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Chris Phelps
All those mobile suits after a mere shuttle is simply overkill.
Christina Nguyen
The real segal Lacus Clyne look so much better than the other fake Lacus cylne.
Claire Inosanto
Great job pretending to be the fake version of yourself, Lacus! 😉😅
Ian Kevin
It must suck for Sting trying to console his triggeredt teammates at once.
John Taylor
Lab at Ladonia?😳😳😳😖
KALM 521
Lacus Clyne being Meer being the ditzy Lacus Clyne that Meer created is the greatest!!!! And the way she was signing autographs is pretty great!
Mich Elle
..this is the best on shin..
Reaper The Prince of Shadows
_ LowcusTheYellowGuy_
I have a feeling that the end of the series is going to suck
I just adore Kira and Lacus they are my favourite couple
people have to agree that Kira is one of the best bf's anyone could as for!
20:16. That look on Meer's face. \nThat's is just to hilarious