Whitney Houston - I will always love you - Live @ 25 th Arista Anniversary Concert.

Whitney Houston performing " I will always love you" Live @ 25 th Arista Anniversary Concert."I Will Always Love You"If I Should stay I would only be in your way So I'll go But I know I'll think of you every step of the way And I... Will always Love you, oohh Will always Love you You My darling you Mmm-mm Bittersweet Memories That is all I'm taking with me So good-bye Please don't cry We both know I'm not what you You need And I... Will always love you I... Will always love you You, ooh [Instrumental / Sax solo]I hope life treats you kind And I hope you have all you've dreamed of And I wish you joy and happiness But above all this I wish you love And I... Will always love you I... Will always love you [Repeat]I, I will always love You.... You Darling I love you I'll always I'll always Love You.. Oooh Ooohhh

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This particular song from this night, was like, I still got it & I still do it My way however that may be. She brings it no matter what. Just thee best singer to ever share her gifts w/the world. Thank you Whitney E. Houston for all the hr.s of joy U have given me & 4 the sacrafices U made for it all. RIP Sweet Angel \u003c3NBL 
**Hollywood Fan**
So sad when I think that voice will never be heard again.Why she couldnt be with us forever?!
A. Strong
She sung the shyt out of that song. That howl to the moon note is breath taking. Then the end with all the technicalities vocally is just amazing. Mariah Carey does this as well, however not this effortlessly. No matter what is said about Whitney please judge her talents not her flaws. This is far from the traditional body guard version however this is amazing. What a Gift from God. Lord bless it. yes Jesus.
Abraham Jean
i realized, the worse she got, the more respect people felt for her. just saying
Adriana Monteiro
Alan Ruiz
At 1:19, it was really heaven. No one can ever sing like this. May you RIP Whitney.
Alberto Corales Santiago
That's a powerful and magnificent vocal performance. Only Whitney!! I miss you. RIP 
Ale Rosado
linda y hermosa canción por siempre
Alex Stewart
She performed with personality. Genuine. With inside voice. She definitely owned it! Beautiful.
Alexandre Oliveira
1:18 amazing the best
Artemis Raven
Only a true performer can rearrange their notes like this. Ms. Houston, Thank you for sharing your gifts with us.
Beautiful ......
Blessed64 S
The Vocals, Emotive Ability, Control of the band, Stage Presence, and the Flow of the music are ALL EXCEPTIONAL!!!! Great Performance!!\n#TheVoice
Bruce Solomon
The greatest torch singer bar none!
Carl Phillips
Incredible control and power. She was one of the greatest.
Carla Rossi
No one like you Whitney
Casper TFG
The was bad! just untouchable
Connie Matte
Yes Marian has a great voice also but hands down Whitney is number one with the voice
Cydnee Say
Hands down. Nobody from the past, present, or FUTURE will ever have the capability of touching this woman. It's just simply impossible. Haven't you ever noticed that people always use her songs for auditions because they're difficult to sing.
Daniel Ramirez
The world should have been kinder to this woman, who gave us the very best of what the human heart can vocalize.  Regardless of her struggles, voices age and, given time, can show a different beauty in the music.  Witness Aretha, and Patti, and Dionne. To the very end, she had that spark, and that amazing ability to interpret a lyric like no one else.  I wish HER joy, and happiness.
Danny Simion
She dug deep to get her voice out and she did wonderful in this rendition. Bittersweet indeed but her legacy still lives on regardless. :) This version has a more stripped down version of the popular standard version. More mature in my opinion and actually, my favorite one. Brings her down a notch to Earth to us. :)
this is the voice
Donavan Rashad
Love you forever, Whitney! ❤
Doug Felipe
Uma das melhores cantoras que o mundo já teve. Kirk Whalum, excelent sax.
Dude Mdna
Elene Kucia
wow - im 26....\nand i normaly totaly only hear electronic music...\nbut i love this... stunning.... wow!
Gayané A.
The one and only ! She's inspiration.
Grace Plopeni
she's so amazing talent that I ever known..
Loved every single second of this apart from the part Shitty Brown came on stage...
Hag Newton
Anyone who criticizes this talented lady is just insane. You need to understand that the voice changes.Granted that smoking,drinking,etc was involved; still yet she possessed more talent than most will ever experience. Even right up to the very end she could spank a lot of women musically.
Heart Breaker
The saxophone player was INCREDIBLE especially during the bridge OMG. Hit deep. I seriously want this version on Spotify or at least the instrumental with THIS saxophone version.
Ian Carl Atayan
No me canso de escucharle a esta mujer... #lavoz #thevoice... Única en su especie... La mejor.... Ni en la otra vida habrá una voz como la de ella.. Caso cerrado..
Isaiah King
Sad how people are pointing out in every video rather or not she is high or not??..been in ground for 2 years...and were still judging and ridiculing her..honest this may sound weird but I pray she's with God...much better than this place on earth (hell)....u guys are just the most self righteous people I've ever seen..who watches a video and ridicules it or judges it???...sad. Then people wonder why she stayed on drugs and was so paranoid and depressed towards the end
True thing.
Jason Trentini
such a talent!
Jho Balboa
Love youuuuuuuuuuu... I will always love, love youuuuuuu... you nailed it girl! Really fascinates me... And the vow... Very classic.
Judy Ashford
Love Whitney Houston so much
Junior OLiveira
I'm a huge Whitney fan, but I realized that between 1994 and 1995 has changed too, his voice lowered his appearance was tired, and she decided to stop recording, only toured, and was already clear that she was in decline! And in 1998 came the CD and was already another Whitney, in my opinion a lot of stress, fights, loneliness and of course Bobby Brown!
I'll always love you too Whitney...
Kashayla Ridley
Rip my love
Kristie Manning
its sad.
Kristine K
Fantastic voice , best trained voice youd ever hear
Larita Clay
she took that thing back to church smh Lord have mercy
Matt Thompson
I always wondered why she carried a towel when I used to watch her with my family. So sad that she was high all the time. She ruined herself so quickly. First album, second album..drugs. Done.
Michael Shaw
wow. there will simply never be another! and to think her voice was even more perfect when she recorded the song. Trust me every aspiring female vocalist, especially ones with powerful voices, will continue to look to Whitney as THE instrument to be measured by. Her talent at its best is sacred ground and will always be. period. Her rearrangement of the song here is a testament to her as a singer. For those who don't know, Whitney did the vocal arrangements for practically all of her songs - recorded and live. She was truly a gift. I still cringe when I see Bobby B in this vid though. I'm sorry Bobby. It is what it is.... Whitney you will be adored forever!! \u003c33
Miika Kousa
Best place for whitney is in our hearts!
Milagros Moreno Barreto
voglio convertirme en winny yustom per amore de mis amores
Not enjoyable. Whitney is high AF.
N. B.
No longer born, she is the Queen, God rest you Whitney Houston .
Nae Lester
everyone is so angry at her and blame her for taking drugs, because she was so talented so good and precious everybody is pissed and can't accept it that she's gone, but you need to respect her and enjoy what she gave us, the beautiful music that only she can make, rip Whitney I love you
Nandy Kiakanda
Nelson Villa
I like her original performance I feel this one doesn't show the true potential of her beautiful voice.
Nicolas Machado
What's the year?
Omayra Fontanez
Rip beautiful angel❤
Pamela Fonseca
única a melhor cantora do mundo
best version ever !!!!!!
Ronilo Chavez Jr.
sorry Mariah but Whitney is the ultimate voice!
Scott Price
You are a godess whitney
Sergio Mendes
I have this DVD ....#Arista25years #love #Ialwaysloveher #thebestvoiceoftheworld
Even when she was no longer at her \
Sir Aleyc Bryant
The saxophone is the part that takes me in. Kirk Whalin is cold
What a class act!
Tala Ahmed
you are legend dorlly no one camper whith you non
Toby Robertson
Plot twist: Bobby brings her out a line of coke to snort before the finale note.
Tấn Nguyễn
I love you
Vard Pavard
omg she already can't sing high notes at 2000\nbitter sweet drugs
Whitney Houston
HAPPY BIRTHDAY #1 DIVA Whitney Houston ❤️❤️ I will always LOVE YOU 🌹🌹 you are truly the 1 and only VOICE 😊😊
Yaya Yaya
Her profound ability to make the same song sound differently still amazes me. She never sang any of her songs the same way
Yujin Gascon
shes still the queen. . eventhough her voice is not at the perfect state here. . We Will Always Miss you Whitney
Zin Patrick Magalhães
Forever Whitney \n\nGo 2017
alina diaz
Hit that shit Whitney!!! May she rest in peace...
the best part of this performance is the saxophone solo
Already couldn't manage her voice properly
chuck rich
each live version she made it her own each time damn, whitney why did you leave us too soon sleep well
dija titisha
rip whitney :'( :'(
gotta love bobby  for the coke
giang nguyễn
The saxophone make me cry !!!
RIP. Queen of all divas. Thank you for setting the standard of music soo high. We will always love you whitney houston
guy mbe
withney forever.. who's watching? 2017
i finally found this clip! thanks!
that's what i call a 'shuv it up yours'. bless ya, dazzling DIVA.
she did ans still does give me goose bumps everytime I hear this song nobody has or will ever have a voice so powerful as hers I am glad I got the chance to hear it and continue to as well
marcio lopes de souza
1:20 que nota e essa ! Incrível
mariyah Davis
RIP whitney houston and her daughter make it better place
Whitney Houston ,Donna summer ,Elvis & Etta ! RIP best voices ever
That's the voice, the best voice ever, RIP baby Princess, we bloody miss you sooooooooo much, u're always in our hearts
Memories forever .I love you Whitney Houston..
soul ernest
Masterpiece, incredibly beautiful version, for me one of the best ones and pretty rare ones.So different to the Original....Love It
tamiko pedersen
this song got me thru some really hard times ty
Esta versión, esta hermosa, Descansa en paz mi ángel negro
youssoupha fall
Sublime beauté de merveille Plaisir de bonheur retrouver. respect
She sang not only in her voice but also in her body and soul. There will never be a diva like this again.