How to Pack Efficiently: Packing Tips for Moving Abroad Part II

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www.viaYuri.comHow to Pack Efficiently: Packing Tips for Moving Abroad Part IIThis is Part II of How to Pack Efficiently for a Long Term Abroad. In the video I show how I put the 10 tips I shared in Part I to use. For a year abroad in South Korea, which has 4 seasons with a very cold winter, I bring everything I need in 2 checked bags, 1 carry on bag, and 1 personal item. Check out the Full Blog Post and Get the Free MOVING ABROAD CHECKLIST *some links may be an amazon affiliate link but all products mentioned (unless otherwise noted) are what I know and love:)

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Abegail Ramon
hi, i hope you'd still be able to read this. i know it's been a long time but can you still remember how much your checked in luggage weigh? those 2 bags combined. Thank you so much!
Alexa Torres
I love those bags you use ! I wish I could find some of those in Peru
You're stunning and informative ☺
Beauty News with Angela Cruz
Super good packing! I just got the OMG :)
Beth Derbyshire
Very informative but I don’t think you need that many shoes ha ha
Eva Simborg
I'm impressed. That's very smart use of space.
Lucky Uptown Chick
wouldn't the compression bags make the suitcases heavier if your packing more?  love the videos fyi
Payhole Everdouche
So I hear Korea gets very chilly in January. 😱😱😱
Sonia Avalos
Omg. That's a lot of shoes. 10 in one bag plus misc amounts in the other bags. Lol.
This is great but I think if you bring 1 very big luggage would be more convenient.
hemlata vashist
wow... truly impressed... smart packer....
Loved this!! 
kris Sharp
That is way too many shoes.
I really love your channel! I hope you continue making videos. You're my goals aha. :)
sneha Desai
how much did each bad weigh