Deepwater [full movie] (2005)

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A surprisingly good thriller about raising an ostrich farm.

Deepwater 2005

Well written screenplay. I have seen many bombs on YouTube. This is NOT ONE.\n\nWhile the plot line develops slowly until the crescendo end it may well worth your time.
Al Sultan
Beyond all expectations. A good movie I must say
Amber Church
awesome movie... well worth watching 😍😉
Amirdumptrucker85 Amirdumptrucking85
great movie the ending was unexpected... :)
Angelinsydney Angelinsydney
Outstanding film. It is not predictable and no one could predict the twist in the end. Love Peter Coyote's acting in this film, although he acted very well in all of his films. Worth the time and it is a good upload.
Arturo Perez
this movie left me more confused then before i watch it
Belinda Vasquez
I really didn't see the ending coming. Really appreciate the suspense and surprise ending!
Bob Bob
Watch for spoilers guys sorry!!!
How do you raise a farm?
I just want to say to the people that are crying about the lighting, what the hell do you exspect they were in deep tunnels and they were trying to make it as true as the acual events plus they had no knowledge of what they were walking into. And for the people that said the woman shoud have STFU and that they wished she died, #1 that's just right out ignorant and cruel to even say, it speaks volumes on your humanity. #2 coming from experience you never know how your going to act when something like this happens ( your life being in someone elses hands that wants you dead ) and you can say you would have done this or that differently but until you are acually in a terrifying situation you don't know how your brain or body will process it. My heart goes out to the many people that have died and not just regarding this documentary but because of ignorance and the government holding back information to cover their own asses.. It's so sad that they would rather cover stuff up instead of cleaning up these issues and taking responsibility just so more people can die. Obviously I am using this documentary as one example but there are so many things that are covered up it makes me sick.
C_ Farther
Great job posting this video--real quality. I love watching the credits and music after a movie. Just terrific.
Colleen J
This turned out to be a good movie......beginning was a bit slow but it gets really interesting......ending is a real surprise.......thumbs up
D.S Reddy many twists...i enjoyed it..really a good movie just for fun not for emotional, bloodbath and action lovers..
Daniel Thaler
A movie about an ostrich farm that has Dee Snider in it. Hmmmmm. Destined for greatness.
David Copperfield-not the magician
Sometimes the plot progresses slow or things feel confusing...BUT hang in, watch it to the end. The ending will BLOW YOUR MIND!
David Curran
I lived in Oklahoma during the 1980's when raising ostrich and emu was big business until the market for them collapsed and the ranches closed down. Most people don't realize these birds are mean and very dangerous birds. I had one friend who was attacked and spurred by an emu, putting a deep nasty gashed in his leg. He was in the hospital for a week and couldn't work for a couple of months.
Deacon Verter
Good try at a plot twist. But it failed. Even the non-hallucinated interactions all pointed to conspiracy. What was that shit about \
Didyou Missme
Started off thinking this movie is pretty good; then it seemed to lose the plot, but Wow, I didn't see that coming.
Donna J
Really a good movie!! What ever happened to that guy-Nat???
Donna Walthall
Fantastic movie
Earl Guyton
The type mental disorder a person like that young guy would have is where anyone can draw them into an environment and as circumstances occur they do not know they have the option to simply opt out altogether.  This is actually a common disorder around many people.  They don't make their own decisions but rather allow others to absorb them into some life style.  At his age I wouldn't have been a part of any of that even from the first day
Elizabeth Green
wow! the mind is a terrible thing to waste...!
when he chin checked them.... that wasn't a 1st good movie this year.... thanks
Follow Jesus
*Repent the kingdom of God is at hand*
Future Moore
Not many movies hold my attention Thank You 😁
Herr Francois
People with schizo are scary
Holly Golightly
I will NEVER look at ostriches the same way! And i hope one in particular, NEVER gets out of that place at the end. EVER! Truly insane ostrich!!!! I know I'm gonna have nightmares tonight.
Jake Welsh
Strange but good .
James Avery
I really like this movie.I've watched it many times.A lot of us do not like the trash that Hollywood is putting out today,so speaking for myself,I search for the older movies.I think that the 90s was a good decade for movies.Thanks for posting this for us.
Jesse Baker
Nice upload. Gripping almost throughout, but a surprisingly disappointing ending. When the viewer finally gets the point, it's an anticlimax.
Jim Wilkes
bye bye. seen it before
John Anthony Fingleton
Free movies...if this is an example...keep them.
John Smith
Bartender at the beginning is Dee Snyder of Twisted Sister!
Just Strutton
Baby Birds Baby Birds  ba-ak-ak Baby Birds !!)\nJust Strutting on !!  I make a  good daddy  bak-ak !   
Ken W. Simpson
For a free movie this is good value. The late Peter Coyote is at his 'over the top' best in an intriguing and unusual thriller about a drifter who meets a casino owner, in sticks somewhere in the US. There is little that is predictable or pretentious in this well made drama of life on the run.
Kennedy K
Kristen Bell is so Gorgeous...would love to eat her up!
Klaus Cartesius
Sick story about a mentally ill kid who sees and imagines things, and then gets violent & returned to the asylum. Total waste of time.
Laura Shook
strange but a good movie.
Laura W
Nothing to do with an ostrich or ostrich farm. Good movie, thanks for posting!
Kristin Bell is the Nurse at the end with 2 word line. lol
Leopoldo Aborque
suspense thriller movie nice...
Leslie Marie
This is a very good it!
Linda Taghon
This is the same boy that played on the first X-Files movie, at the beginning of the movie, he fell through the ground and he found the Alien Skull!  He also plays on the New NY series on Fox? each week as an officer/investigator team.
MSE. Dzirasa
Ma Baker
Actually, a good film worth watching and not what you expect. Thanks for uploading xx
Mari Adkins
wow. this was awesome! thanks for the upload!
Michael Johnson
i loved Lucas Black as a kid when he played Caleb in American Gothic and also the young boy in Sling Blade.
Michael Pacyga
Great movie! I met a homeless guy in New York City who was telling people who was on his way out west to work on an ostrich farm as he shook his change cup. This movie reminded me of him. He kinda looked like Heath Ledger though. I wonder if he is a psycho killer with schizophrenia.......
Michaela Daase
This was filmed in my hometown
Mikko Rantataro
i dont see even 1 ostrich...
Ms Smith
Peter Coyote and Ryan Reynolds must be related because .........DAMN!!! ~ I usually have these things worked out halfway through the movie and then it's a total bore for 45 minutes. But not this one. It was almost over before I had it figured. Very good.
Narda Luijten
Good film, thank you for uploading.
Nesedy Yo
I love his accent
Nichola Woollard
A film about ostrich farming called Deepwater??? Wtf?
Nikola Tesla
Saw this move like 10 years ago late night on one of the movie channels, very good film and was pleased to accidentally run across it again.....
NuffCed Krama
Tokyo Drift homie...Nice Flick!!!\n\n~NuffCed~
Planet Monkey
Take a trip ... have a look at life from another angle ... movies take you away from your own reality into the imagination of another human mind.
Prasoon Sharma
The main character in the movie is a psycho. He is the culprit all the way but director is trying to create suspence by showing other people as killers or ghosts. Actually the lead guy is mentally unstable and sees things that are actually not there.
Richard V
Kid's a good actor.
S Martin
I knew something was weird about this, like the Blair Witch Project. It is a good movie with good audio and video.
Sayit AsItIs
It's a surprisingly good low budget film. Pretty decent acting and camera work - I'd like to see some more of this kind of work
Shamaica Snow
good movie love the twist
Sharon Lefebvre
I thought you guys said this was a good movie. Totally sucked!
At first, I started watching this movie fully expecting to see navy submarines and military sea battles, and the like. The movie title is why I thought it was a navy/ocean  genre. But there are no subs and sea battles in this movie.  However, for those who like a really good suspense, thriller,  drama flick, you need to check this out! The major twist comes at the end. Well worth watching to the end, to be sure!
Sorrana Farmer
OMG this was crazy but good😬
SuseJ Moore
In NorthPark, San Diego there was an ostrich farm, Ostrich's everywhere. There's even is a few statues dedicated to the ostriches.
Thirsty Tweaker
Just started watching... my initial thoughts are that crazy blonde guy looks like a live version of Bart Simpson.
Thomas Cervasio
Wow --- *EXCELLENT!!!* Thanks so *very* much for the upload!
Troy Bond
This is one of the best suspense thriller movies I've seen in a long while.
Holy shit great movie!
Victor R.
Not good not bad and  not sure how to feel about that.
Victoria McKee
I remember this kid in the X-Files movie
Ziggy Schumann
WTF.....What an excellent movie, kept my interest all the way through, very surprised by the ending....Peter Coyote never disappoints, all around well cast..........
angel Irene Crim
Thanks for sharing I LOVE anything with Lucas Black playing in it.
asha kadaba
i lovved this movie
Don't let the beginning fool you. This movie is a trip. Well worth the watch, especially because of the twist!!!
Had low expectations of this but turned out to be a great movie. Nice plot twist.
Heavy accent for a heavy movie...\n\nSecond time I've seen this and it's just as enjoyable...
dinah vaughn
Read some of these comments. I can respect everyone's opinions, even when I disagree. But what I wanna say is that for me, Idk where the hell I was in 2005 that I missed this movie! I LOVED THIS!! I seriously thought it was strange and crazy but that's what I loved about it! I especially loved the POV of this movie. The direction and the overall color use!! I love the sepia tone then the switches in color!!! That blew my mind!! These visual choices tell a story as much as action does. I love the twist at the end cause it was so unpredictable! I LOVE THAT!! \n\nMy absolute fave shot is 1:12:30!!! That flip shot is incredible!!! The film had beautiful Fincher-esque effects but with a suspenseful elegant purpose. Seriously, the shakey parts and all that, just absolutely love it! \n\nSo, love or hate the plot, the direction rules! I wish I had watched it when it came out! Glad I got to see it now. Whoever uploaded, THANKS! :)
I've always found ostriches terrifying.
evie indriyanthi
Good movies ..i like its ..bravo..bravo..
Kid from Sling Blade sure has grown up... :-)
holly weathers
I really enjoyed this movie.great twist towards the end!!
if there's a problem
Great film thanks.good plot twister......didn,t see that coming.
jenn faire
The lesson is never think of starting an ostrich farm or it will drive you mad.
kaxhi Danger
wastage of time movie
it's a movie that you watched for free. it wasn't great but not terrible but it was free for god sakes what is the matter with you entitled bunch of ppl. just say thank you and move on
Wow! Gotta love the script, though I suspected the twist pretty early on. The cast and direction are excellent. The technical work is great. Even the score adds throughout, without subtracting, ever. Popcorn, milkduds, AND juju bee worthy chunk of film craft! Thanks for sharing it with we the unwashed masses, lol
Good ending! He became an ostrich
may oconnell
that was simply brilliant, great in every way, I loved it.
michael roachford
very unpredictable but cool
pete longworth
I like the way you talk
rebel ram
scott FREE
*Nice to come across a good movie, and a YouTuber that knows how to post proper. Thanks for posting. Great job.*
Holy crap this movie was good.
a thriller......about an ostrich farm? Really?How in the HELL did you get a producer to listen to a pitch about a  THRILLER set in an OSTRICH FARM???!!!
Highly recommend this film. Has a great cast and a nice plot twist. Keeps you going through the entire movie. Thank you for uploading this.