Rob Walsh - Revenge of the ninja (1983)

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Rob Walsh (born 1947) is an american composer and orchestrator who spent most of the 1980s working on various animated series, notably those produced by Marvel Productions. That is a music compilation from "Revenge of the ninja". Remarkable soundtrack.

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It sure would be awesome to have that as a ringtone.
Can you send me the Audio Clip from this
A Bourque
2:39 ...oh yeah...pure bliss :)
Aaron Hernandez
The great ninja sho kosugi in the80s supertrack and wonderfull movie.
Alex Naydenov
2:39 .... Mersi 
Andro Grigoryan
Who saw, he understand
Brad V
Where did you find this ?
Christian Landaeta Torres
Will this ever have a cd reissue? What's the other great Walsh score Varese released back in the '80s? Was it Young Warriors?
2:40 heaven!
I've been looking for this for decades ! Thanks so much !
my mom rented this film for me when i was 6...:)
Damn, ninjas were everywhere in the 80's and 90's!
Jack Sparrow
My childhood
John Gillis
This was a great movie.
Juha-Matti Hautala
Only a jackass wouldn't like this soundtrack piece and the film, for they go so well together\n
Kelvin Hyke Jr
one of the best songs
Lee Van Cleef
Best Soundtrack Ever ! Sans charre, hein ! Oh, je déconne, vous croyez ? Figurez-vous, mon petit monsieur, qu'il m'arrive de temps à autre d'être tout ce qu'il y a de sérieux. Comme ici. Ou pas ? Râââhh, le doute fouaille telle une serpe assombrie de vert-de-gris ma pauvre matière grise !
Lycan Seijin
It's ninjas wackin' mobsters. You really need more than that in an action movie? Come on. Whadya doin'?
Neil Wiger
Thanks for posting this... This is one of my all time favorite movies.... Sho will never be forgotten... \\m/LOKI STRIKE 4 LIFE\\m/
Nick Zagorov
It sure as hell was!
This movie was the reason i wanted to be a ninja when i was a child. And its still good for today. I've watched it recently. And that theme at theend of the movie is memorable.
First Real ninja movie i ever seen even though i had to sort of sneak in the theater because it was Rated and i was still a Kid and it was a very bloody awesome one
Stephanie Walsh
The newly remastered \
Braden is still one of the best villains of all time
Best Ninja Movie EVER made in the history of this universe world line timeline
adam brown
havent heard this for years, brilliant! revenge of the ninja was my favourite under the counter video if you know what i mean- i got to know the owner of the store really well and i would hire it out at least once a month,
IS this on a cd, like amazon
@jeffhiggs best ninja movie of all time. it is on dvd dont know about special features and stuff but u can get it on ebay and amazon.
I liked hearing as Ninja 3 The Domination opened
Thank you i love this movie and this music!!!!
anyone know where i can download the soundtrack from? this is unavailable on both amazon and ebay. :(
@SPICAROON it's on the american ninja soundtrack
i still have the VHS tape laying somewhere around, watched the movie +10 times sound is indeed INCREDIBLE
the sound is incredible.
When I was a kid running around in the woods, this was the soundtrack in my head. I even convinced my parents that I NEEDED a pair of Tabi boots (like ninja's wear). I wore those till I could barely fit my feet in them!
hi,is the soundtrack worth getting overall? im thinking of getting it
josh snyder
OWN - Obsession With NinjaZ\nHad it, Got it, Can't cell tha stuff with somebody elsez obsessionz
lamont-james escoe
best movie ever
It's a freakin ninja movie, of course it's cheesy .. still holds up for me.
Thank you ! Best Ninja movies sound!
Does anyone know what kind of synth(s) Rob isusing for this soundtrack?\nThat dulcimer like sound that peppers throughout the first half of the film, pretty dope as well as all the crazy, lush pads he lays down. SICK!
Sho Kosugi, my favorite Ninja, he did motion capture for some of the early Tenchu games, and my step Dad met him through a friend back in the 80's
2:38 best part
Fantastic. I've never heard the soundtrack on its own before, and listening to it immediately makes me think of leaping black figures and flashing swords. Excellent.
alot of these song were in a movie called \
I don't care what anyone says about Golan Globus and Cannon Films. To me, besides Enter the Ninja, \
Great post ~
steve w
OMG where is this from,?
То что мне нравиться
2:40 klass!!!!!
אולימפוס the great
wow no words .. what amemories great movie fanatic stuff ..