Females Candy Teal Impala on 26" DUB Esinem SL Floaters Pt.1 - 1080p HD

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Female owned Kandy Teal Chevy Impala new school... Ryding DUB Esinems SL 26's. Interior fully did too! And the female driving it... O_O Whheeewww lol In Orlando for Florida Classic 2011.

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Alfred Baxter
them females look all right they not dimes they decent broads
Chad Lebre
Her fat ugly ass trying way too hard to look like minja!
Domo Fields
What did yall us to lift the cars up to fit the 6s
I get it, the wheels and tires are more valuable then the cars. *Unsubscribes*
where she get her grill with the emblem on it
yoooo thats a nigga name matt car from palm beach
VonDee Walker
Another basic as impala with big ass rims! Terrible lookin! Should have used that money to make herself look better lol.
alberto gorin
was this taken in summer or is t stil summer time ?
@JAGWAH66 Thanks for staying around! Haha
@koioo2 Nah, it was like 2 weeks ago in Florida, it just always looks & feels like summer down there. lol
fuk da car look at dat ass!!!!!
car is cold omg
is dat her n the dress?