Boundin - Pixar Animated Short Film

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Boundin' is a 2003 Pixar computer-animated short film, which was shown in theaters before the feature-length film The Incredibles. The short is a musically narrated story about a dancing sheep, who loses his confidence after being sheared.In the not too distant past, a lamb lives in the desert plateau just below the snow line. He is proud of how bright and shiny his coat of wool is, so much so that it makes him want to dance, which in turn makes all the other creatures around him also want to dance. His life changes when one spring day he is captured, his wool shorn, and thrown back out onto the plateau all naked and pink. But a bounding jackalope who wanders by makes the lamb look at life a little differently in seeing that there is always something exciting in life to bound about. Written by Huggo

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Alex Bauer
the snake looks like arlo from the good dinosaur.
An Englishman In San Diego
Happy trails, Bud. (I don't know if it was intentional to have his commentary on top, but I appreciate it, thank you.)
Faing Flint
Where can I find this freaking song without edits???
IEF 1999
God Bless Bud Luckey. He will forever be missed. 😔✝️\n\nJuly 28, 1937-February 24, 2018
Juan Jose
RIP Bud Luckey :(
Laura C Frazier
But sheep don't have top teeth. Cute film.
Madcamp Recordings
And sad
Mari Gordon
This how my girl jump to conclusions
Mike Bloom
RIP Bud.
Mike Pawuk
RIP Bud and thank you.
Nathan Blalock
Am I the only one who believes that Pixar should screen “Boundin” before “Incredibles 2” instead of some new short, as a way to honor Bud Luckey’s memory?
Opungdoli Grandparent
Part 55
Speeds rules
Boundin is the only original Pixar short were the characters talk!
Tim Morrison
If only the title reflected that this was the commentary because it's a great one too for animators!
Unicorn Crybaby