Pixar Short Films #5 Knick Knack 1989

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Pixar: Short Films English is HERE - The DVD also includes Pixar's four rarely seen Luxo Jr. shorts produced for Sesame Street: "Surprise", "Light and Heavy", "Up and Down" and "Front and Back".

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Alejandro Fuentes
fua que nostalgia
Alex Ortiz
because of glass
Alexis García
Does anybody know what type, or genre is the music?
Alicia Guess
Amber Allean
The nostalgia I get from watching this
Aneesia Seutter
i LOVE pixar!
Ashley Rodriguez
What's sad is that the Snowman still ends up in the snow globe but then again it's also funny.😂😂🤣🤣
Avery Munroe
Baffle Blend
The primitive animation scared the hell out of me as a kid when this showed before Finding Nemo.\nHonestly, it's still a tad unsettling now.
Ben O'Connor
Definitely my favourite anime! Such amazing character development topped off with brilliant musical accompanyment!
Bethany Butler
This is so very very funny even my friends agreed with me.
Billy Johnson
The movie is funny
Breonna Anderson
oh my..my childhood literally flashed before my eyes
Ok randomly watching Pixar and this and bringing back memories☺️☺️😞😭 I was a weird kid!!
Brooklyn Parker
everyone is like what in the hell are you doing man
Calhoun Howler
It's weird people say they either loved it or were steered away from it due to the animation style, I personally love how outdated the animation is, everything is smooth besides the occasional bumps(on the cactus) or grooves(the snowman) and I like that about it, I've always preferred older animation to new animation. Don't get me wrong I love the movies that come out today but I miss Disneys 2D movies and the early CGI(MS Dos games). Movies like WALL-E could not be animated any other way and give the same effect but some movies now, while I love them, like to really use heavy visuals since well now they can do it but early animation shows you can make something that people love and make it very simple
CandyLover 7
A mí no me hahan pendejo, originalmente la monita tenía unas tetas descomunales \u003e:c
Cassie Martinage
it is relly funny
Claire Smith
Did he seriously not see the door on the floor
Cooper Schindler
what? the pixar short flims did not came out in 1988
Crazy Amy
Omg i love this its my childhood
Not a fan of knick knack
Daniel Boyle
I love this short I did not know it was from the 80s 😍😍😍
This reminds me of ps1,sega saturn and n64 game cutscenes.
I was hoping to hear a singing guy in the end saying Blah Blah Blah Blah xD
Donna Sweeten
Lol this is so cute
It's amazing that this animation is over 35 years old. It still looks decent today
Eileen Verduzco
Oml i remember this
Aaaaw I remember watching this in my tia's house when I was little ...I think this might had been the first short I had ever seen and I was so into it
Esly Miranda
He could never be with his love 😥
NEMO \u003e-\u003c
Wow... this was made in 1989.
Gabrielis Rivera
This music is weird especially w those human voices lmfao i always thought that
Gamer Addy 99
This is a classic!
Gustavo Perez
that was before toy Story
Hikaru Studios
Seeing this as a child, this creeped me out with the visuals and music/audiio. And I still have the feeling of unease.
My fav one
I remember in the original version the blonde's breasts were HUGE. Then in the remake they're so small :P
This is on Nemo
Jada Crossgrove
Its been forever since I've seem this short film
James Viveros
I did not realize it s from the year 1989!! It looked barely new when I saw Finding Nemo in exclusive Pixar s bonus short! OMG
Jean Schwambach
My favorite Pixar Short.
Jeffrey Fryar
Takes me back to the good old days. I used to love this short film.
Katwai Attack
Kayla Tran
I loved watching this so much when I was little. The animation now is much more realistic and crap but I still loved this one. I always will and it also kinda reminds me of Microsoft for some reason?? I would also watch the old man playing chess by himself;)
Leeanna Jo
Let Me Be Local
Aw! Love this one!
Luisa Regalado
one of my all time favorite short films x) :'3
Many memories❤❤
MahaerHD - Memes and Youtube Poops!
Why is this before toy story instead of finding nemo in Indian subcontinent?
Mary jaimie
What is the scrap
Matt Magee
what's the name of the tune
Michael McGinley
my has animation come a long way
Midnight Mikey
this takes me back when I was 4 or 3 years old I used to get scared of this film for some reason, when I watched finding nemo my parents told me I hardly blinked during the whole movie so that means I haven't blinked for almost 2 hours and a half
Milo Simpson
Anyone see the original unedited version?
Nathan Lee
1989? what the, what the, what the!?
Nintega Dario
Dang, I remember watching this on the Pixar Collection on VHS as a kid, this is my favorite out of all of the early animations.
No Body
Nur Airin 6769
i watch this cartoon in 7 years old
Peri Walker ღ
This is my most favorite short, ever. xD
Phap Ho
Piper Lopez
I remember watching this as a kid and it gave me nightmares
Randi Aurusagi
I remember this short. Its been years since I've last saw this, i think it was on 2006 or 2007 when I was 3 or 4.
Rogelio Tellez
the credits always kill me
Saskia Donald
Scott McDowell
Taken From Finding Nemo\n2003 VHS & DVD
That girl got some *T H I C C* legs!
Selena Bryant
This was short for finding nemo.
Shannon BRuning
I love that it is so cute and sad
I remember when I first heard Never Enough by 1d it reminded me of this short because of the music, me and my sister both agree lol
Soso & Yoyo
die sind so geil
Lol I remember this when I was younger
Taustesblock M
Do someone know the name of the song?
Is no one gonna mention how funky that Knick-Knack music is—
Thatbluedemon 186
Seeing this and watching Pixar films now, it shows how much they have improved they're animation and art style over the years.
Thomas Myatt
one question where is the snowman getting all that stuff?
Thomas Nativo
Knick Knack
Tyler Buck
That's just the 2003 Pixar Short right before Finding Nemo
Uraq Hunt
Holy nostalgia !!!!!!!!
I used to love this short when I was young the music is weird but its funny
Yalek W
the only music that can contain human voices.
Yesenia The Hedgehog
Love it!
This is from 1989?! No way!!!
for me this always came before finding nemo
haha lame
Saw it in theaters with finding Nemo when I was 5.
kaosu faceman
lindsey paputa
Snowman \
This is for Finding Nemo
pedro Gomez
Its very good!!
r ray
this brings back memories
s feagin
my fav. pixar shorties😄
Not the original from 89. This one came from Nemo DVD as stated below. The original can be found, I believe, only on VHS. In the original the women from Miami and Atlantis have massively over sized breast. I believe that was considered inappropriate for children. (true) but it is awfully funny.