Mason Ramsey - Famous [Lyric Video]

My first EP 'Famous' is out now! Listen here:

Famous Mason Ramsey Famous by Ma... Famous – Mason Ramsey Mason Ramsey - Famous Mason Ramsey Famous Walmart Yodeling Kid mason ramsey mason ramsey famous

Abang Lirik
*_What is guitar for?_*
Anesa Garcia
his voice 🙏❤️
Aranza Blanco Villa
Good job bubba!
Ashlyn Wallace
I wish I could make a song with you.
Beatriz Perreras
This is millie's fave song
Boring VidsYT
I typed it myself Don't get me wrong, it's pretty cool to be on TV\nSo all the folks back home can see me\nAnd that I'm livin' it out\nAll the things I used to dream about\nYeah, it's pretty great, the playin' on a stage\nProud 'cause there ain't an empty seat in the place\nBut, girl, ever since I met you\nI got a whole new perspective\n\nIf I'm gonna be famous for somethin'\nI wanna be famous for lovin' you\nIf I'm gonna be known around the world\nI wanna because of you, girl\nNothin' wrong with the center of attention\nLong as I'm with you, I don't mind the pictures\nIf I'm gonna be famous for somethin'\nGirl, I wanna be famous for lovin' you\nFamous for lovin' you\n\nYeah, I hope the first question people ask me\nIs \
Bricks' Video Game Channel
A meme became an amazing Musical artist. (Or something.)
When you are a city kid but you want to live the country life
Chad Illikainen
Anyone notice the difference between how he sings his \
Charles Gross
Can this play at my wedding?
He’s talking about lil tay
Chrono Vista
please be a goodboy, \nnot like JB ok.
DJฟิวส์_ Durm
Sound very 👍👍🎧🎤
Danika Lynn
2019 anyone??¿
Diya Patel
Did anyone else see that he is just holding the guitar and not really playing it if you agree
I like this song
Dynamite Play pixel gun 3D
Christmas is my birthday and thank you 🥳🥰
When memes turn into dreams
Emily zhang
Bro like this song is great but isn’t it to young for you to be singing about girls like I know a lot of men sing about girls but u are to young but good song anyways
Fresh Cut Watermelon
You clearly don’t love you Guitar
GG ✅
This meme went a little too far
When you memes him but he didn’t care and now his future will be 100x better than yours 😂😂
Giovanni Chavez
99.99% from memes. 01%actually enjoy it
****Sponsored by Walmart****
GreenAppleGamer -ROBLOX
He went from walmart to hollywood #memes2017
January 2018?
Hahaha 777
Love this song greetings from Philippines!
Hannah-Grace D
Please protect Mason Ramsey at all costs.
This kid is 11 right? And he famous? Congrats kid Congrats
Itzel Arana
My BF always tells me if im gonna be famous for something i want to be famous for loving you His name is Austin Rico and mine is Itzel Arana our ship name is Autzel
Jenni's life
To those of you that hit the unlike you have no life .
Jeriel Andrew Flor
i wonder what'll happen to him when puberty hits
Joe Spano
What in the hell did I just watch
Jordan Ugo
memes these days...
Joshua Madrigal
I can’t believe they let you sing at the Grand ole Opry hank Williams would be disappointed bad not country and distasteful
KooL AiDs
He all ready sold his soul😂
Lolislife 100
Anyone watching this again in 2018
LuckyGal 340
I just relised this was posted on my birthday... April 26 lol
Man he’s picking up all the elementary hoes he’s probably the coolest kid in his grade cuz he held a girls hand and made a song for her
He went from Walmart to Hollywood
Mahra Guynn
I love you mason if I’m famous for something I want a be famous because of you
Marcus Tube
Love this song
Mason Ramsey
My first EP 'Famous' is out now! Listen here:
Ménez 18
Not enough yodeling...
Nagisaw crown
I am French and I love this song
Nick Revard
I feel conflicted for this kid. I'm glad he's doing what he loves, but I really hope he isn't taken advantage of. He didn't even write this song, a bunch of opportunistic country stars did. Hopefully everything works out well for everyone involved, but I'm sceptical.
Nightcore Music
i like an accent like this
Ninja Alex
I love your song
Noah S
They were playing this on the radio and then I walked in Walmart and they were playing it in there
Not Frisk
He didnt even play the guitar the whole music
Oc Airsoft
Dudes 10 and he’s already figured out love. I’m 23 and can’t even do my taxes.
PK Subban
This song sounds really weird being sung by a ten year old. They should've wrote about things he could actually relate to.
Pointless Comment
In afew years hes gonna be naked on a wrecking ball
R.P Vids
He doesnt even use his guitar...
I LOVE IT 😘😘😘😘
Resta Aji
Indonesian 🇮🇩?!
Retro_ Extra_ Sweaty
U think u the stuff
Roblox Fan
Don’t judge a meme by its cover
he talking about lil tay
From Walmart to here 😂 I can’t
Sam Borg
Sergeant Howard
This Is My Favorite Song, Great Job Mason!
Shaunta Roush
You are awesome
Sophie P
He'S eLeVeN
Tayla Maybon
This kid already got more money then I’ll ever have
Teddy Baldassarre
Unlike all the other meme kids, this one is actually talented. I hope he keeps growing and can build a great career.
Legend has it the girl he’s singing about is Walmart
The Anime Box
Damn, he's actually good. Every now and then memes do something tangibly amazing.
The Gameing Theater
The world needs more people like mason\n\nEDIT: I'VE NEVER GOTTEN SO MANY LIKES!!! But seriously though KEEP IT UP MASON!!
Where is the voice cra- I MEAN YODELING! Hehehe...
Theo Wright
Funny how this kid come and started in a small Walmart in a small town and ended up a meme, singer, songwriter, and has a great voice. Be proud.
It's really weird that he's this young and singing a song that was probably written for a 20 year old. When I was 10 I wasn't thinking about being famous for loving someone around the world, wtf?
Timothy DeLaGhetto
This shit is FIRE!!!!
Todorok Kun
Travis M.
Trooper Sean
Ehhhh look at this dude hah no no no no no heh got him you shark head
Valerie Alfonso
*Is the girl me ;)*
Victoria Delaney
Why is this child singing about being in love with a woman, having a family & being together for years? \nIt’s stupid.
Who watching this in December 2018?
Vuthny Orn
Thanks Mason Ramsey for invite me.
Zeus Flores
As much as the media made him annoying at first, we have to acknowledge he’s just a kid trying to achieve his dreams. Now he’s having it, grasping that opportunity and look how he’s got so far, so proud of this kid!
I want be a meme D:
bayani bayani
From being the yodeling boy in Walmart, to turning into a FAMOUS boy everywhere😉😊❤
blaize conley
My question is why would someone ask a little kid how's the kids and hows the family? 😂 u ask adults with a family of his own. He must be getting a girl pregnant.
corey klapp
This is actually really good
diabolical fangirl fujoshi
he singing dis to lil Tay 😂😂😂😂
hisham zainudin
Beautiful song . Love from Malaysia
Forget the meme! This kid is truly gifted. Props to you kid 👏 Awesome work.
kate taylor-brennan
this song has NO BUSINESS going this hard
lalalal idk
I love u 😍
lilJuice box’s 11
Hairline left the server
rawr ecks dee
he went from singing in walmart to making his own song and im just sitting here and not doing anything but complain about how shitty my life is....
someting hot
*im so exited :)*
vytt 11
Who still watching this i love this
zpoc gt
Please make some more songs i love hearing you sing
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