10 Life Hacks Every College Student Should Know

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10 Life Hacks Every College Student Should Know:1 how to keep bananas fresh longer2 Learn how to make coffee without a coffee maker3 A binder clip keeps beverages neatly stacked in a tiny mini-fridge.4 Save space in your tiny closet by hanging multiple garments with soda pop tabs.5 If you're a heavy sleeper, putting your phone into a glass will amplify the sound.6 Wrap a warm beer in a damp paper towel and place in the fridge for 15 minutes7 How to Turn a Hoodie Into a Laptop Bag: 8 Stepsinstagram -

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Then right
AKS Carnage
after 5 years of watching him..I finally noticed that his intro he says Welcome to my laboratory 😂😂😂
Abhishek Sharma
Who else is watching in September 2018
How to start an Internet fight\nStep 1:state you opinion on a subject \nStep 2: wait
Aksshat Sharrma
My Right ear couldn't hear anything\nBut my Left ears is enjoying this
Alliyah Parra
Who else is watching this when they are not in college
1:36 You see how wollable it is
I bet his mom is the person that is super nice but will kick butt if she gets annoyed
2:40 Hack didn’t work for me (so upset)
Blink if you think i'm awesome
Drink vodka instead 👍
Brooklyn Avenue
You gotta make coffeee without your coffee maker because there's hotdogs in your coffee pot.
Catalina Ramirez
Por que no hay ningún comentario en español?😞
haha that alarm tho
he loves chitos!!
DailyDoseofConsole Gaming
in soviet Russia life hacks you
Dark Chief
Be careful watching this, you might think your headphones are screwed up or bipolar
Donald J. Trump MAGA
Anyone else notice he put beer in the freezer?!?! 😂😂
Dr Zeus
I am hungary
Drew Cole
this will prevent from going them bad, lol. love it!
Elliot Lindberg
“You see how wollable it is?” -Taras Kul
Evlian Mullabazi
Lol \
Freaky Zombie
WHO is watching this when they are going to sleep
Full throttle Sean
Gambler 4life
I bought that same laptop costed so much and lasted only 1 year before it cought fire
Gamecocks 12354
“Zou brain vill zie if zou drink zis” I love their accent
Gelax - Games & More
Ur the best and ur mom too!.
Giovanni Mejia
Wow my right ear is loving this
Greedy TechLab
Bringing Back Happy Memories! 😂
Hey Its gamer.
Your mom look exactly like you
Hirak jyoti Sarma
Namaste aunty 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🤗🤗🤗🤗\n🇷🇺♥️🇮🇳
Ichi Plays
I LOVE Cheetos \nWho else?
Jack Harcos
3:50 lol😂😂
Jacob Colby
I thought he liked vodka more then beer
Yes put hotdog in coffee pot
Jose Gomez
You're cool man 😎
Katie Katicich
Kenzie Masters
Anyone else here coz his English is so funny? 😂
Your mother so funny 😂😂
Konrad Schaepe
But ur still paying for both pens
My left ear enjoyed this.
Kyle Pineda
2019 anyone?
Lelana Rodriguez
Mom is precious
Lester Juelar
who's here because of the cheetos in the thumbnail
Lil Kim
I finnaly understand intro
Lita Liny
Who is watching in 2018?????
Lol John
Those days you could *hack a pen* these days you can hack idk
M a s h a . Z
Yor brayn will be day if u drink zis staff
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Matthew Jaylord
Your mom is so sweat at you.
Michel C
Awesome HACKS! Love your accent!
Michelle Sousa
who esle thought there headphone weren't working ?
Mike Rotchburns
Who snaps to dubstep?
Is Anyone Watching In 2019
Mujtabba Waseem
U could see the camera man from the reflection from his glasses
Native Beauty
Your moms sweet!!!
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Awwwww your mum is adorable.
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What a nice excuse to eat cheetos and drink beer
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Still the greatest intro ever
Pls help me reach 100 subscribers Without content
My left ear enjoyed this video
Provolone Cheese
Wow the laptop one 👍🤣 creative
Good to see Taras thinking about the left earers
RSB 47
Who came for his acsent
Rafael Gonzalez
2018 people... nope... ok.....
Ramiro Garza
Ray 27
Am i the only one who thinks all his videos are very cute?
Regina George
that intro was the purest
ResH & Yawer
yor brain will bi dai
Rick L.
You got a smart Mama.
Sahil Joshi
Logic - \n\n1. Learn to stack your beers.\n2. How to Cool your Beers.\n\nTitle - 10 Life Hacks Every COLLEGE STUDENT Should Know.\n\nLike my comment!
Samuel Rodriguez
Your mom is right I just learned it at school
Savage Master
My momnataty xD pls speak English
Savka cat
They are Russian
Secan Serena Carla
who knows the name of the song at the minute 2:20???
Shahid Hussain
I love you my Russian Brother i your huge fan❤❤😗😘😘
There's a cool story that Americans during the space race spent around 50 million dollars on developing a pen that will work in outer space without any gravity.\nRussians used pencil
Why does everyone say college student like it’d be any different from just calling them students smh
In Russia beer drink people
Do you have a wife Taras Kulakov?
Beer: good\n\n\nVodka: better\n\n\nMolotov Cocktail: awesome.
Tactical Gamer AT
Who is whatching this in 2018
Tai Shane
“Mom!” “What tell you take my laboratory?”
Awsome mom! lol
Excellent, loved it😍😍
Wafflez ._.
who here isn't in college and just wants some Cheetos
Yudistira Kamandanu
in first my left ear is enjoying this video\n\nand 3:00 my right ear enjoying this video
Yuvraj Toor - Ingleborough PS (1491)
MOM WHAT DID I TELL YOU can I drink some beer 🍺
Zerothehero345 ‘
He was snapping to skrillex LOL
*pushes beer bottle* \n\
odin maynard
In mother russia, pen hacks you
4:02 \
*Y O U R B R A I N W I L L B E D I E*
Ólafur Gunnar Þorsteinsson
Cool video bro
ζ͜͡Supreme Clutch
I thought my headphones broke 😂😂