black female singer EVER! Hands down! So she did drugs! That was HER battle..NOONE to judge. point a finger at her and you have 4 pointing back at you! She was amazing! Listen to her other songs! She was amazing! she had a bad night! It's called being IMPERFECT~ now she is singing with Jesus!
Helena Langa
Simply the best ever and ever and everrrrrrr
Hilda Castaneda
It has taken me time to hear and enjoy this song again without feeling sad about Whitney...we ask ourselves why she left us so soon...I will never say that she was weak ...on the contrary she was the most pationate woman! She just got tired of fighting with her demons. I wish that she could find the core of her anxiousness. RIP our beloved Whitney.
The best singers are:\n65% Dead\n25% Underrated\n10% Popular
Isaiah King
So sad...shortly before his was an incident that transpired between her and Bobby, on a yacht . Where her face got cut and she had to get an operation. Her mother said that she was still slightly nervous to perform afterward....specially since it made news all over the world. Her mother also said that she pretty much cried a lot back stage when this was over...thinking that she wasn't good enough and that the audience didn't like her. It didn't help that the media picked her apart after this...saying she sweated a lot...throwing hints that she may be using drugs.
Rest In Peace, I Will Always Love You.
Jacob Helms
If you guys read the book on Whitney by her mom Cissy Houston. It tells a lot of dark things that most people don't know. She sang the mess out of this song. Her mama also stated in the book that when your as famous as Whitney was, you have to keep your personal friendships very limited because people in this industry will do anything to make money, even if it means tearing someone down.
Jan Pohlodko
Amazing !!! Beautiful !!!! Perfect
Javaris Adderly
Actually her voice sounds the exact same if ya ask me, she was stated to had a cold on this night! Because the Tokyo Version was performed full out in the same year! She never lost her voice till 2004, but she Stop performing her songs the way she did in 1992 & in 1998 she stopped! I mean y'all people just need to be lucky y'all was able to see her & how could y'all compare her to then & now! I mean y'all should be lucky her voice was recorded for y'all to even hear it. Y'all sound ungrateful as heck \
John Campbell
whiteny ability to just take charge over a song with such poise elegance an class is just remarkable to watch .  love how she really just felt the crowd and ifted them with such smooth vocals and love all at the same time and ps cant nobody wear gowns like whitney such a beautiul and gifted woman
Jorge David Galeano Saavedra
I think it was a cold night, or a bad night, it was very hard to hold the falsetto, it happens sometimes to me when my voice is tired, or the weather is cold.
Jury Batalin
KJ Gordon
3:47 ahhhhh! She slid that note up into my soul, I feel violated and my wig is missing
Karl Q
Whitney Houston's voice was so legendary that on her worst day she sounds better than ANY artist today.\nLeave her alone.
Kenzie 610
This is beautiful
Kiss Kris
I can see through her ..she is not happy on the inside
:( It's all right. Still love you, Nippy.
Laryssa Noleto
Essa mulher é inesquecível, marcou a indústria fonográfica para sempre ❤
Letitbe1991 Letit
She still sounds good in this.... singing so long and with so much force and demand on her voice can also strain it. Happens to the greatest of all singers including whitney unfortunately:( look at Mariah Carey, her voice has gone down from over the years, it’s just happens, leave whitney alone!!! There has never been a vocalist in the world better than whitney!!!!!!!
Lindsay Khan
Like an angel walking thru the light, I'll always love you Whitney ❤ 😇
Man joggoh
it's 2017, still nobody can replaced Whitney Houston as a singer, The Great Voice of a Lifetime 😢😢😢\nI Will Always Love You ... 💖
Mandla Nyathi
The best voice ever.
Marco Murillo
I almost cried watching this. It was like listening to another version of Whitney that existed elsewhere. Where did that piercing velvety belts go, what happened to that rich falsetto? It's so sad to see her voice take such form. This wasn't her best but it was painful to watch her witness her own voice leaving her. She was battling the demons inside of her, and at the same time she was trying to keep hold of The Voice that once flew with her when she was young, and now it's trying to break free from her. So sad, rest in peace my love, Mrs. Houston.
Mart Diva1979
Mart diva1979
still brilliant
Martin Easter
Whitney Houston is truly Amazing she touched My Life with Her Voice and Music i Just Love her To the Moon and Back she is My Life i will Always Love You Whitney xxxxxxxx
Mike P
My Love is Your Love came out in 1998. Whitney's style of singing changed not necessarily her voice. Because she smoked cigarettes it affected her voice. It was not crack. It was the smoking. Even in the early 90's Whitney would get off Key but masterfully cover it up. I know because I used to smoke and smoking in general affects the voice. But Whitney also changed her music style also to a more churchy/Gospel sound. If she were alive today she would probably be singing Gospel. 
Miss Debra
No matter how many times I hear her sing this song, I am always left with awe. Her voice was truly a gift from God. Thank you for posting this.
Nancy Hart
what can you say? So very sad. A beautiful voice lost to this world.
Nayah Grant
whitney always sang live she didn't lip sync. and a true talent knows how to adjust her voice and make it work. the show will go on no matter if you are sick or not . a true diva doesn't want to disappoint her fans by cancelling the show. evidently she was well enough to perform. Whitney sounded beautiful. We love you Nippy! Noone can take away from you the abundance of success you had. the haters can't deny that.
Nuestro País
Orlando Parker Jr.
The Voice!!!
Paschal Oscar
So amazing...
Pat Hurd
Sing on in Heaven Whitney....We all Love an Miss You So Much, but Our Lord Loves You Much More....My My You are So Very Missed. I hear Your voice singing in My heart. The ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★★ has no Limits, and You are STAR.♥♥♥YOU
Patricia Duarte
Voz que enche meu coração de emoção! A melhor intérprete de todos os tempos! Eternamente apaixonada por essa mulher! ❤😪
Pearl Necklace
DRUGS!!!!!.\nI'm yet to see where she sung this live without making a fool of herself.
Petunia Petune
I think the point of the video was to show the drastic difference in her voice. The Bodyguard came out in 1992, which was the same year she married Bobby Brown. Then she gave her most flawless performance on stage at the 1994 Grammys (def. worth watching its on utube). By 1997, just five years after she married Bobby, her use of crack had damaged her vocal cords so much that she couldn't sing her hit song anymore. That's what you hear here.
Power Respect
The only thing Dolly was famous for was her fake boobs which are probably still perky while the rest of herself sags.
Rand 830
I remember when all the black women at school and church had this hair style :)  Hearing this song after baby girl has passed on... it holds so much meaning. 
Ok this is a great song and Whitney (R.I.P) was a sensational singer. But the WHOLE song is off key!! Noone else noticed?
Ricardo Janvier
I love this version. Only someone who knows heartbreak can sing it like that.
Robin Bunn
It's so sad that this beautiful and talented woman was so unhappy and insecure with herself that she needed drugs to fill the empty spaces. This video shows the effects on Whitney already. Her voice isn't what it was when she made the Bodyguard movie. Pattie LaBelle is much older than Whitney and her voice is still powerful; I've never heard any rumors about Pattie using drugs, smoking or even drinking to excess. It breaks my heart hearing this video. I wish she and her daughter had received the help they needed.
Robin Robertson
I can only tell you that Whitney is very much missed.  She was and still is my favorite female vocalist.  Josh Groban is my favorite male vocalist.  Whitney was special no matter how you look at her and her life.  Beauty,grace,talent,fun loving and mostly put God first in her life.  She had told all of the people she had her own demons to deal with on the drugs and she handled it by herself with nobody to blame but herself.  She openly admitted to that.  This to me takes more courage than most people have. I try to remember the good things people have to say and offer.  This country is negative enough,especially now!  RIP my dear angel.  You are loved forever and in my heart when I hear your music.
Ron Mattox
No singer in my lifetime has been given a greater voice than Whitney.
I have been searching my soul and mind for years now trying to figure out what is it that set the voice apart from all the other in the world and now I know.  Whitney Huston makes love to the songs she sings, she becomes the song itself and she becomes each and every word she sings.  She takes the words and wraps each one around our souls and spirit and makes us feel them in such a way we become the words and we actually live the words through the song.  Many sing the songs that Whitney sings and some do a really great job with them and their level of imitation of Whitney is often brilliant, but they can only imitate the effect of the song, but never truly make one live and breath the words of the song they way that Whitney did.  It seems that the great majority want to sing to be famous and make a lot of money, but after studying this woman she was pure art and pure music and would not have been able to keep her voice to herself.  She knew it was a gift given through her and not given to her.  Whitney loved her audience and it come across in the way she sings to the audience not just with her voice but with her eyes and body, but more importantly she used her soul and spirit to sing each word of every song.
Scott Earp
I love you Whitney, and I always will.
Soren Aleksander
Shush UP! The word HATER as opposed to LOVER and critic is utterly ridiculous! THE VOICE lost the voice and it was sad, and admit it. This is a pretty sad rendition, and all of us can hear it. The Jesus stuff came LATER when she knew it was something she could fall back on.
Stephen Keating
Sorry. Hot MESS. The beginning to the end. Watch her Grammys performance and tell me I'm a \
Tania Thomas
November 2017. Still loving and missing you Whitney!!!
Tasha Mack
God give us what we need not what we want!!! I am lucky to have been born knowing great performers like of course Whitney, Micheal, Prince, Aaliyah, Heavy D and many more !!! i would love for all this great talent to still be here but it was time for them to go home!!!
The Baking Room Art
I think she was really tired throughout this concert but she sang her ass off anyways love you forever whitney
Whitney is amazing, period. But in my opinion, Beyonce would do it better.
Tim Roberts
ouch! she's off-key in many spots.
Trevor Maywell
Such a shame you could tell her voice was on it's way out in the mid to late 90's - many reasons, but was the beginning of the end of the most amazing vocal ability this century :(
Tyler F
Not her best
Tyler Francis
You can tell her voice had changed and that she struggled through it. She sounds terrible compared to her past performances. But you can still she her talent
linda,maravilhosa,talentosa,grande mulher.uma simpatia de pessoa,como não amar esta mulher\
Now is this performance at the end or the beginning of this show?
It seems like she wasn’t even trying 😩 like how is a person’s voice is so clear while singing 🤦🏽\u200d♂️ I’m jealous!
I wish i was that sax player while Whitney was looking in admiration 5:22. Thats a story to hold onto for the rest of your life right there.
meilica ningsih
The voice of angel sing always stay in our heart n soul....never faded away....
sakiusa hannah naivua
i will always love Whitney Houston\n you the best and remain the best
scott price
We miss you Whitney .. you gave us so much
Sometimes, people get hoarse simply because it comes with the territory of having vocal cords.
She was having difficulty here but as always she made it work. She knows her voice so well that she can adjust it. This was very evident during her last years.
torslilbro valen
I love the song but what a horrible performance!! just sing the fucken song!!!
youssoupha fall
extraordinaire Pure Merveille beauté de sony rythmes voix renversante lady.repos en Paix
945.000 views? what a lost generation...
Света Светикова
Легенда уходящего 20 века!!! Я часто её слушаю. Она одна такая!!!