REVENGE OF THE NINJA - (1983) Trailer

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Cannon Films are back promoting the 80's ninja fad with this sequel to the Franco Nero-starring "Enter The Ninja"This sequel sees Sho Kosugi and his real-life son Kane team up to take down an army of gangsters. Features "ninja skills" that have to be seen to be believed.

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One of the greatest ninja movies of all time hands down. definitely my favorite
Alden R. Davis
Only a ninja can kill an another ninja.
Antonio De Simone
Never saw this trailer. Awsome like everything about this movie 😄
Bruce Lee
That’s one cracker ass native 😂 (0:31)
Occams electric toothbrush
Only a ninjas can kill a ninja.\n\nI'd like the embroidered in my underwear.
Yeo Edwin
Hopefully this movie available in Netflix.
Just finished watching. I've seen worse