0. Packing Your Life Away in 2 Suitcases | Shanghai Study Abroad Diaries

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I hope this was somewhat helpful for those of you attempting to tackle this monstrosity and/or not too boring :) Also I'm leaving for the airport in four hours so idk how this is going to work out ahahaha.

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Hello! I'm studying abroad in Shanghai this semester too! I'll be in Fudan University (:
Anurag Pareek
That was quite dope editing girl ........very good and thanks for helping
Ashley Hall
This was very helpful! I am actually studying in Shanghai too, but in the fall! I can't wait to hear all your tips and tricks so that my semester away run smoothly! Also I will be in NYC this summer - are you going to be having any YouTuber meetups?! \u003c3
Desiree Thornton
btw cool video
Greta Goodworth
Your eyes are so pretty!
JR Alli
i love this so much, i want to travel abroad on my second year of uni! im going to uni next year so this is awesome! im totally looking forward to seeing your adventures in China!! keep up the awesome videos :) I make short films, recently i made one about finding your passion in life and explored my city at night, it would mean alot if you checked it out, cheers! :)
Jessie BossMan
You so cute
You spending 4 months try 11-13 months 😑😑😑😑
question: were you allowed to bring all those liquids onto the plane?
Kaylin Gonzalez
where did you get your backpack ?
Kumudni S
Impressed with packing and some video tricks! Looking forward to see more vlogs!
Lamma Al-B.
You need to put that liquid crap in the shoe box in ziplock bags. Liquids are notorious for exploding in the air.
Lucky Charm
How long did you packing?
Maryam Khamisha
How did this work for you and what were the things you wish you had/hadn't brought? I'm heading to Hong Kong for the fall and I have no idea how much to pack.
Nathaniel Poblete
u should've packed ur teavana thermos -elaine
Sarah R
I love how you edited the clothes to lift out of the suitcase :D
Shannon Brown
Ahh love this video!! I packed in one suit case and it was difficult but luckily it worked out!
Sharmishtha Samal
Aren’t liquids not allowed in flights?
Hey so I know this is an old vid but I was wondering where the little bag that you put your passport and the money in is from? :)
Tori T
I love the backwards jump of the clothing.
I’m about to move to Minnesota from Oklahoma via plane, using only two suitcases. I’m scared 😂😂
Hi! I'm really excited to see how your study abroad goes, I'm going to China in a few months (but only for a few weeks) but this is super helpful! I'm already stressing about packing, haha.
Loved this video! Only thing is I feel like you could've pack all of that into one suitcase! Haha, but maybe I've just watched too many packing videos.
cool! murakami is my fave author too ^^
I hope you didn't really forget underwear, socks, and pajamas.
shubha jaggi
Photoframes n books? Jus curious. Well edited and packed... Thanks
suraj bacha
omg no thooth brush
tatiana may
this was literally such a helpful video!
vianey lopez
Hi :) i am actually going abroad to Shanghai on february. Should i take a lot of warm clothing?