Cosm - Primengender (Full Album 2014)

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Primengender 2014...Female Fronted Heavy Stoner Doom Metal from St. Petersburg, Florida------------1.Overworld 2.Tehom 3.Void 4.Sheol 5.Entropy

2014 2015 album doom metal metal doom female vocals heavy sludge stoner St. Petersburg new rock stoner heavy

nice :)
Bruce Wayne
soy gay
Lowduke Yeah
You can't blame me cosm high\n\nYe boi
Misanthropic Oath Official Channel
I think it's the law now that all doom bands must have a female singer.
Nicko zsaraH
was buddies with these guys. too bad they broke up. relationships within bands don't end well.
tx Mr doom this is shockingly good