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You are such an inspiration! Love you!
Adams M. Fernandez
I graduated from high school few month ago, I really like art and design, btw I'm really talented and people are always advising me about to study something in relation with art, I got good drawing skills and everything that a designer needs but I don't know what to do to become a graphic designer, I don't know how to start, I think need some help !!! REPLY ME BACK !!!
I can relate, I used to work for a company that only favoured (and usually hired) its own race, which made me feel very excluded. I'm caucasian, for the record. They say only white people can be racist, but that couldn't be further from the truth.
Alexis Rose
Thank you so much for this video! I absolutely freaked out when you said you went to The Art Institute because I will be going there in a few months! All of these tips and advice has helped calm my nerves a bit about college so thank you!
Alyssa's Trash
As a graphic designer, would I just do things like movie posters and logos, or would I also do like movie or game characters?
Amy Romero
This so helpful because I'm actually going for school to be a graphic designer. Thank you!
Anid Alx
A graphic design art school don't seems to help to much. Any way. Your video is so grate, I love how you expouse the things and how clear you present.
wow, were the total opposite LOL. i can draw stick figures though :/
Here in the Netherlands when you're in art school you have 5-month internships every school year (or at least at my school) which basically comes down to learning more in 5 months internship than 1,5 year school. Internships are amazing!
Bryana Camille Braxton
so cool didn't know you're a graphic designer! It's my minor in school. It is a ton of work, but I'm proud of my portfolio. Design is so rewarding and incredibly helpful if you're going into Public Relations or want to start a blog or Youtube channel!
Your video popped up in my recommended videos and I'm so pleased it did! Love finding other designers on YouTube :)
Connor Gage
Could you possibly do like a portfolio tour of all the different graphic designs that you've made?
Cryptik Cyanide
I've always loved Art, loved style, and loved creating. I paint, Act, sing, write..ect. But, how do I know if I am artistic ENOUGH and Creative ENOUGH to be a successful Graphic Designer? University is EXPENSIVE and student loans will be the death of our generation so it's important to know before jumping into that debt pool. I know i need to get a bachelors degree in order to make ANY kind of liveable wage, ESPECIALLY in California, and trust me this is true, I'm 30 years old now and finally realizing this. So It is time to go back to school. Also, i believe u said u went to A.A.I. ? Would you recommend that over a bachelors program at a university?
since I was 8 I've been pursing graphic design. my dad owns his own small graphic design business. used adobe programs since I was 8 in his office. rn at age 20 deciding if I still want to pursue it. this video has helped thx!
Diana Dimov
Try the program Sketch! It takes a couple uses to get used to but super easy and extremely helpful! If you need inspiration also check out Behance, and Dribble!
Disa Chantel
I'm on the opposite end of the creative spectrum. My job as a writer is to take the visual and render it into something verbally appealing. It's cool to hear you talk about this side of the biz. Especially because writing and designing can often go hand in hand. Loved this video, Jasmine! (Revisions suck for writers too btw)
Elizabeth Schiada
How long did it take you to find a job in your major after you finished college? Did you do any internships while in college as well??
Erica Burkett
What type of graphic design degree did you pursue? BFA or BA? Also, whats the difference?
Erick Gomez
*finger snapping* Wow. I had almost every single sucky experience you had starting out. Especially when your working in a windowless room, I was fortunate to do some package design for a company in a storage room with the AC on during the winter, alone, separated from the rest of asian staff. It was a soul sucking experience, and the demands they had never matched the pay. Preach!
Faith Lewis
Kudos to the critique section of this video. That was definitely something I had to learn the hard way but am SO happy I stopped taking everything so personally. I've seen so much improvement in my work since realizing this and I'm so happy you're spreading that message 👼🏼 you're awesome and speak fantastic words ✨
George Viada
Jasmine, I really LOVE your denim shirt!!!!
I want to take a graphic design class now and see if I like it!
Huy Nhât
Which schools specialize in graphic design?
Isaiah castaneda
Thanks so much for this video. I'm I've Been thinking about graphic design❤️
Yes girl I loved this video it was very nice and I love your hair so much like honestly wish I had your hair lol 😂😘😂😘!
Ivan Cruz
honestly holy fuck? aside from the amazing information you provided your viewers with im so happy i stumbled onto your channel, you're so original and you have a great personality. I missed seeing youtubers like that
Ivan's ASMR
Thank you so much for this awesome video :) Super helpful!
I'm doing multimedia design, and you're beautiful
Jaime Phillips
If I am a engineering major would I possibly be able to go into graphic design?
Jam Regio
I just found out your channel a while ago before watching this video and I love your channel so much! I'm sure that I'll be binge-watching all your videos. I'll be in 11th grade and struggled with what I really want before because people just keep on putting pressure on me to do something that makes a lot of money but what I really wanted to do was something that I'm passionate about and I know creating things and designing is my love. Thank you and I love you! Keep inspiring people! 💕
Jasmine Rossol
You don't need to know how to draw to be a graphic designer.\nIt helps with certain aspects but it's not necessary.
2031, my job, being a graphic designer. Always wanted to be one.
Jayden Trout-Walker
thank you so much ohmygosh. im 14 years old and in highschool, i been in love with drawing and working with computers and technology so i been heading towards doing graphic design. i told my family and teachers that i want to head towards that goal and to give tips on what classes to take.
Jayla Clark
Can you get your masters in this specific field?
Jenny Allen
I'm so glad you made this video, I enjoyed it! It answered a lot of my questions cause this whole time I thought as soon as you graduated you found the Taco Bell job haha! May I ask how old you are? It's always been a question that I've had haha
I'm so happy you included my question in your video!! 🤗 I'm in the first year of my GD program and I love it, I'm still conflicted on what area I want to go into after I graduate (i'm leaning towards the entertainment industry). You're video was really informative, thank youu 💜
Jessica Ballantyne
I took up graphic design and I didn't make it in the field. Design is very hard and not just about being artistic. You also have to live and breathe it day and night. I ended up with underpayed contracts working in Indian run companies.
Jessica P
you're such an amazing explainer 😂
Joanne Amarisa
Are you allowed to do any side jobs (kind of like freelancing) if you're already working in a steady position for a specific company? This video was really helpful and informative and I honestly can't wait to start my comm design major next year. Thanks so much! x
Jonathan Mora
Is it possible to become an animator and a graphic designer ?
Kanini O
Jasmine I subscribed to you about 4 months ago because of this video! And I am actually studying at Art Institute of Vancouver. \nRewatching this video just reminded me how much I love graphic design. Overload of homework and projects has stressed me out but you inspire me to keep going because it is worth it. (Even the sleepless nights haha) thank you thank you 😊 love your videos
When I'm older I either want to be an art director or a graphic designer I'm only in 8th grade the classes that I want to take is Art , photography, and web design are those good classes for the art field ?
KeepItSideways Zz
Great video, but what is with all of the jump cuts? Just wondering
Today, I dropped my Computer science major. I couldn't take working toward something just for the money. I logged out of my account, and walked out. I haven't felt so relieved in my life to be on a path that I enjoy. I have always loved art and design, and now I'm going to do it! Life's too short.
Lauren Fernandes
Oh my gosh! This video came out at the most perfect time! I'm about to start a graphic design at university in 2 weeks and had so many questions. (As you can see, I'm sticking to my New Years resolution 😉) Thank you Jasmine for all the advice! 🙌🏾
Lauren Mayhew
So much great information and absolutely love your personality. I didn't get bored and was intrigued through the whole video. I have struggled with finding my career. I've changed my career so many times from nursing, dental hygiene, personal trainer, group fitness instructor, and nutritionist. I just started looking into graphic design and you gave very good detail into what it initials. Highly thinking about going to school to join this field. Thank you so much! Great video!!
Leo Ventura
Lessy Rivera
Expose the bad place! Sue them! It could possibly save another one of us from going there!
Life IsGreat
Hi Jasmine! I’m a senior in highschool and literally do not know what to do. I love creating and writing poems and playing on piano but everyone around me keeps telling me to choose a career thats more realistic than music,and art\ni can draw but im not picasso and Im passionate about being creative and working with people\nCould I still do graphic design? I literally bounce back and fourth from a forensic pshycologist to a dentist to a counselor to film and media\nand I always find myself wanting to have a creative career. This video helped me in a way to being sure of what I want to do\nand not want my mom or brother and even my friends that tell me what to do
What font do you use for your thumbnails?
Melvin Joosten
Thanks for this, Jasmine!
Milan Ajudiya
i am graphics designer
Nana Wordie
I took a digital editing class this semester and I’m going to start a graphic design 1 class in a few weeks for next semester. btw I’m in high school. Also, I just want to say your website is amazing. Your website is organized so nicely and it’s really clean. It’s so awesome that you are able to film, edit, and also design. You’re a triple threat!
Natalia D
great one, Jasmine! I always adore graphic designers, and definitely you are such a talented one! the way you communicate your ideas into the art itself speaks up how your characteristics are. keep up the good work and thank you for sharing a very genuine thoughts, knowledge, opinions and information 😊
Nurayan Zahari
Thank you for sharing! Love ur vids!
what percentage of company's would you say take an associates degree?
Ray Rivera
It's only a good idea to de a graphic designer in first world countries. If you live in a \
Re present
I am from Bangladesh...I like your presentation.And i want to success in graphic design
Reid Krausen
Graphic Design is amazing. I’m 17 & for a class in school I am the top ten in the nation!! I also got a first place reward out of 1600 people! ♥️🤪
Rio Oketani
You're the coolest woman I've ever met. I really like how you are very positive and confident;) Go Jasmine🤙🏻
Robert Loyale
Oh by the way, I LOVE THE TACO BELL DOODLES that you guys have created! Super Dope!
Rocko Harmeet
When u realize the world is nothing without designers 😕
Is graphic design does a lot of math?
Sabrina Lee
Is it Asian lol (i'm chinese!). Anyway, you can really sue that company for being completely racist :-O that was crazy!!!
Seppi Manytta
THANK YOU SOOO MUCH FOR THIS VIDEO!!! I'm thinking that I want to go to AI (top 2 choices) and this video helped a lot!
Shanice Jean-Pierre
You should've sued that company that treated you unfairly. I took graphic design in high school for 2 years and loved it. Although it'll never be my career, graphic design will always have a place in my heart :) Great video!
Sofia Chua
Majoring in Accounting. Will be 25 next year! Hoping that it's not to late to learn graphic design.
Stephanie Faye
please show some of your work and how/where you get your initial concepts and what inspired you to create it...I find it so hard to come up with witty ideas. Also, thanks so much for sharing this, i relate 1000000% \n\n\u003c3
Surangi Perera
I. like
This was extremely helpful and inspiring. I am thinking about shifting careers and doing work within the web design/development world and although your advice isn't exact, it's definitely similar to some of the things I might need to do to achieve this goal. So thank you for this video!
Trayson Nguyen
11:45 those people sound Asian, shady, only hire people of the same race, someone else of other race other than their own get treated differently
Valerie Orejel
What was the process getting into art institute
Vandan Patel
You are too cute and the information you provided really helped me out. Thanks for making this video. Love you 😘.
W I K I; alíen
This is what I wanna do when im a adult im 14 years old and this is what I wanna do😍 \nYou just inspired me more to continúe with my dream❤\nThank You So Much ILY💖
WAQAS Qureshi
GOOD WORK... KEEP IT UP.. J. R\nhermoasa.. viv mucho.. 💐
X Natalia X Simming X
Can you give me some websites for free for beginners like me cuz I would like to start graphic design
Xio Arleen
I am also a graphic designer. Great job explaining! 👍🏼😀 it is hard work, but fun.
Yasuhiro's Journey
the thing that always scares me is when i question myself, \
Is graphic communication tech the same as graphic design?
by brie
hello fellow graphic designer 🙌🏼\nyou shared some really great insight!
Jasmine... I'm a designer. I've been one for nearly 30 years. (jeez). There are two bits of advice I'd like to share... the first is... as a Graphic Designer you will ALWAYS, ALWAYS being doing work on someone else's time and be paid for it... no buts. You will always be working for someone else and you will need that thick skin, because you will be given revision after revision... you'll be asked to do stupid things, things you don't agree with and things that will really piss you off... BUT you just have to suck it up and get on with it... which leads me to the second piece of wisdom... Know the difference between a Designer... and an Artist... they are not the same thing... Knowing this, will help you with the first piece of advice... \n\nMy last piece is (I know I said two but this is a free bee :) You are alive on the planet for a limited number of years... remember to take a break and enjoy your life... it will go by in a flash... don't sweat the small stuff and look up from your phones from time to time... the world is better experienced through your eyes... not a screen. And good luck :)
fox & sparrow co.
I went to the Art Institute (of Indianapolis) too!! I feel like you and I have really similar stories, my family has always said that I was born with a pencil in my hand. Ever since I can remember I have always been creative, a problem solver and always looking to improve the way something looks (Like how can I make this look better than it already is) I am so happy to have found your channel! Thank you for sharing your experiences!! -Kayla
What laptop would you recommend for design in college?
gogo mation
How much do you get paid\n😏😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒 I need money to live happy and healthy
I'm 14 years old and I'm choosing my subjects for 4th year soon ( I'm from Scotland btw) and this helped so much .
How can I practise graphic designing? I'm in the 8th grade and I'm sorta considering it.
kimberly Alvarez
I am majoring in computer science can i still be a graphic designer ?
I'm really aspiring to be a graphic designer; I really love designing and editing with technology and media, but I'm good in the media field, and although I'm creative I'm not that artistic (as in drawing). Would it be unrealistic for me to pursue graphic design?
I like how at the end of the video you thought that you would be turning people off of graphic design. Instead this video made me more inspired to be come a graphic designer. i think i made the right choice in my major, and i can’t wait to go to art school get my bachelors and become a graphic designer!!
Hi Jasmine! Thank you so much for featuring my question in your video! I've finished college as a Marketing major but my boyfriend is also a graphic designer! I kinda wish I tapped into my creative side sooner cause maybe I would've studied graphic design too! ♡
i kept seeing your vid popping up but was nervous to watch it. im glad i did tho! im a junior gd major and im pretty nervous about going out into the field but your video was really helpful. idk why sometimes when i see stuff like this it just scares me cus graphic design can be intimidating. sometimes i get overwhelmed and im like holy shit why did i chose this as my major, but i do love it. & with all the great work out there its like how could i ever that good? anyway- really liked your video. &your job at taco bell sounds awesome!
Working at Taco Bell headquarters sounds like a dream. I just want to eat unlimited crunchwrap supremes.
Because what would be the point to go there if you already knew all about it ! You need a worthy adversary to grow properly, whether it'd be someone (lover, friend, master, etc..) or something (activity, work, goals, etc..). Love, love your opponent, true love (attention and dedication) will guide you to understanding. It is said in the martial arts, but really, any adversity can and should be tackled with such disposition, the mind is much more open to perceive differences and makes wiser choices about it. You grow bigger muscles with smaller ones. Really, you already have everything you need to go forward. Enjoy ! =]
Spot on girl. Wish I would have had you when I was in school because real world turned out to be so much more different than I imagined in school. Not in a bad way, but the warning about revisions would have been nice to have 😂
Илья Горбачёв
You are beautiful!! Can i fall in love?
Слободан Суботић
So many cuts! My brain is exploding! XD
Lmao I wanna be a graphic designer but I suck at art😂