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Alejandro Valcarcel
Come to Kelowna, BC :)
These cubes are amazing!\nBtw what do you do with winter clothes/boots? They take a lot of space in my suitcase
Aliya Talib
Is this really all of ur belonging? Like everything u own? What about like keepsakes and photos? Do u have like gifts and random things? \nThis is really inspiring and thanks a lot for ur videos love them 😘
Anne St Louis
Great tips for our next overseas trip! Must look for those packing cubes ;)
Ashley b
Hello Zoey! I found your channel and absolutely can relate to a ton of the topics on here. Thank you for your kind insight. Your videos are helping me refocus a lot of my energy due to a recent break up. I am thinking about starting a channel and maybe we can share some thoughts and ideas as well :D Chat soon xo Ashley Brooke. - Ohio, USA
Austin Chan
You're such an inspiration. Sending love from Malaysia!
Basic Beauty Blog
I love watching your minimalism videos! I am always thinking, how can you live like that! It very inspiring. Not sure I could ever live like that, but it has gotten me thinking every time I want to buy something. Do I really need this in my life. Although this video made me think... I need these organiser things for my travels :D I should probably keep practising minimalism!
Thank you so much Zoey! I will definately pack like this moving forward! :)
Chris Stanley
Your my favorite youtuber and i would love to live your life❤
Claudio Catalfio
Fragile is an italian word...seem that the suitcase has a tattoo like its owner... :D
D33Lux xx
You're so cute and so smart, you've become so proficient at being a traveler that's its intuitive and natural to you now. You offer such great advice, I learned so much. Your enthusiasm is so encouraging, its make me wanna pack and go traveling right now. Love ya!
Daniela Turcios
Hey zoey 🙌🏼, Excellent video! I love it ... very organized 😍😍😍😍
Darci Isabella
Thank you so much for this Zoey! One of my daughters is traveling to Italy to be an au pair very soon, inspired by YOU! And your luggage recommendations are so helpful to get her ready. 💗
Digital Nomad Girl
That fragile sticker is such a good idea!! Do they have to be specific to each airline or can I just get one and leave it on?
Dragonfly's Heart
Great video! And the winter clothes? I remember that you had a few coats, right?
Elissa Davis
Great job on being a minimalist. I need to do more of that. You are very organized. I like to place toiletries in a strong ziploc bag in case they leak. Thanks for sharing.
Florence Marie
Hey girl! Thanks for making these traveling and packing videos! You are super helpful! I really wanted to purchase two Carpisa luggage trollys as I do not have any luggage bags of any kind, but it seems they do not ship to the USA. Help?
I feel like you're literally saving lives here; I live out of a suitcase weekly and I had no idea of the existence of packing cubes -I'm on it!
I prefer vacuum seal bags from Daiso (Japanese dollar store) which also works is you roll the bag and squeeze the air out as well. My bag is a similar size, Pink and hard shell, but got it in Osaka. Think your's is a little bigger but not by much. I can fit my life in one bag 🙃
i AM still in love with your red turtles suitcase set...😘🇵🇹
Heather Juliet
This video was SO helpful! I never knew about those packing cubes- genius invention! Thank you
Ian Mayman
Zoey, what is that travel pillow you have at 10:02? Normally they are u-shaped which I think is a harder shape to pack. Maybe they are all flexible like yours, I've not bought one yet, but they don't look it.
Jana Pešková
Great video!I love the suitcases and especially packing cubes!
Jennifer Schwartz
Lol that Canadian pronunciation of the word \
Jonathan Buford're setting a good example here, good video!
Katharina B.
I am very curious if you kept your vision board somewhere. I know it is not very handy while travelling but you seemed to love it. Kind regards!!! 😊
Kathi M.
Thank you so much Zoey – these are some great tips! 😊\nCould you maybe in the future do a video on yout diet as a vegan? I'm always looking for new inspiration on what to eat in the morning, what to bring for lunch at work or more filling meals in the evening. Also, how do you eat vegan during your travels when you're in a hurry, only have a few stores at hand etc.? Would really love to know!\nLove from Hamburg 💗
Keira Newren
I subscribe to you anyway, but if I didn't this would have caused me to 😊 This video helped give me some ideas for my upcoming three week trip to SE Asia. I'm taking just a carry on (with a compact duffle bag to help with the return flight and inevitable souvenirs) and have been nervous about making it work, based on past experiences. I'm a little less nervous now 😆
Kim Clark
Loved your video but one thing I did not see in your carry on was a change of clothes and toiletries to make it through if your luggage is lost for days. I learned the hard way on my trip to China. I went three days before my luggage made it to Beijing. Not a nice experience! Won't ever do that again!
Kris Ballard
My mom and I watched this video.
Lisa Mocchiutti
Buona fortuna con i verbi italiani; sono difficili alcuni anche per noi!!!
Luis Ascanio
Could you put me in your bag? :D
Magdalena Airi
i kinda would love you to get through all the cubes but never the less great video it was really interesting to see 🤗
Ms Judi XO
Podcast mic, hmmmm 🤔😉 \nYou explain to packing cubes so well! My friend has a video about how she packs her suitcase, but I didn't quite understand how nifty packing cubes were. I've always wondered about hard shell cases. Since airlines have weight restrictions before you have to pay up charges, do you think hard shell cases are heavier than regular suitcases?
Muralha Muralha
Be my gf?
Renee Cantor
Loving your content! One question, where did you get your black tote? It looks like it is a very nice size!
Roxy C
Very cool video Zoey!! Keep it up :)
Sajjid khan
Looking Gorgeous 😚
Samantha M
Carpisa is my favourite. Always have to get something while in Rome!
Sarah González
You are so cute!!! And I've been watching a million videos about packing for study abroad and stuff but this is definitely the only one that really helped me \nTHANK YOU SOOOO MUCH! \u003c3
Sarah im Augenblick
This video is SO useful, thanks for making it! Will definitely be making use of some of these tips next time I travel ☺️✈️
I love this suitcase set!😍 Having wheels like that would be so helpful! This is my kind of packing!
Sean Murray Vlogs
Im moving too Toronto Canada myself on Tuesday the 8th of June. Thanks for the packing tips just have one question how would you pack a PlayStation 😂 the boys would be helpless without me or fifa and fortnite 😂
Sofie's World
LOVED this, I'm always looking for packing tips :) I want to do a video on packing everything in a carry on so this definitely inspired me. Thanks zo! XO
Tiffany Marie
Do you pack any hair tools with you? Currently I only have a hair straightener that I keep in my suitcase (and haven't even been using) but I can use it to straighten, fix, or curl my hair. \nI love this video, I pretty much live out of a suitcase too and am really searching for some better packing tips and better organization! I definitely need packing cubes!!!! They keep everything so neat! and thanks for the suitcase recommendation, I have been hunting for some hardshell suitcases that are reasonably priced !!! xoxox
Tim Waters
Great video. Thanks
alex Jo
I didn't have suitcase
50% of the things in this i wont carry while travelling , all though am not minimalist, but i dont need that more footwears , cosmetics , makeup items, toiletries.. sorry for the comment, but its fact i came to your channel to learn some minimalism.. am shopaholic ....
packing with only summer clothes is not that difficult, I would like to see you packing a bag with 4 seasons clothes, why I can only find minimalists in warm countries?
I'm leaving for Rome tomorrow (I'm going to be an au pair!) and I have to pack today. Sorta just looking at my wardrobe, wondering how on Earth it's going to happen hahaha
You're very tidy. I've noticed that many frequent travellers have your same method to divide stuff into multiple little bags.\nVery pratical.\nHaven't you ever forgot something somewhere? It's the main nightmare of all travellers. ^^
Hey zoey I would like to ask what you have done with your childhood belongings, I feel like when u become a minimalist u only keep things u use and I got a lot of childhood stuff that I dont want to get rid of, have u decluttered these objects or do u keep them with your parents? I still live at home but I'd like to know