Whitney Houston - I Will Always Love You (World Music Awards 1994 HQ)

(16:9 edition) Whitney Houstons best live rendition ever of "I Will Always Love You". Performed during the peak of her career in 1994 during the World Music Awards. She won 5 awards that night. Some of her awards includes: "World's Best Selling Recording Artist of the Era", World's Best Selling R&B Artist, "World's Best Selling Overall Recording Artist".

Alyssa Alyssa
At 2:34 it looks like prince was about to cry because of her beautiful voice
I'm not kidding when I say I haven't heard any high note as resonant and rich in tone as the one at 3:14 ever in my entire life. 😮
Carlos Perez
No one else has done this, what an amount of talent, wish i could have seen her in live😍
Cauee Fariia
2018\nBrasileiros ???
Christine Ouma
Undoubtedly one of the best performances by a human being. She was simply the greatest female artist we've ever had.
Clint Lechner
The single greatest female vocalist of all time, bar none, no one even in the same league. Her ability to adjust her tone and sound like 3 or 4 different singers stiched together as one was a gift almost no one else has. Listen to her sing a song and then everyone..... everyone else sounds like someone going up and down the scales, Whitney sounds.......... completely different. I always think \
If anyone thinks there is a singer that can touch her, you're crazy. She's unmatched
I mean what else can you say its like God playing a human instrument.
Danielé Tobias San Valentíno
there once was a time, before autotune, when you had to actually have talent to get a record deal! Now Day any untalented idiot can get it! Dolly did write it but Whitney made it 😍 No One ever can reach Whitneys voice so hard, she was and is untouched R.I.P My Queen u left a to earley SAF but true
Danii Andreato
Que voz magnífica, limpa, clara. Nunca mais teremos uma voz abençoada como a dela...\n\nWHITNEY DONA DA PORRA TODA! ❤
Dark Universe
Back when singers actually had vocal technique rip whitney THE VOICE
Deion Houston
Even on her worst days, this woman could not be touched. No one comes close to Whitney, not Celine, Mariah, Beyoncé, NO ONE.
Doddy Pemberley
Whitney a cappella....... \u003c3
Dr.Muna Slewa
\nBittersweet memories,\nthat is all I'm taking with me.\nSo, goodbye. Please, don't cry.\nWe both know I'm not what you need.\n\nAnd I will always love you.\nI will always love you.
Elaine hua
How can there be people disliking this vid???
Elsa Meza
Voice of an angel
Fangfang Ji
No one could sing better... in the past,now and in the future!
Flutepianoful broadwaylover
I will always Love Whitney Houston she was exquisite!
Cue the *Mariah and Celine* hate comments...\nI adore *Whitney's* extraordinary voice and I love the extraordinary voices of *Mariah and Celine* as well. The *Vocal Trinity* lives on... 🌌
Hannah Lux
No excessive clothes, no heavy makeup, no backup dancer. Only her voice needed to slay everything!
Harry Smith
This performance sounds better than the original and only she could do that. At that time, she was the best singer in the world. I've watched thousands of videos on YouTube of random girls singing ballads, and still to this day, nobody lights my eyes up the same way she did. You could put all the greats in a row, but for some reason, she'd stand out that little bit more. She truly was in her own lane. I know people say she was the best, but honestly, even until this day, I truly believe she seriously was. She could hit notes that nobody else could. She was so unique, beautiful and talented. But most of all, she was Whitney Houston.
Hunter Dowdle
The first note: “If...” had chills running up and down my spine. Whitney is and always will be THE voice.
Ibra Akbar
Who watching this the best live performance? 2018?
Iluv music75
Hell, I didn't sing one note and I'm tired that's a hard song but she song it like the ABC's
Inga Mrff
I am here after Aguilera AMA Perfomance
Irena Rudnicki
Amazing voice.\nSadly missed \n💐 😢😢
Isadora Schizzi
Que voz❤
Jessica Torres
Just the fact that Prince was there makes me happier lol 😂
Jo-Jo Dik
Whitney 🍀🍀🍀🍀
Joe 97
The way her mum was watching her in awe!!! Precious moment.
Oh my god, she was so beautiful. The world has lost a great personality.
Jose Aguirre
No auto tune needed at all
Joshua Fuhrman
The audience cant even clap they are so shook by her power
Justice Leisten
miss her music and talent and spirit and soul so much ♥️😔
Karimah Kinteh
I love how she's showing so much emotion, I want to be this kind of singer
Kauan Lopes
Aquela que chegou o mais perto da perfeição.
Kay Lee
Beyonce' with all her money, people, and props could NEVER, EVER, EVER even shine the shoes of the great Whitney Houston... Rest in Peace mama.....
Kent T
Me. Whitney, thank you for all the great times! I miss you so much. I have a hard time in my life with my addictions which we talked about. Thank you for the memories and may the Lord help you RIP.
Keyshia Floyd
3:55 was incredible.. bless ur heart Whitney Houston 👸 love you real talk .. I ain’t even know u .. but that voice ❤️
Love Triumphs
still the best!!! no one compares with her angelic natural voice!
M Beheshtaien
There’s Whitney, Prince and I’m sure MJ was there too! 3 legends Gone! Glad to have lived a life to experience their music.
The emotional power of this song is incredible, and this performance even more so. The way each chorus intensifies marks the true power of this song to me. The most intense chorus comes right after the most heartbreaking lyrics at 2:37. She knows she can't be with the person she loves, and she hopes that person will find it elsewhere and be happy, even if it's without her. That's when she sings the loudest and most powerful \
Marga Schalks
Love you so much miss you every day my qween ✨✨✨⭐️⭐️⭐️❤️❤️✨✨✨whit love from Holland 🇱🇺🇱🇺🇱🇺🇱🇺
Mary 40
she is and always is THE VOICE\nwe dont need no fancy whistle register she stirred such emotion
Max Elle
To those who have underrated her as average should take a look at themselves where they stand musically and then judge. (WHITNEY HOUSTON, THE GREATEST VOISE OF ALL),HAIL THE ♕ QUEEN.
Meriem Saadoun
Momma Bear
There will never be another Whitney! She was the best BAR NONE!!!
It looks so effortless, which is WHY she's best singer in history.
Nancy Rivera
Wow she's amazed much love whitney and deeply missed
Nathan Tobias
This woman was a gift of god. No one can deny that. Her voice was one of a kind and today's so called stars should be bowing in awe of her life. May she rest in peace
No frills. No backup dancers. No special effects. Just a gown and an amazing voice. Whitney. You are unmatched.
My lord, her voice is not to be matched. Voice from God!
Oliver London
R Ski
Whitney raised the bar far beyond the reach of ANY performer. She was an epic moment in American history that many of us were fortunate to have witnessed in our lifetime. Thank you Clive.
R Wright
Christina Aguilera didn't come close. RIP Whitney.
Stop all y’all who are saying other singers are better when obviously Whitney Houston is the best singer in history and we all know it
Ramazan Akgül
The best singer of all time R.I.P. Whitney Houston
Rico Bruno
Performances like this make me wish I could have seen some of my favorite artist in their prime.\n\nAlas, I'm too young to have seen some of my favorites in their prime or was never able to go.
Sameer Olail
I will always love you Whitney
Saruman The White
If only she got a husband like Celine Dion's wonderful one. To protect her and be a proper man in her life. \n\
Brought me to tears Whitney! \n\nRIP, one love.
And now we're in the age of lip-sync fails.
StanleySimmons REACTIONS
why do i want to cry everytime I here this
Steven Bennett
I so miss her. I have always been a fan of whitney. 2 be honest, back in the day when this sone 1st cam out, I told a friend of mine that she can't sing this song live and hold those notes. I said it because the song had been out for almost a year and I had no seen her sing it live, until she sang it at this wards show. I was blowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwn away. I will never forget that night. It was magical
TeMeiah Dorsey
If only I was born to see you in person r.i.p
The Crescent Ghost
God Whitney Houston had a amazing voice. What a talent. It's so sad the way she passed and her daughter. May her and her daughter rest in the Lords arms.
Tiarra Hopkins
one of my favorite performances by her! look how beautiful and elegant she look!
Timberly Rider
my god. legend.
Tony Townsend
I miss this era in music. U have Prince, Kenny G, and The Voice in one room.... Amazing moment in time. We will never see that again....
Tyler Jones
Whitney is the definition of a power house vocalist
Vi La
Her voice ! Her feelings ! Just a Goddess able to express what it's true love
alysa villarreal
This song was TOO easy for her
Those times when the audience let artists sing the song till the end and then gave a round of applause...
caledonia official
Whitney had the innate talent of being able to sing and knew how to make the audience silent.
eliud rodriguez
nobody like her! she is unique
follow word
Best singer I ever heard.Your voice is missed.
gerhard sochor
Lyrics :\n\nIf I should stay\nI would only be in your way\nSo I'll go, but I know\nI'll think of you every step of the way\nAnd I will always love you\nI will always love you\n\nYou, my darling, you, hmm\nBittersweet memories\nThat is all I'm taking with me\nSo, goodbye\nPlease, don't cry\nWe both know I'm not what you, you need\nAnd I will always love you\nI will always love you\n\nI hope life treats you kind\nAnd I hope you have all you've dreamed of\nAnd I wish to you joy and happiness\nBut above all this, I wish you love\n\nAnd I will always love you\nI will always love you\nI will always love you\nI will always love you\nI will always love you\nI will always love you\n\nYou\nDarling, I love you\nOoh, I'll always\nI'll always love you
Whitney and Celine all the way. Sorry Adelle but you got a long way. Beyonce stay down
Greatest voice of all time.
2:33 Prince was feeling it. Lost Whitney, Prince and MJ to addiction. Damn.
keked david
If I was a female singer in the audience I would've left when she came on stage Whitney Houston makes me so angry that I can't sing... the last mintute of this performance is PRICELESS..
malcolm taylor
Lord have mercy! That voice was a once in a lifetime treat. What a shame, we won’t ever hear it or see her live no more! What a tragedy of gigantic proportions. REST IN PEACE WHITNEY!!!!!
It really saddens me that she she is gone and while here with us people slandered her name and some showed no respect. Same with Amy Wine house. I really wish I could've met them both :( I hope they have found peace.
Whitney is talent personified and she always performed this song beautifully and meaningfully, as if it was her song. The lyrics mean even more though if you know why and for whom the song was written. The song was Written by Dolly Parton for Porter Wagner. Porter, a famous country artist in the 50s and 60s hired a young unknown talent named Dolly Parton. Porter was a task master and often rude and demeaning to Dolly as he thought of her as just one more singer he had hired. He brought her to the public's attention but she eventually surpassed his talent and fame. \n\nWhen Dolly threatened to leave the duo Porter told her she would amount to nothing without him. When Dolly began her solo career, Porter remained cold. Dolly took the highest road and wrote this song for Porter to show her gratitude in spite of his stubbornness. Dolly became super star, a house hold name and one of the wealthiest people in entertainment. Porter was largely broke the last few decades of his life and mostly known only to loyal country music fans. \n\nDolly is a class act and gave gratitude to Porter by writing this song only for him. Its a beautiful ballad but to know that the words are literally written for one bitter person by an immensely gracious persons, gives it more meaning! If you read this, listen to the song again with Porter and Dolly in mind. \n\nhttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/I_Will_Always_Love_You#Background_and_composition\n\nhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aDqqm_gTPjc
That smile on her Mom's face at 1:31... priceless.
I have seen this a zillion times, yet it moves me like the first time......
ramon german
This song was too easy for her even the national anthem wooowww
ron campbell
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sarco man
Sencillamente nadie, pero nadie como ella, no existe nadie como ella ni la habrá.
scott price
Wish I could have seen her just once live .. what a amazing beautiful human!
did anybody see PRINCE reaction love it
shelly yastagirl
Her voice sends chills....she is deeply miss...
tashan patterson
you can all say what you want about other artists yes there are some great artists out there but that woman right there was the greatest of all time,she made history,look at what she does singing live even the great patti labelle said she was the eighth wonder of the world and aretha franklin acknowledged that she was great.much respect to that woman
so raw, so powerful, so intense, totally breathtaking!
i think this was her highest high. nobody will ever top these vocals
wolf fear
No revealing outfits, No backup singers, No dancers, No nudity.\nJust 1 woman and a microphone making miracles.
Γεώργιος Καραφώτης
THE VOICE...!!!!!!!
3:47 - 3:50 My Favorite part!!!