For The Birds (1080p) (Pixar Short Films)

For The Birds (1080p) (Pixar Short Films)(2001)

This cartoon clearly displays how MOB RULE works and also the eventual fate of the humans who attack others in parrot fashion
Aeden Sheila
Alberto Vargas Jr
the short film is From monsters inc. (2002)
Alpha Maia
Now who gets the last laugh? ME! Because I love this short
Anthony Miller
1:02 Imitating honks
Austin Stout
This really takes me back to watching it on VHS
a school has wached this no joke
BOMBER Graffiti Street Art Urban Art
Legendary. Great plot, great soundart.
Barb Martinez
Batara Siagian
Excellent in many ways. Very, very well done :)
As a 22 year old, I still find this hilarious.
Bradley Last Name is Blank
Why didn't they just fly off before they pecked away the last toe?
Brenholly lol
Monsters inc would play after this
Bulbasaur Life
*T H E B I R B S*
CATwoman 1
He who laughs last, laughs the loudest.
Caleb TheRubyMinecart// CalebTRM
My childhood memory
Rude small birds, they clearly have no life
Celeste Manzanarez
Sometimes I feel like the big bird \n:\\
Clever Nickname
Oh my god I just realized the birds are voiced with squeaky toys
Command Jam99475
Why do people dislike this is so funny 😂😂😂😂
This Pixar Short is from one of My BEST Disney Pixar Movies EVER! Monster Inc \u003c3 I LOVE Monsrer Inc SO MUCH \u003c3 NOSTALGIA \u003c3 I miss to be Child \u003c3
Dallas Cariño
He kind of looks like Kevin but less rainbow-y and smaller. And can fly
Dj Tribalwolf
That is a form of bullying and those birds deserved what happened to them
Dreadly Me
I really hate to say this, but that enormous bird is my cartoon duplicate!!
100% the original
Ella19 17
Angry Birds
Food Is Life
I will watch it with my cat, so cool.^^
Framed WOLF
Who else came her for homework.....
When you fumble around on monsters inc. and find this as a kid.
Childhood. So classic I love it 😌
Hugo Ruiz
This is how twitter was made
Ivy ml
What goes around comes around
the bird reminds me of big bird from sesame Street
Jacob Johnson TV Tokyo VeggieTales 1992 - 2017
Also a Cameo in Knick knack
James Landon
The original \
James Vincent Camagong
Also a cameo in CARS
Jane Capstick
We did a play of this I was big bird payback
Jaquan Mcgibboney
I miss watching these shorts
Javier Luna
I just love Big Birds Happy-Go-Lucky attitude.
Jennifer Schillig
02:14: \
Jeremy Nolen
If you pay attention, the birds later make a cameo in Cars
Jose Delgado
Teacher made da class watch this.
Kate WolfLady
Aww this is from my childhood
Lexi Allen
I remember this was apart of \
2:21 its funny when they all go crazy
Mainu Das
So Good sort funny😹😹😹😹🙌🙌🙌🙌
Maria Gavidu
The Big Bird is my teacher😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Matt's Nightmare
This is my all time favorite Pixar short
Mauritian Guy
Meh Person
I watched this at school same with ormie the pig
Mr Supreme
Love the message this gave.\nAll the normal birds made fun of and picked on the friendly weird bird, and it bit them in the ass
Omli Noone
The big bird: oh god 3:25
Pet Preston
Instant karma
They had to work on feather textures.
A esos pajaritos o pollos me los como bien horniados y q sepa mas sabroso 😏😋
Well lets name them ok commen to me their name i name tge big one and ill name it lord fartys
Rach H
This used to be my favorite part of the Monsters Inc DVD, I thought the smaller birds were the cutest little things ever. I watched this short more often than Monsters Inc lol.
Ravi Nuthi
Short film is nice and funny 😋😎😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Riley Andersen
The Emperor's New Groove 2000\nMonsters Inc 2001
Ryan Garner
well this could bring back more memories
Sara Garcia
And then Monsters Inc would play!!!!
Sarcasm Studios
Every middle school during lunch: The birds are a bunch of bullies, the big one is the socially awkward one. They start picking on him, but try to stop when a teacher comes in. Then the person being bullied is laughing when they get in trouble.
Scenario the Hedgehog
Love this so much, especially the adorable squeezes.
Scott Murphy
0:43 - it's like he's saying \
Shaney Zamora
This short never failed to make me laugh.
Shawn Keo
can someone please make subtitiles for this
Sierra Holt
when i first saw this it had me screaming lauging and idk why
Sleepy Toonzz
Finally the short film that has the right music THANK UU
Why can't we have a species of bird that makes those noises
The Phantom of The Opera Populaire
These birds get triggered too easily.
This scene was in the movie Cars for a split second in life is a highway scene you guy will see it it’s actually pretty cool
2:53 look at midden bird and when he jumped then what happened to it?
Toastisyumaf Second
Instant karma
Triona Byrne
1:41 they're so cute!
Ultra instinct Boi
I remember watching this
Venkatesh Venkatesh
Excellent team work wish you enjoy your healthy hard work...!
Before Monsters inc. ahh the good ol’ child years !
Xandra Nicholai
Too cute! \u003c3
Xtremer Believer
My childhood in one video brings back so many memory's
Yeetus Yeetus
This was literally the highlight of my plain ride years ago. Is it just me????
These cute birds are actually seen for a split second in the Cars movie during the \
Oh i loved this when i was a child
wow those birds were kinda racist
christina berk
when I'm trying to get in the popular group at school
double ayyee
I remember this one growing up as a child omg. I think this was on Monsters Inc. lol I forgot how these appeared to work but I loved these so much!
100% nostalgia right here!
Ahh yes, the finest short I've seen, even for my mother!
All of those tiny birds sound like a dogs squiky toy (Hee hee I can't spell and it's actually really funny!!)
philemon joohan kim
the bullys are bullied
ragdoll productions remakers / emiliano Herrera
Monsters Inc film is 2001
This was the first Pixar production I ever saw and I have been insanely jealous of the Pixar animators ever since.
siful islam
me being the freakishly tall one like 0:52
This was the original Pixar short that held the title for Best Animated Short at the Oscars. It has since now been handed to another bird-related Pixar short known as \
The best short in my opinion, it was certainly my favorite growing up.
so cute
ηιмισυѕ ηιησ
I find this short to be adorable and funny at the same. The mini birds squeaking is an adorable noise, and the big birds noise is just like someone who lost their voice. I just love this short. Makes me feel young.
Nostalgia :\