EHRLING - Nu Lounge Bar Music 2017 (Mix #1)

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Where are the bars, clubs and festivals that play this music!? Not sure they exist. Brilliant Music! Playing on repeat :)
Alejandra Hinojosa
amo esta musica felicitaciones
Alessio Panzuto
Goo rico
Amandeep Shahpuri
awesome music - well done
Any Orozco
No me cansó de escucharlo ufff excelente 🎶🎶💓🔥😌
¿Alguien viene del video de juanpa?😂👑
Benjamin Rochon
When I hear this music, im just in another world
Black Matter
I listen to this almost everyday at work. The jams!
Burak Kerten
Very quality music. I listen all day long
Happy 2019!
Caliepo Bisnar
Happy new year welcome 2019 god bless us all
Charlotte Busolini
I LOVE YOU musique
Claudia Rivas
David Boukobza
j'adore !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This playlist is a Sax banger!!!!\n\nJust chill, kick back and swadow box the easy rhyme flow. Man on Sax got the crowd on go! Quick finger skills busts tunes we know. Sax bangers playlist, put your skills on show!!!
Diego Zecchini V.
La più bella musica 🎵divertente e anche LUNGAAA!!!!!
i could listen to this song for 10 hours straight (easy)
Emina Okanovic
I LOVE THIS it really calms me
Enigiopicuaturicar Demerde toi Ludo
With this music I don't have to be at the beach to feel the Sun and the summer on my back \u003c3
Erick _A_C_
Good Saxo!
Felix Rollan
Happy 2019
Freak Menn
If anybody says sax is boring just show them this mix
Gabin LeGamin
The firt song is verry amazing :)
Gogi Gujejiani
Doctor: You’ve got an hour to live.\nMe: How about an hour and 2 minutes\nDoctor: Why?\nMe:\n\n(This kind of music let’s me drift off to places I never thought of 😊)
Gustav Baldacchino
Anyone has any other links to this type of music. Simply amazing stuff.
Hai Nam Pham
I still expect more teenagers to listen to this kind of music. These are all amazing and they need to know that!
Magic Music # Power of Sound
Happy backhliday to I all
Jacob Vinten-Johansen
Hallo 🤗
i always considered jazz as boring!!!...but this mix made me change my mind.\nI LOVE THIS!!!
Jordan Maia
Josip Krunic
Awesome chill music \nGetting high and listen to this. \nGreatings from Croatia
Josue Mustafá
This is dope! 💯
Jurgita Gražienė
I Love It Youtuber ;)
Kanchan Raj
First 🎶 soooooo sexy
Karolis Čepenas
The Biggest Love Posible From Lithuania! :)
Khaled Alharbi
فخمه جداااااا 🔊🔊🔊ارررفع لك القبعه عزيزي 🎩
Klara Nagy
The sax should have a genre of its own, \
Kylan Rebalkin
The sacs is the best all haters are lamers the sacs is the best lets go brotherrrrr!!!!!!
Laso Bleu
Eh merci Nono pour cette Playlist
Laurie Love
😍😍❤️❤️ que j’aime
Maple Zaap
Love first song
Marvin Newbill
Love this.....
Maïlys Pandin
Anyone in 2k19 ? Stay a good mix ♥
Mely La Kleo
😍😍😍 hes dancing...he hv 3 years old...hes my son...
Minas Tsartsalis
Challenge: Dont move your head at all when listening this music\n\n\n\n\nChallenge Impossible!
Mister X
The best Chillout Music ,is so wonderful. I love this 😎😌
Na Rin
Every time I listen to this song I feel relaxed and stress out
Nuri Gami
Ehrling merci de cette magnifique création qui m'a donné de la motivation pour étudier :)
Pierrette Kolbecher
Happy 2019
Raul Aparicio
Lo que hace la cocaina
Rhoddy Ramdoo
Super cette musique !!!merci ehrling😃😃
Rima Sebane
love it, every time i work on the computer, i put this music.
🎷Super 👍👌✌️💪🤘😉🤪
Robin Wood
Ron Gelinas Chillout Lounge
EHRLING Music on Ron Gelinas Chillout Lounge:
Sachin Thakur
This music help me relax my mind so amazing.....🤗
Saimar Montilla
Hey esta demasiado bueno este top!
Stay Forever is not on Spotify :( . Such a nice song
My shower music
Squeaky_ Muffins
Saxophone sounds a freaking MAZING! Or should I say a saxamazing? \nI'll shut up now..
Stefania Millo
This is the best ,ogni volta che l’ascolto mi sale l’adrenalina....uahoooooo❤️🌻
Sufyan Ramzan
First thing I do in the morning, open youtube play it, brush my teeth, take shower. Then \
Tagi Ika Perle
👌😘😍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️hummm j’adore
Tercy Sakura
Hakuna Matata
The King Of Green
Love the music keep it up
Tino the savage
love it doing my work with fun
I felt tired before listening to this fantastic music,now I’m dancing in my living room.thanks x
This is what i thought on the first track: When will he breath? When can he breath?\nAsking this question since am an alt saxophoneist myslef.\nCould not hear any pause, or anywhere this guy could have breathed. So this is somewhat interesting.. Atleast for me.
Venus Saito
Every time I’m listening 👂 I was feeling so great 😃
Victorin Trinquier
Very big good job !!!!!!!!!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍
Willian Santos
❤❤❤S E N S A C I O N A L❤❤❤
apoorv Mehrotra
every time I listen to this cant control my feet.
cheick konate
i love this ................... it's so amazing congrat
pinche Zurita me trajo aquí
donna hookem
Cool different tempo !
I Love This Video !!!
really appreciate the great talent here
jair ortiz
the best music of the world \u003c3
loger gaming
Music funny 📯🎷🎵🎶🎶
rean paolo limen
We play it every day on our restaurant. So relaxing 🎷🎶🎶
richxrd 321
To all the people that dislike this. We need to talk 😭😭
the prasanna
When I am angry i listen this music
the storm tagliabue
ʀᴏʏᴀʟ ʙʟᴜᴇ
This should be rated 18+ due to extreme sax content
саржар нуртас