Whitney Houston "i will always love you" Berlin 2010 live

absolutely not her best performance of this song...

always geht love nicht will you

whaoooo ! ça fais trop mal au coeur de la voir comme ça !
Abraham Jean
she stills sounds better than those wannabes who seem to think they can take her legendary status and trash it up. she still had and has fans. she went to get a drink of water so she could make the part we all want, worth to listen to
qué triste verla así, después que hizo cada show, su show! \nen el fonde de su deteriorada voz, se escucha lo que una vez fue y será la mejor voz! We always love you!
Angela B
Whitney never had to sing another day in her life as long as she lived, the bar had been set, she had did everything. But Whitney loved her fans! She put on her best and tried. People talking about her will NEVER contribute half of what she did for society, she gave us timeless music.
Anji Rocolan
i will always love you whitney, ur my favorite singer of all time,
Apache Sakai
When she is young I respect the high tune voice, Now I respect her courage and she have done her best, I always love you....Whitney, Maybe you sing always in Heaven for the Angel
She had to complete the tour. She and her daughter needed the money. She knew she was dying and she did it for Bobbi Kristina's future!
Barbie Couture
Blessed are those who were there to witness this legend , this will never alter who she was & the most powerful voice to ever walk this earth, period.
Bling Bling the BSS of the ISS
She possessed more courage and strength than any other, she could easily lip-synchronized to her performances towards the end, instead she tried her best. She may have made mistakes along the way but she truly deserves credit for trying where others never would have exposed themselves to The severe criticism and cruelty of once loyal fans.
Breasha Bolden
Don't care what nobody say she still is the best singer hands down no matter what
Bless the kind audience...
Bvlgari Mosa
Shoutout to the audience for the love 💕 And she still sound good 🤔she kept going even with a broken spirit the love in my heart ♥️ for her is so irreplaceable I’m so thankful for god creation the tragedy in they’re demise will hunt me forever rest in beautiful peace Nippy & Chrisy 💔😔😔😥
....she sang her heart out....she was on another level....this performance....
Carlos Henrique
'' If should stay\
Carmen Arndt
Es ist so traurig, Whitney so zu sehen. Ich muss weinen. Es ging ihr in Berlin überhaupt nicht gut. Möge die Liebe und der Frieden mit ihr sein. Ich Danke ihr für ihr musikalisches Lebenswerk. Alles Liebe.
CherBeverly ً
Magic was still there, it just they her voice was damage. RIP queen of no lipstick
Chiva Sveinsen
i felt bad for this-- but i forever love WHITNEY!!!
Cleide Rosa
😭Que triste,o que as drogas causam,cadê a voz dela #2018
Daionna Maynard
This is so sad to watch, she was truly struggling
Danilo Manoel
Eu assisto esse vídeo, e fico apenas em silêncio, e totalmente triste. Guardo comigo o respeito pela maior voz de todos os tempos. Apesar de seus problemas com a voz, ela deu tudo de sí, e não teve medo de subir em cima do palco e cantar suas canções, que por sinal, são um dos repertórios mais difíceis de se cantar no mundo. Pois se trata de Whitney Houston. Seu legado é imortal. Obrigado por tudo que nos fez sentir no decorrer da vida, Whitney. Obrigado por nos ensinar e mostrar na prática, o que é o dom da música.
Oh ha...\nDie kann einem ja leid tun, wie sie die letzten Töne aus sich rauszuquetschen versucht.
Dion Frontes
Infelizmente depois dessa volta aos palcos, e depois dessa terrível imersão ao mundo das drogas, ela ficou mais rouca e perdeu quase que por completo aquela afinação e potência que ela tinha na voz que quando eu ouvia eu imaginava: 'nossa, não existe outro artista assim como ela, que afinação e que potência...', mas mesmo assim foi linda a performance dela neste show. O triste é que ela já não está mais entre nós, mas sua voz será eterna!
Ed Miller
Wait a minute.....at the end, is she chewing GUM? Gee-ZUS!
Eder Callais
absurdamente ela nem conseguia cantar mais, triste de ver
Edneia Maria
Não enganou ninguém foi autêntica assumiu que não estava bem.
Emman Quillope
You're the best, Queen! iloveyou
Hanzz GM
Is so sad how Whitney was losting her voice with the time but, she did everything to sing perfect and she did it!!! LOVE YOU WHITNEY ❤️😭
Henrietta Onodi
ohh poor whitney,that was terrible
Henry Kweri
Well Witney taught us a life lesson that one can be able to shine any where irrespective of color,race and gender.
Hilda Fernandez
So sad but then nobody nobody will be another Whitney Houston in this world. Bless ur soul
Historias de Divas
How sad to see the best singer on the planet in this way. I do not know why the followers of Whitney publish these videos, I think it would be best to remember her singing as only she knew, in a perfect way. But, at least, these images remind us that Whitney was a true professional even when her voice could no longer stand it. Even in its worst moments, we can still hear wonderful notes from Whitney (as in minute 00:34) Whitney, you will always be the greatest diva, you were the best voice we've ever had. We will never forget you.
Imani Curtis
This video honestly makes me wanna cry because she wasn't bad or anything, just different, and she knew. You can just tell it broke her spirit but she just had to keep going. So proud of that. RIP Queen Whitney 🙏👑😙 I will always love you more 😌😽
Isaiah Wong
1:12-1:16 her original notes were there still present
James Synegal
I like her and will always love her! I love how she got out there and still did her thing. That is the sign of a true diva. Strut no matter what.
Jason Ng
My question why start this concert in the first place if you know you not able do so ! The Company not notice anything at all ? Or they just want MONEY that's all ? Family ? Daughter not notice their mom / daughter have issue in singing ? I mean Nobody in her record company notice her singing have problem at all with all these concerts around the world ? Seriouslly ?
Jimmy Kane
Joaquim Filho
Crack has no mercy. Even if you manage to come back from it, you will never be the same. Let alone your voice. RIP Whitney. I will always love you!
Jonas Campos Salles
A pobrezinha estava precisando de ajuda.
Joseph Roberson
The best/most respectful crowd ever.
Juan Carlos
Whitney Houston I will Always Love you 🧚\u200d♀️RIP. Beautiful Voice Ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kamil Bonner
I still luv you Whitney!!!!! \u003c3 #RIL \u003c3
Kevin Harris
Why Whitney and her musical director didn't rearrange the song to fit Whitney's damaged voice is saddening. Why have background singers and not use them is ridiculous? There are so many vocal tricks that could have saved this performance from being an epic fail. This is not courageous as some have said This is a money strapped entertainer being forced to perform a dreadful performance to feed her addiction and those who depend upon her for a meal ticket.
Did you notice the background singer holding her ears at 03:50? wtf
no matter what i still love you whitney h.how i wish you are still alive and meet you someday soon.
Maise Nascimento
Voz deteriorada pelas drogas e álcool muito triste😢😢😢
Marcos Vinícius
Just one word: sad!
Mary 40
She shouldn't have toured at all...tarnished her image. .not sure why she knowing full well she couldn't sing
Mary Nazario
I like this free style
Matthieu Sanchez
How can people be so mean by posting this video ? \nShe was extremly sick , and she paid enough for her redemption in order to repare her mistakes. We ALL do (did) and will do mistakes. By watching this post, I do not see the famous singer I used to hear, but instead ; a really human and lovely person that always loved & respected her fans all her sad life; led by wrong persons.
Miika Kousa
Can't you hear, she is sick and still delivers a damn great performance!
Monika Morka
She was incredible all her life, but unfortunately a drugs destroyed her :(
Mr. Ribeiro
my heart cry for you Whitney 😢\ni will always love you my eternal best singer \nI love you so much my big star 😢❤
Nini Lercher
even Whitney has PROBLEM   still good singer
Non Van
Oh my god.! I'm crying.......
Pamela Fonseca
Paulo Aeon
Maldita droga,calou a maior voz do mundo😔 mas tudo o que ela fez pela música a faz mesmo assim,ser a melhor do mundo...
Peter R
as sad as this is....she could have lip synched and had the huge reaction that Britney, Celine,Mariah get today - but she didn't - thats a true artist
Rafael Storm
From this distance, I would have thought this was Cleo Laine, not Whitney Huston. The false teeth completely changed her face.
Ricky Parrilla
My god this is so hard to watch. But like others have said I give you credit Whitney for still trying. While a lot other artists go on tour and sing less than half of there shows live. Britney, Madonna, Janet Jackson, Jennifer Lopez and have the nerve to charge hundreds of dollars for tickets to there shows. RIP Whitney my love.
Rodrigo CR Salino
she is the best, no doubt, and beautiful
Rom mc
Good girl
Ronaldo Mello
É com muita tristeza que assisto a esse vídeo. Mas temos que reconhecer tudo o que ela foi e sempre será para a música. Uma grande artista!
Rose Bleue
Respect pour cette grande dame qui n'a pas eu de chance très mal entouré repose en paix
Sara Candido
Quanta mudança na voz a coicaina faz....que tristeza
Shepherdess Connie Brown
(Tears) God help us all the take care of the precious gifts you have given us before you say\
If the version from Milan was any better you could write this off to a bad night. But it was more like a bad decade. So sad. Thanks Bobby, for F'ing up the best female singer of my lifetime. BB is not worthy of Whitney - why the hell did she marry that fool?
Siobhan Martin
So sad what happened to her..... She was a true artist, even with a horrible voice in the end, she wouldn't lip sync... and her bad voice was still better than most of the new artist now in a good day like britney, miley cyrus, rhianna...
Sjimon Stodulskiy
She didnt want it anymore. She was forced. They Killed her.
Sylvie Groleau
This is so sad to see. In every way. I am so so so lucky and grateful - and I thank life to have been sober ever since april 2001, no relapse. Sylvie from Québec (Canada).
TeMeiah Dorsey
She still sounds like an angel and u don't know what's in her life she could have lost her voice could be sicku never noticed huh don't ever do Whitney because I'm in 2018 almost 2019 people in my age listen to hip hop rap and stuff and I still listen to old school r.i.p Whitney
Thabiso Makhene
this was her way back in , respect the fans that supported this lovely woman , she been through a lot and looking at it from my view God has given her the courage to get back and work on herself ,R.I.P we will always love you you you you.
Vladimir Romanovich
Amazing 💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐😍😍😍😍😍😭😭😭😭😭
3:48 I exploded -- HA HA HA HA HAAAAA ! WHAT DA CRAP !? ))))
Xox Adele
That guy in the dreadlocks been with Whitney for a very long time look in 1994 videos he's like in the background
a look at lego fun
2:34 in 80% she just took a drug then water in the middle of a concert
andrew daniel
how a Honest performance ever in the world.. !!!! love u whitneyyy... past, now, and forever!!!!
c jordan
Doesn't matter how bad the performance was, we need to understand that she had come along way and been through hell...still she tried her best to earn her living and entertain the fans. She was a fighter and God bless her soul. RIP Whitney.
many great singers had vocal problems and many other problems, why she didn't change her songs to a more jazz soulful style? I am sure many people would appreciated and enjoyed, this belting mania that has sounded us the last 20 years and the best singers in the world have lost their voices prematurely because of this, it is certainly sickening.\nNot even opera singers sing at their higher register non stop....
christian solamin
yeah.....right kendall houston was right people was not deaf they just accept whitney because they love we love whitney......
deron bennett
What a way to leave a legacy. Smoke some more crack
devona washington
no wonder her vocal chords where destroyed she been singing the same high notes for how many years for people's entertainment.
She was undoubtedly sick. The manager really screwed her over. This is heartbreaking to watch. :'(
giselle joseph
Yes whitney we love you the best 😢🙏🙏
james travers
a great advert for anti drugs, the voice went in the late 90's. her management should have never ever let this happen. i bought look to you as i have many of her albums i took it back, i could not stand the rasp 
Lol, I thought that she was about to start laughing. Even being sick. She still powered through& did her best. Rip, Nippy😍😇😢
Sick or wateva you want to say this is still the Greatest Voice on Earth. Never faked it, Auto Tune or none of of that Garbage Whitney gave it to u Raw Legendary. I'm just happy to see her doing what she loved.I rather are this than her dead and gone never to sing again too us. Honestly I feel God took her because the world disrespect didnt deserve his/her Angel..Love whitney.......
mark junoh
she disgusted to herself look at 2:21....its ok whitney...u r the true voice...
How very, very sad this is.....
2:26 Does anyone think she might have taken some bumps of cocaine while she was at the table? No disrespect... I loved Whitney. It did cross my mind, tho.
she always gave you her in the raw(Real) no autotune, she was a real artist, and a very sweet person. you guys should be disgusted to write the things you say. if this were your loved one? how would you feel as they talked poorly(Saying hurtful) things about your loved one? did you talentless folks ever stop to think of her contributions to society, she has done alot, set the bar, for not just the blk community,but artist as well. as well as artist such as myself to be able to express themselves.
I wish they didn't manipulate Whitney into touring that year. I was alright with the album. I am sure that this took a heavy toll on her!
Heartbreaking😔 I’ll always love you Whitney❤️
RIP my eternal love. She was apperantly so much ill here, her breath was short and her heart was not as a heart of a 47 years old woman. Why nobody helped her? Every average european cardiovascular specialist /available in every town of 20thousand inhabitans/ would immediately start a treatment. How comes, that all of them, MJ, Prince and Whitney died of poor health and in fact \
i respect her soo much for wanting to do it herself, w/whatever she had in her to do....not lipsynching or relying on the bg singers. i will always love and respect the Voice!! She was soo beautiful, glorious and glamorous...even today, noone touches her!!
Someone should have prevented this tour.  This is torture to see.  I'll always remember Whitney at her best.  R.I.P. Whitney.  Will always love you.
As a professional musician, I look at the musicians and reading their body language......they are embarrassed and even frustrated to be there but.....gotta make the money even if it takes to tour with Whitney knowing her singing voice died out.
Света Светикова
Напрочь похоронила замечательную свою песню.
I really appreciate for you uploaded this video... i was so moved....