Revenge of The Ninja: The Silver Mask Ninja

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Revenge of The Ninja (1983)The Silver Mask Ninja.

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I agree 100%. I'm gonna be the silver masked ninja this Halloween lol.
THE ninja movie of the 80s no doubt, just that it had some silly scenes few times but was great. And Sho Kosugi is not bad B movie actor at all. And some cool music
Bio Mouazo
Ninja I love
Brian Hodges
I want to do the Brayden Ninja laugh!
David Fullam
Love this scene.
Evanston Balce
Batman could also move around between buildings by using a line launcher.
Gary Miller
Braden was a BAD ASS!!!
Grandizer 45
Best ninja villain ever.
Ian Kempster
Yeah that'll hold lol
Ivan Correa
Brayden Was Dangerous and unpredictable you never know what he was going to do or who he was going to kill, great villain in my opinion
James Gibson
Probably one of the coolest ways to enter a building...
Joseph S Walthour
Karin Alford
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Marcus Brown
Thanks for the post, the absolute best music score that I've ever heard for a martial arts film. The score during this entire building scene was killer! If you could post the entire building scene, that'll be really great!!!
Masculine Buddha
Wouldn't it have been easier to disguise himself as one of Chifano's bodyguards then just take the elevator up to his penthouse?
Michael Genova
My favorite ninja movie of all time. I must of watched it 10k times as a kid and had all the gear. Lol
Sara Trl
kter hlo waw
Willis Chalepah
i,m so lucky I have both revenge of the ninja and ninja 3 domination.
Man, that screw could and would totally hold his weight #ActualPhysics #QuantumPhysics #MasterScience ftw!!!!11
Zycaire Williams
I take unified tae kwon do
The actual masked ninja was played by Sho Kosugi until the very end where they actually face off then he was played by Sho's student.
muller morel
Solid for an 80's Ninja Action Movie!!!! I grew up watching the Cannon Ninja Movies!!!! SHO Kosugi is the best Ninja Action Star of all time!!!!!
BAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! freakin' drywall! broad daylight! Regular glass in a building that high! The fact that the bow worked let alone didn't FLY out the window as there was nothing actually holding it. It didn't even move! Let alone the arrow drilling itself in!! ....I must watch this movie again!!!!!!
rub meow
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I'm curious, who was doing those stunts in brayden's suit, was it also Cho, or some other stuntman? Because I honestly doubt that it was the same actor who was playing civilian Brayden.
All those cool toys can give Batman and his utility belt a run for his money.
1:14 the ceiling fixture is not strong enough for this purpose.
Злой Волшебник
That guy is actually works like a real ninja.\nOnly problem is he is in broad daylight.\nNight attack would be much more effective.