Hunter x Hunter - 1999 - Episode 26 - English dub

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Had to upload the episodes for my beloved future wife to watch them with her bad internet .. no money or ads are made here ... :D support the series

1234 Queen
ugh beginner's luck yeah says all my friends -_-
Chairman said \
Alliandra Alert
Annesofie Pedersen
Gon is basiacly ash he just needs pikachu and ashes hat then there you have it ash LOL
Arjohn Reyes
26 na Tagalog palabas nmn oh Kung scu merun pls na
Bailey Franklin
Killua and gon should ditch every on there just slowing them down
Bicer's Reactions
Hunter G○N B€$T 😁😁😁😁😁
Bilkyss Mohamad
I hate those creepy faces
Brandon Elijah Hill
Dang! There's only 8 people left! How many people were there?
Chris Hamilton
crying 19:42
Crazy Day
at 18.08 is that a love confession killua
Dave Marl
Dragon King
He-soak-a gon till he was dripping
Fairy_Chan Magicals
Gabriel Raclea
cant get inaf of their faces whren they heard the word writen exam -rofl- 😂😂😂😂
General World
😂😂Haha Hisoka is funny!
No toppa,he actual failed walking away with his life damn what a guy lucky,will be seeing him next year :-) lol
Juuzou Suzuya
After seeing this... Come on tell me Killua and Gon have to be dating.
Kaitlyn Baek
8:10 is hilarious lol
Kanayo Imo
3:56 LMAO
Kapono Snyder
Look at the likes its 666 comfermed run
Katherine Carpenter
oh check it out pokkle's here. RIP pokkle,
Luis Enamorado Jr
Omg I thought they where saying crapika when they where saying krapika XD XD XD XD
Maverick Delikat
jee your sure talk alot for a ninja. lol best part of the episode.
Mei Misaki
My fav character is the squad and I mean kurapika, killua, gon and leo ummm. . . Leo. . . Something. . .
Mystery? 101
7:20-7:32 😂
Nicole Marin
Gon opened up to Kurapika and not his boy Killua! 🧐
Pie Nation
there faces when it came to the written test LMAO
Sobzz Sobzz
Gon is such a softy
Terminal Passage
I love how the pink haired examiner essentially wears lingerie then gets mad when someone sees her in a less revealing towel...
Victoria Mutesi
i laughed so hatd i couldn't breathe
AHHHHHHHHH *Horrible pedophile old man scream* Memories
la flame
Who realised tat the chef girl examiner died her hair red
What! Why didn't ponzu make it
melbert macayan
i think its a bout to finnish
othman tayach
at 8:19 Hisoka are you kidding?
stephen white
is it just me or does kurapika's name sound like crappy car? tell me if u hear that too
zangilou adam
lmaaooo Hisoka so funny 😂
שרה חלמסקי
not even one girl?it's so un fair.what were the writers thinking???