Candy Rootbeer Box Chevy on 26" DUB Wheels Pt.1, 383 Stroker! - 1080p HD

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Video of my homie Candy Brown (Root beer) Chevrolet Caprice Classic, TUCKING some DUB Suave 26's. Sitting so pretty! Box Chevy was super clean. And he had a running 383 SBC under the hood. Also, this box chevy had a chrome nose! Only seen a few box chevy's with a chrome front, and it looked good as hell on it. Also left with some burnouts at the end of the video! Check him out. And S/O to my big brutha on filming these videos for me.

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84 Chevy10
Clean box big homie. Squat game got her sittin rite.
Alex J. Murphy
I love when people say \
No, you don't need to do anything to. It's straight like it is.
Clifton Wellman
Nice! Top 10!
Dantez Wojtylko
I have to get myself a box!!
Dave L
It could perform well with that 383 stroker but with those giant clown-shoe wheels crippling the handling, the police could catch you if they were driving a ten year old Hyndai.
DeAndre Jackson
roadmaster seats?
Dirk Diggler
Donteice Yancey
Who did the engine work for him . ?
You got that thang on point. It's sittin just right, ya did a good job. P
Humble But Clowny
The Kreator well put It cost to stay a boss
Powerful and very clean.
Jay Patton
What type exhaust he running
Justin Last
What seats them out of???
Justin Wyke
That's how it's done. Sophisticated. Not them crazy ass sprite and skittle paint jobs, and screens n grill and all n doors and mirrors. Thumbs up!\n
Kelvin Brown
im in florgia on forgiato's
Micheal Collins
I never herd a 383 stroker sound so quiet, you sure it ain't no stock 350?
Morris Packer III
Keep it like it is ...clean
P Money
Pavielle Evans
mf nasty just like that
What’s the year on this awesome box chevy?
Rickey Clifton
put some 410 gears and you will like what it do but I like keep up the work
Shank Montgomery
Sound real nice
how you can spend all that money on your car and have one rear light out really
Taliban Jetz
Travis Pennie
posi rear
Treven Wright
What size the trans?
William Flores
Is that snow white's convertible mustang?
See that u got buick roadmasters seats in it
Why does it sit low n back? Can't afford springs?
What kind of exhaust he runnin?
charles gilbert
I like that clean and drivable
What size tires are those?
christopher evans
How they get it to squat like that
cohen eisenrosenbergthalsteinweitzthal
That's a nice car. It would look sweet with 18\
Spray backside of wheels same as car
Clean clean ride, except the rims are 7\
kavon oates
I need to get up wit yall man
Nice box. Sounds strong. Only thing left is change out those gears I the rear end. I suggest 3.73 or 4.10 with that size wheel. That will take strain off that trans and wouldn't have to load the stall up so hard to break them loose. Just a suggestion.
i know this video been out for a while but its still one of my favorite boxs, you got any details on the chrome nose and the dash he had in it?
polobama st lauren
That thing is gorgeous I'm stacking up for one nah!
Tucking hella good