Revenge of the Ninja (1983) in 4 minutes

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For more: Highlights from Revenge of the Ninja starring Shô Kosugi, Arthur Roberts, Kane Kosugi, Keith Vitali, Grace Oshita, Ashley Ferrare.

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@GodIsACosmicAsshole man, this is back int eh early early 80's when producers and screenwriters were getting stoned. The Mpaa was still in its infancy and almost anyting could get inteo the theater.
The little boy kicks Ashley's ass lol :P. I wana fuck her for her workout
Aleksi Saloff
my very first video movie seen in my brothers flat on the first Soviet videorecorder!!!!!
Anitha Inakanyambo
I like ninja's and I want to be a ninja😎😮😒😡🙏
Bac Ben
Beyond Limitations Videoproduktion
Ain't nobody got time for 90 minutes of Ninja Cheese???
Billy B
Holy shit what cheese dick. But it was cool back in the day lol
3:39  Only a ninja can blow a buttload of goddamned _caltrops_ out of his mouth without shredding the hell out of his own lips.  Or tongue.  Or the insides of his cheeks.  Or _every other_ part of his mouth.\n\n(Yeah, I _was_ going to comment on Ninja Granny, Shuriken Bum, \
Bob James
File this film under comedy!
I remember watching this as a child and even as a child who didn't know any better about most things, I still realized back then that everything in this film was cheesy, lol.
Charlesworth Gomes
So that's a good martial arts movies, and that's great for do special moves. :-)
Crockett Dunn
Jackie Chan looks so young here
donde bajo esta peli que de niño me gustaba chingos jajaja :)
[email protected] little kid vs woman fight scene
Dia Mortensen
Loved this movie when I saw it back in the 80's.  Looking at it now it's laughably bad.  If you want worse than this, see Samurai Assassin.
My mo let me watch this when i was 5... what an awesome film
0:44 looks like a porn intro
This editing made the film more coherent.
I thought that part with her riding the kid like a rhinestone cowgirl was a little extreme but when she started pickin her teeth with his little wee wee It just made me a little uncomfortable.
Gavin Ramilo
Why is it a little man with white ninja clothes?
this movie rocks :D brings back good old memories... and shit.. ashley ferrare is hot!!
epic vid and an epic film
3:42 for nipples. They must have specified that she must show both her boobs looking at the way she moves aside the cloth in her hand and dialing ever so slowly in front of the little boy.. wow.
James Justice
How corny! I've lived in Japan for for 7 years now. If only ninja were as kool as they are in Hollyweird. Just goes to show how ignorant people are. If you only knew what they really wore you would totally lose interest. They sure in the hell didn't wear the kool costume like Kosugi. What he wears is revolutionary compared to ninja of old. It was nice how they added Tendai buddhist prayer (hand signals) to make the ninja more mysterious as if casting spells.
Jeremy Tenorio
Oh shit! It was the guy from the beginning!
Josias Cerimarco
the little asian guy whit Lacoste is great.
Dude! I had that huffy BMX  @ 0:15 back when I was a kid. The 80's rocked.
Kent Peterson
it was funny watching that lady fight that boy in 3:00.\n
Loved this movie. 
Liberty or Death 1776
All traditional ninja armor has an undercoating of ketchup packets. This is an ancient Japanese secret passed down only to the most skilled ninjas.
Luigi Battista
@SomeWhereInTheSouth You are a poet my brother.
Marcos José
3:48  I love.
Masculine Buddha
@ 3:50 it looks as if little Kane is a lot better behaved after spending some time in the hot tub with Ashley Ferrare :)
Max Nyström
Miguel Ronne
This kane now is the main actor for Kazuya Revenge
Mike Williams
That old lady could have whooped that ninja ass. LoL
Thank you for showing me all of the only parts worth seeing in 4 minutes. The fight between the little kid and that grown woman was too good.
2:03 - 2:36. One of my all time favorite scenes that uses hypnosis. Just look at the woman's face, going from resistance slowly to obedience. It's super nice! ;)
Neil 72
cathy count with me
Norbert Nagy
This film 3rd part is a Ninja III: The Domination, 1984?
Pasha Defragzor
Prince Bytor Frunobulax
Way too much skipping to have to get to the dry t-shirt scene.
Kathy was Soooo fine
Rhonda Gumbs
Aaai i know this movie from a kid and was thinking on it just a few days ago but could not remember the name. So i just typ in ninja movies from the 80's then there it is! lolll!! it
Rick James
And at 3:47, Kane's life would be forever changed.
Rodolfo Ruiz
80's ninja movies rock!..I remember seeing this one as a kid, I thought it was an amazing movie!...watching it now as a grownup it's still fun, but some parts are just too damn funny!..they should have included the YMCA fight in the school yard!
Ryan Dariush Wood
The movie was true 1980s camp, but the scene of the grandmother going up against the evil Ninja is truly dramatic... We see an older woman of (presumably) Ninja/Samurai lineage confronting true evil, knowing that it will mean the end of her and yet, she fights to the death to take a stand to protect her family... Very touching.
Sean Joseph
as a kid always wanted to tap that blonde
Serra Tree
Who gives a shit? That's what made this movie so great.
Sho Kosugi
You get so skinny you look like a razor blade..
Steve Rogers
3:48 - Kid (thinking): Please dial the wrong number, please dial the wrong number!\n😳😍😳
Steve mason
As campy as the film is, its also pretty brutal. Fun stuff.
that was no stunt double...that was really her.....please dont ruin my childhood with your actual facts
I love this movie. Not because of the ninjas because that's the first time I seen an Asian man getting some Caucasian poontang!
Tina Silva
The old lady doing flips in the dojo is priceless (1:30). Academy award winning choreography. And the blonde should have won best actress hehe
3:15- 3:20 BEST FUCKING PART EVER!!!! the poor ninja kid knocking his head against the door is so epic.
1:03 Yet another appalling example of bystander effect, why doesn't anybody take even a second to help that poor, unfortunate homeless man?\n\nSociety these days...
that \
this is like a porno but without the porn
3:18 LOL
Lucky kid.
3:03 Epic SLAP!
3:48 Yes, Kane, stare at her face, because down there she has a huge 80s bush and she's wearing sheer panties.
bu bu
This so 80s
it wasn't smoke balls.. brussel sprouts / wind
dan sanchez
Nutchuck time.
david's great
Wow She Is Shaved :O
2:18 - These are not the droids you're looking for.
I remember that movie lol
i think porn movie will be much better than this rediculous one if the chinese are so brave why they cant get taiwan back by sending ten gays like these
just the damn vid at 3:44
This is a very violent kids movie.
should i see this as a action or a comedy movie xD
Kill Bill Vol 4? :^)
the best part was the Thunder Road bmx bike...\n
LOL amen!
kosugi is a vegan in real life.
Can't believe it was a white guy
As the losing ninja goes down at the end---damn---he sure looks like Steve Forrest in the face---but is not.
smithy smith smith
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This is so 80´s that hurts your eyes.\nIt´s so bad that it makes you think is the best movie ever made.\n3:18 hahahhaa shit
xxx tartersauce
Ive watched it before. Kinda cool movie
This looks awesome af
Андрей Мирошниченко
Руперт Папкин
Best ninja movie ever! :)