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The TOP 15 KNOCKOUTS of 'HANDS OF STONE' ROBERTO DURAN career. 15 brutal knockouts from the greatest lightweight boxer of all time.Subscribe for the latest Top 10’s, Promo's, Series & Tributes.YOUTUBE:

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Abdias Batista
Duran y Tyson estilos parecidos
Andy Otero
One of my two best latin boxer of all time.....
Ara Krajian
he was and still is one of the greatest.Hands of stone
Aristeo Martinez
tenia un gran apodo \
Arnold Mackey
I always admired the slick,hard punching Duran!
Bori R
Una Gran legendary
Brad Meade
Mike Tyson's favorite fighter of all time .
Casa Blanca
1:52 looks like DURAN was fighting in the 50's lol
Clyde McFarlin
The Greatest fighter in history only lightweight champion to win Middle weight championship along with Robinson,Greb,Paqiuio,Chavez, and Trinidad for unifing in 2 division against 3 undefeated Olympian medalists 19 defense including Sweet Pea,and Camacho
Daniel Dragovic
49-0 that Mayweather/Marciano record. 49 likes and 0 dislikes.
Eduardo Olivares
Great video!! Thanks!!! Please, present a series about the greatest sagas in boxing history, three or more fights betwen two fighters!!!
The knockout against Lampkin came in a late round after a very close, hotly-contested fight. Lampkin was immediately taken to the hospital. When the commentator asked Duran if Lampkin had given him a tough fight, Duran replied, \
Evo Morales
nadie me gana
Felixore Sosa
Los matematicos tienen a euclides cantor evaristo galois los fisicos tienen a galileo newton eisten el boxeo tienea ali el mas grande duran y a leonar
Geova Lutter
Hands of stone
HAcKoFf GrEy
hands of stone was a tornado
Don't forget to go see the Duran movie that's coming up on theaters soon.
Hu ss
pound for pound the best ever or ray robinson take your pick
J cole
Roberto Duran my favorite boxer of all time
Jesus Rangel
yo no dudo en el gran boxeador que fue manos de piedra duran pero lo que no entiendo es el momento enque deriva al Panamericano?? como lo derriba sinisiquiera lo toca??? que algien me explique!!!!!!!! enel minuto 4:35
John Cruz
Manos de Piedra 👊✊✊✊👊👊👊👊
Jorge Lozano Gama
MI boxeador favorito ... en una época en la que en México nos sobraban boxeadores, \
Jorge Zamora
Un excelente pujilista muy buen boxeador felicidades a Panamá por ser la patria de este magnífico boxeador ... Saludos de un mexicano
Jose Espinoza
No era manos de piedra,era manos de acero ya dejen de especular quien era mejor de Chavez y rDuran ,el mismo Chavez ya lo reconocio publicamente que Duran era mejor que el.para Cla estaría asi, Duran. uno Chávez dos,Arguello tres,Monzón.cuatro Sánchez cinco,Gómez seis Marquez siete,Napoleón, ocho,finito lopez nueve Miguel canto diez Eusebio Pedrosa once los paneles doce Hilario zapata trece hasta ahí hago la lista porque se que muchos no estarán de acuerdo conmigo
Joseph Felix
Anybody who beat Duran like Sugar Ray Leonard etc. were very lucky to have fought him when he was already on his way down. Had they fought him in his prime they would have suffered the same fate as these poor guys in this video.
Joseph Stalin
Josiah Paz
Number 1 it’s impressive that dude went 14 rounds with Duran
Juan Espinosa
Panama's finest, Roberto Durán Samaniego, \
Kate Cameron
Duran was one in a million fighter and terrific but made a serious misjudgement going in with Thomas Hearns
Kerry Maj
Remember watching Duran when I was a teenager, the most exciting boxer on the planet
Kevin Shell
Unbeatable in his Prime!
Lee Mitchell
No one had a heart like Duran. Great. GREAT boxer.
Leslie Stafford
I notice everyone calling him the goat is named Vasquez or Romero or Garcia...
Lord Nelson
1005 animal
Lucesita Anderson
made in Panamá
Luck Gaming
Roberto “Manos de Piedra” Durán, es mundialmente reconocido como el mejor peso ligero (135 libras) de todos los tiempos, y también catalogado ampliamente por la biblia del Box: THE RING, cronistas deportivos e historiadores boxísticos internacionales, como EL MÁS GRANDE BOXEADOR LATINOAMERICANO TODOS LOS TIEMPOS y uno de los CINCO mejores libra por libra de toda la historia del boxeo.\n Pese a que sus números no lo demuestren. Derrotó en el peso ligero a otros campeones contemporáneos tales como Esteban de Jesús, Suzuki -Guts- Ishimatzu y fue capaz de llevar el boxeo latino a los más altos niveles, enfrentando a muchos de los mejores boxeadores de todas las épocas, en distintas categorías boxísticas, dando ventaja en peso, talla y edad, realizando combates memorables.\n El veterano y respetado cronista de box, el estadounidense Rich O´Brien, catalogó a Durán en el número tres entre Los diez más grandes boxeadores libra por libra DE TODOS LOS TIEMPOS.
Mario Cordoba
Behind Ali, hands of stone is the best boxer ever. This guy did not care about tactics he was used to go and kill from the begining.
Marky Silva
Las Manos De Pedra. 👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼👍👍🔥🔥❤️💪🏼💪🏼⭐️⭐️😀😃
Michael Collins
One of the greatest fighters of all time. He destroyed Davey Moore in 1983 with a vicious body attack.
Miguel Miguel
Roberto Duran è stato un super campionissimo! 💪👍👅👊
Nate Nizzy
hard hitting Latino for real
Noah Perez
incredible fighter....only draw back was his heavy partying coupled with his enormous weight gains and last second traumatic weight losses between fights,.....when he was serious and trained well, he was nearly unbeatable.....such was his casual approach to prepping for a fight,....but at only 5ft 7inch, he went farther and accomplished more on accident then most other fighters ever do or did on purpose. he was simply a naturally gifted and graceful boxer,...the likes of which come along once around every 25 years.....and a genuine and down to earth nice guy outside of the ring,....enough said.
If you cry no mas,and quit,it don't matter how many times you knocked somebody out,you get no respect eternally.
Odalis Diaz
Roberto Duran el mejor
Pablo Beck
the goat
I just watch hands of stone. the reberto Duran film. it was amazing
greatest of all time
Ramiro and roll
7:43 fulminante....
Raoul Akhtar
I love that 3rd dejesus fight man, killer boxing. Boxing at its finest. And mayweather vs corralles. Killer boxing man. P4P unbeatable.
soy de Panamá y somos muy orgullosos de que un panameño represente mi pais
Raymundo Garcia
sugar Ray....please note mas
Richard Perez
Duran has Chicano blood. \nHes one of the greatest of all time!
Rosario Guadalupe Ramirez Hernandez
Ya salio el peine: es de sangre MEXICANA por su papa que era de Mexicali
defense was simple for Duran he just pucnhed you in the face and body with the hands of stone. He would have killed people like pacquio or mayweather because fighters now are just not as tough mentally. Boxers were absolute beasts back in the day. Now a little cut and the fight is stopped
Sam CA
Gerald McClellan vs Sugar Ray Robinson? WHO'D WIN? I think SRR
Terry Harris
there will never be another duran, Mayweather jnr? Do me a favour he would have been nothing in the *[email protected] and 90's
his father is mexican
Thomas Dunn
love Roberto Duran ,pound for pound the greatest of all time,he was only 5 feet 7.what a fighter to do what he did.
5:32 Lampkin estuvo 80 minutos inconciente y 5 dias en el hospital. Duran dijo que si hubiera entrenado bien lo habria mandado a la morgue.
No one beats Duran ever at 147 lbs when he defeated Ray Leonard in their 1st fight. NO ONE ever. That includes Hearns, Mayweather or Thurman.
Vicente Rodrigo
Duran is that fighter from the Bale's movie?
Wolfie Who
My mom is Panamanian just like him and she and her friends have met him before in Panama when I wasn't even born and This is no lie because since they are working on the movie my moms friend Works for Duran and My moms other friend Does the make up for the actors for the movie so I'll be seeing the movie once it comes out
For God's sake, do not drop a hand when fighting Roberto.\nBut I've been hit in the liver, and hurts like shit.
Yuliana de Calderón
orgullo Panameñ\
abdikadir hashi
p4p better than JCC
antonio montano
one of the greatest
bajs korv
what style,once hes in for the kill theres no there ever was.
Number one versus Bizarro??? Oh cmon give me a break Bizarro was a small town fighter from Erie, PA who was basically a club fighter fighting one of the best of all time. It was such a mismatch and for the referee to not stop the fight earlier was almost criminal this is how people get killed in the sport. Shameful. Finally the corner comes in way too late and the ref pushes him out of the way. Duran traveled all the way to little Erie PA to take that fight. I heard Duran liked to collect beer cans and when I met him once I said \
the movie brought me here
boxer wario,un gerrier boxeur.une boxeador gerrero
the last referee should be shot.
hi there
Roberto Duran is my grandpas cousin
dam he killed that last dude
hands of stone
kenneth hansen
love the way he throws body shots, brutal
Duran- GREATEST lightweight of All Time. Durans defensive skills were awesome ! He was so great, he would move up PAST HIS PRIME, gain weight and still beat others in their prime.
mike johnson
what legend he was the hands of stone
mordecai rigby
love Duran great boxer and person a true legend. They don't make em like that anymore
4:51 a dive........
old toby
My goodness- those stinging punches, and his style.. awesome! I never saw another modern boxer today with this classic moves.
pablo dario
Roberto manos de piedra Duran si que tenias bien puesto el apodo. exelente boxeador tenia todo buena tecnica buena defenza muy guapo . lastima la que abandono con leonard ahi el mismo ayudo a crear un mito de quien luego muchos lo consideraron superior a Duran ?
Excellent thank you
roger brake
what a character ! my favourite of all time . Great fighter , unpredictable , kinda wild , and a great family man , gotta be one of the most loved boxers of all time .
ryan song
a great boxer!
sergio ramos
roberto Duran was a gentleman
Many people often forget he was also one of the greatest DEFENSIVE fighters of all time.