FIRST TIME WATCHING - Whitney Houston - I Will Always Love You LIVE 1999 Best Quality - REACTION

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#joeyreacts Whitney Houston Whitney Houston - I ... Whitney Houston - I Will Always Love You Whitney Houston - I Will Always Love You LIVE 1999 Best Quality

A great cover of a Dolly Parton song from 1973.
8:00-8:10 Joey's in love. Can't say I blame him, either.
How did I miss this? This is my fave Whitney performance 😍 QUEEN
Anake Hino
I really lile her simce i was small i would always sing along
Damn that man was annoying couldn’t enjoy Whitney, didn’t finish the video
Beverly McGrath
Wow. I grew up with Michael J. and Whitney H. and so many others. It makes me so sad when I hear their voices from another world because the way there lives ended so tragically. It hurts.
Whitney Houston! Whoo!
Bonnie Felis
Dolly Parton wrote this.
Boston Smalley
PLEASE CHECK OUT Whitney Houston \
Casper Myers
Whitney was one of the best vocalists are of our time. Hands down
Cathy K
A power ballad no doubt, but love the original by Dolly Parton who also wrote it. If you watch it, don't use the film clip, but one from her recent concert or from her show.
Charly Tate
Great choice, love your reaction. Misty eyed over here. Love your channel!
Christian Reyna
Janis Joplin -Piece of my heart\nAmazing singer in the 60's, she did Rock, Soul, and Blues. Unfortunately she passed away overdosing on heroin at the age of 27 back in 1970.
Connie Whittington
Live your reacts! Watching from Mississippi ✌️🇺🇸❤️
Just wanted to say that I'm glad my random youtube searches led me to your channel. Keep it up man, there is so much good music out there :)
D Williams
so true to hear...\
Dale Boxsell
One word Perfection.
Dalton v
This will sound funny....but listen to her sing the national anthem. I've never heard anybody that can compare
Dana Kelley
The first time I heard Whitney sing this song...I wept. It was so beautiful, as was she. And watching this again after many years, I got chills and tears. Sure do miss the great singers of days gone by.
Daniel Kunzmann
your weed must be good with your red eyes :)
Deanna Morford
John cougar mellencamp-Hurts so good or Pink houses,Awesome. Love ya joey
Deion Houston
This ain’t even Whitney at her best! That’s what’s crazy!!
The majority of great music ended when the 2000s started
Drew Mura
Whitney new was one of a kind non one else could do it like her ever! Not now or even then! We topped out with her, music has started at ground zero again!
Emily Harrell
Whitney's version of this song is beautiful and how it fit Bodyguard perfectly was amazing but I don't know I just grew up with this being Dolly's song.
Fay Goodwin
Love Run To You, Saving All My Love, I have Nothing, One Moment In Time, Greatest Love Of All, and Step By Step.
Green Hornet
I’m Finally early. Please listen to Journey whose crying now- the live version not the song. I really hope you see this, I’ve been a fan of yours for a while and I know you like to hear things you’ve never heard before. Please! So many people hate on me for being a Journey fan but they are so underrated. Steve Perry’s voice is gold. Please I hope you see this
Haley Brianne
Would love it if you reacted to Regine Velasquez's performance of What Kind of Fool Am I, she is wearing a red dress and sitting on the ground. She is considered Asia's songbird and has an unreal vocal range that seems to stump most vocal coaches who react to her. It gives me goosebumps everytime I hear it! Thank you and much love. 💖
HarleyAngelgrl Rachal
Dolly Patron wrote, and would perform this song at the end of each of her television variety show. Dolly always said that Whitney brought so much love, soul, spirit to the song... Which Dolly approved Whitney's using the song for her First movies tract... \
Jason Charles
So thats what love sounds like......
Jasper Renee
Whitney Houston is one of my all time favorites, I would have killed to see her and Freddie perform together!
Jezreil Leslie
Hey, Joey. Could you do \
Joakim Johansson
React to Life On Mars with David Bowie
Joey Da Prince
Watch my new music video “No Bad Vibes”🌼😁🦋🐝Link:
Jonathan A
I'm personally not a fan of this 99 performance. Her voice had changed too much by then. I like her 94 World Music Award performance the best.
Ah the human voice is just the best instrument
Karl Kessler
Her pipes and vibrato were amazing!
Katie M
Please react to Love Hurts by Nazareth. and Queen No one but you (Only the good die young). Also loads of other Queen songs to check out! Love your reactions.
Kerry Arbuckle
I get exactly what you are saying regarding not having a camera and just being in the moment. I went to see Michael Buble in concert I was filming it and taking pictures and afterwards I could hardly remember the concert. I felt like I had missed it because I was so focused on \
Kevin Klingman
Check the requests on your patreon brother. I left one under the community tab
Kevin Stern
Hey Joey, I love that you are listening to all types of music. Seeing your reaction to Queen is what I think brings us all together as human beings. I recommend you listen to the late Christina Grimmie. She died tragically, but I think her cover of Whitney is amazing. Thanks for considering, my brother
Kimya Norene
Thank you.. check out her Gospel you tubes.. “In Return”.. “This Day” and a “Quiet Place” .. “Revaluation is here “ .. she brought the lord to all genres
LaDonna Louise
why? because voices like these only come along incredibly rarely. you now need to watch Streisand. Please watch Streisand. don't caught get up in their lives. just listen to the voices, and Streisand and Whitney were the voices of our century.
Laura Elizabeth
Autotune ruined R and more whitneys
Lfc Rules
May I suggest you watch The Original Version of this song By Dolly Parton. Dolly Parton wrote the song in 1973 for her one-time partner (work, not romantic partner) and mentor Porter Wagoner, from whom she was separating professionally after a seven-year partnership. It is a very different song, much sweeter than Whitneys version, which has always struck me as a bit harsh sounding in comparison. (I'm probably going to get shit for saying that lol) Dolly also sang this song to Burt Reynolds at the end of the film 'The Best Little Whorehouse In Texas'.
Tina Turner - What's love got to do with it :)
Lisa Dannaker
Whitney was absolutely beautiful. Her voice was so pure and clear. Just beautiful.......
Maggie D
IMHO those they grew up singing in gospel choirs develop singing voices that know how to dig into the core of your body, grip your soul and make every nerve ending in your body feel. Those are the voices you want when you want to.....feel.
Marc T
Dude i LOVE your channel, def my fave man, could you please please react to Oasis - Champagne Supernova\u003e
Mark Anthony
You should take a look at Pentatonix
Mary Margaret Moore
Beautiful song written by Dolly Parton, a country singer.
Matthew Shimwell
bobby brown signed her death certificate the moment they met.
Meg Loves Music
React to 20th Century Boy by T. Rex please!!! Such a great band, and such a great song!!!😱🎶💕
Hey, how about reacting to Whitney Houston - Star Spangled Banner at the Super Bowl back in 1991? Epic, and sure to be popular amongst your fans.
Michael Riddick
You should check out the Josh Weathers live version. It’s totally different but it’s really emotional and beautiful.
Moneyandtime Freedom
How is it you never hear or see any of these videos?
Dolly write this and has 2 number 1 hits with this song, but she made 10 million just from royalties when Whitney sung this version. This shows how intelligent Dolly was, Elvis wanted to sing this song in the 70's but he wanted half ownership in the song that Dolly wrote and she said no thanks hound dog !! The reason she wrote the song was to tell Porter Waggoner she wanted to leave his show. Now she's worth 500 Million, Good decision, LOL.
Music Mogul
Musicmaker 4HIM
I’m a singer and when I was a teenager, I looked up to her and was inspired to continue singing. She is so anointed and talented. Great review friend!
Muskoka Mike
Dude, Whitney was a rare rare voice.....not many can even come close.....and this was long before auto tune bullshit....
Nerine Beaumont
Take a listen to Grace Jones - La Vie En Rose or Pull Up To The Bumper...
Nicholas W.
pure imagination by Barbra Streisand and Seth Macfarlane
Nicole Jessica
Gone too soon 😢❤️ RIP Diva
Nita B
Always love Dolly Parton for writing this....
Orenthal Simpson
Makes me want to do cocaine in a bathtub
Joey, could you react to Whitney's Star Spangled Banner at the Super Bowl, circa 1980s?! Best Anthem version ever. Hands down.
R&B is dead man, just ain't what it just used to be, specially from 80's 90's and early 2000's
Peggy Henderson
Joey have you ever listened to Josh Groban?
RIP Whitney ☹️ Voice was so beautiful and always hit ya soul (at least for me)
Rob K.
Hands down the greatest singer all time! Nobody comes close in my book.
Ryan Ferris
Modern famous R&b singers can’t sing like this!! Because proper talented musicians/ singers are to hard to work with and rarely get a look in, the music industry wants puppets musicians that say yes to everything and not volatile artists like James brown etc
Like so many celebrities, her ending was a tragic one. Her demise began the day she hooked up with Bobby Brown. RIP Whitney.
Sam Sol
Hey man, Artist : Kate Bush Song: Wuthering Hieghts .. then go to song : Child in His Eyes. She was discovered by Pink Floyd and is unbelievable.
StanleySimmons REACTIONS
And to think this was Whitney way out of her prime and on drugs but still better then 99% of singers today! It's crazy but for me it's kinda hard to watch this knowing how much more life she had to live and see her slowly decline in each performance till her death
Steven E. Godfrey
This was her crackhead Bobby Brown days and she was still pulling it off as a singer !
Sören Eriksson
You should react to David Bowie - Life on Mars
The Raven Crow
Janis Joplin ball and chain
Todd Hodges
She does a great job but this is actually a cover song originally done by Dolly Parton
Trevon Womack
First time listening to Whitney Houston sure...
Whitney Fan47
Whitney is amazing! She is missed! Her voice is just out of this world.
Yven Hess
Ahm... It isn't about rnb, it's about Whitney, this will never happen again
Zen Dragon
Yeah, man... people cant duplicate her.. well, that one 14 yr old on autralias got talent somehow channeled her.. but Whitney was one o the most powerful and controlled voices in music history... if not THE most.. certainly the one others are measured against
One of the greatest voices ever. \n\nYou've got one of the best channels going! Turning out content like a madman! \n\nCheck out \
Just so you know for those who don't anyway, this song was written by Dolly Pardon. Both versions are quite different and yet get the same gut reaction from me.
RIP Whitney. We will always love you.
crazy train
1991 Superbowl. National Anthem. No better.
Dolly Parton may have written this song, but Whitney owns it here! Dolly herself has said so in interviews.
I'd love for you to listen to/react to Welcome To The Black Parade by My Chemical Romance!
jerry butler
watch the original video, I dont care for all this improve distraction..............maybe she was wasted at this time......give it a try
liff pacalioga
linZy AZ
Whitney!! 😭😭😭😭 RIP Beautiful!!! 🌷💖
michael whitfield
Loved her in the movie the preachers wife. Her voice and character was angelic.
michael york
One of the few vocalists that make me cry every performance, Whitney's voice was singular in quality, The Lord wanted Her Back!
monique cater
She was the whole package. Beautiful Songbird 😞😭❤
Such a loss of true pure talent
super geeky
You are literally the only react channel I love! \u003c3 You reacting to these great classics makes me so happy!
Look at how Whitney had the audience in the palm of her hand. She knew how to seduce her crowd.