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Alberto Baglietto
British made??? as far as i know they've always built'em in Pontedera, Tuscany. it is possible though the Britons assembled (and not 'make') their own.
Angus Fraser
@jebswallower I know that there are Piaggio manufacturing plants abroad, but I don't know if there are any in the UK
Bepo matić
@helitav and in india!
Chiara Di Lorenzo
the vespa is the best scooter in the world...viva la vespa, viva il signor piaggio, e viva l'italia
Crocodile Jock
being that they were so popular in Britian, they could have easily has a factory there.. Like Honda having factories in the US..
Me too- But I prefer my Lambrettas all day every day.
Daniele Parissi
Davi T
Those are Douglas' made Vespas, and they were actually made in England under license. Not just assembled. The idea was that douglas would reach the markets not only of Great Britain, but all around the Common Wealth... which never happened.
Dj Kad
@patramage put on pause this movie @0:56 Are you able to see the symbol \
Florian Perner
But I already got a Vespa!
H Sam
What the hell kind of an accent is that?
I Boyd
vespas were built in britain,by a company called douglas in bristol,oh yeh and it was the brits that made them cool(the italians just used them for carting stuff around etc),where have nearly all the youth/fashion/music movements always originated in britain,rockers,mods,skinheads,punks,scooterboys,casuals,acid house/club culture etc etc!!!!!
KK Akuoku
That 'Go Vespa!' cry at the end of the 1st ad never fails to make my insides tingle with joy
Numanoid Jeff
scooters suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Vespa is the best because Italians are the best
search for 'veteran vespa club' and read the true history of the brit made vespas before you go and say that they were all made in italy as they werent. Douglas were a motorbike company going bust and took on the license for making vespas in the UK. SO, there were UK built vespas. carry on...
SPGhetti Monster
vespas are italian made but they were just for carting wine and chickens.. the brits made them fashionable
and so do you, when you spend time with your dad.
William Cantrell
I just bought a 1980 Vespa P125X and I can tell you that I have the utmost confidence in it. The trick to being safe is really how you ride, what you wear and the size of your bike. Vespa P series are really good first bikes. They go from a 125cc engine to 200ccs.
Viva la vespa!!!
happy family
Guapisimo..una pasada.
Betta getta Lambretta!
what year was this video from?
reg barnes
Love my Vespa. like totally.
the italian products are the better!!!viva la vespa!!
it's british made? i thought they were all shipped out of italy or india back in the 50s and 60s.
grande vespa
donde estan esas chicas en vespa?