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Football is a true international language. The skill which the greatest players display on the pitch, the spirit of oneness which it brings among people, the unification of passionate football fans in a grand carnival, and the unbelievable simplicity of the sport makes it the beautiful game.Messi and Neymar are in our heart, as well as the young Bradley Lowery and the Fiorentina's captain Davide Astori. Football is more than just a game.---------------------------------------Like this video if you want to see more episodes and react in the commentaries section below Don't forget to turn on notifications in order to not miss the next videos.Follow us: YouTube: ---------------------------------------© Oh My Goal - Keli Network

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This the love of best Sport played in the world
Ahmad tarawneh
Oh frick im early i want likes what do i say🤔
Alli Brunnsbo
This really is the beautiful game
Ambika Pokhrel Subedi
The Beautiful game
While its the most beautiful game to touch the planet racism and hatred towards others makes it sad but when you see the kids of our future it makes you think maybe there will be hope further down the line the change the game for the better and get rid of the disgusting hatred and racism in some peoples hearts.
Antonij Trajkovski
what a inspiring channel!
Asher Ward
Videos like these bring me hope that one day football fans will all be able to get along without fighting over which club/player is better or just plain being disrespectful.
Ayaz Khilji
Why the Mo Salah chant isn't in the video?
AyeMyNameIsGrace ;-;
Best video you’ve made yet. These clips are the beautiful game 🙌
Last time I was this early, football was still 2 sticks with a leather ball.
Beautiful game... Beautiful video
Barnabás Goda
This video deserve more than 100M views!
Borna Mateljan
Gle malog zubatog
Branko :D
Today and yesterday I didn't go to school cuz I was ill I cought a lot but I still managed to go to play football
Camille Barclay
Soccer is life
ChilleX _
Football’s such a great game. Not only does it bring people together, it shows that these professionals are more than just footballers, kids idols, they have put in tens of thousands of hours to get to play as a professional, and we should all respect that. Crap or great, they’ve all worked hard for this. Football isn’t just a game.
Chivas Pedro
Football is like literally my life!!!
Chris patterson
When people from other countries ask me; “Why do you only watch football but not American sports?” I think of moments like this. I’ve been a fan of football since the 2000 Metrostars and Manchester United. I’ve never looked back nor will I ever, ever look back.
Cristiano Ronaldo
I am 6
David Thangman
When you met your hero!!😁😁
Dawit 197
4 dislikes woow 😑😑😭
Deyar Eessa
Better than running with a helmet and a ball and people giving you concussions and trying to run to the touchdown every game.\nFootball has a meaning, it has saven people's lives. It is something that will always last and the beauty in it will not fade. That ladies and gentlemen, is the real sport. The real beautiful game. ⚽ FOR LIFE!
Dont Be Mad
the dislikers dont know anything about football
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Ed Belcher
Amazing video , shows how amazing the sport we all love is and how it brings people together!
Entertaining Channel
Like this for tragic story of Fernando Torres
Gabi Try Things
This video just needs lots of likes and I suscibed cause of this video
Gaming Globe
I may be terrible at this sport, but I have the passion and love for football as if I was one of the best in the world. I adore the beautiful game!
General Zeave
HMF Vlogs
Wow that was sad ☹️😟😢
Hamody Gamer
Ic7mu Chin
Football is truly called the beautiful game
Intelligent Nepali
Brought tears in my eyes... Thank you😀
Ivan Caetano
The most beautiful emotional video ever, the beautiful game forever
Joe Port
Jermain Defoe ❤️⚪️
Joy D Saha
Who have tears in their eyes during this video????😢❤⚽️\n#Lovefootball
if someone dislike this video they do not deserve to be a fan of the beautiful game\nwell done oh my goal .. what a video you uploaded hat off 😍🔥❤😭
Liban Abdisalan
O Dembele didn't see that old mom am sure he would take pic with her or say something
Little Pea
Football is not a sport. It is a lifestyle.
M7MD Gamer Xd
Now this is football u don't just talk about players how good or bad for example neymar he gave his shirt to a little boy or like messi he took a picture with two boys one was crying and broke down into tears of joy and the other little boy who was brave to take picture with messi. U see how football was meant to be about respect. Please do not just talk about players like that just enjoy the game!!!
Aandres Iniesta lololololo andres iniesta lololololo
Someday.i am working on it.
Maleshwar Sastri
i missed the Aguerrooooo goal !!
Mani TV
#FootballisLife\n\nLike if you LOVE football.
Marcel Vennemann
Football is RESPECT
Marco Assassin
ronaldo doesnt see football pitch as football pitch\nronaldo sees football pitch as a swimming pool\nthats why he take off his shirt sometimes\nto swim
Im first
Mike 1234
So emotional
Mohammad Alamgir
The tune got me
Muhammad Playz
Modric or de bruyne deserve everything this year
Nadeem Shabbir
Do a video about Ajax
Nikil Kc
This game is beautiful
Noah Barracks
This is really emotional to thing about.
Noah b
i love this channel road to 1 million im new to youtube and i write music and i really want some support next video is coning out in 45 min and its about fortnite i love this but soccer for life
OP Destroyer224
Who-ever dislikes is a football hater😁😁
Omar Hassan
Beautiful video
Penguinlover 2k19
Playero 24
#footballislife\nThese moments are so emotional and respectful\nFootball is my life
Rajan H
The ugly game- albania vs serbia
Rasail DAku
More than just a sport
Ray Drawz
By Allah this is the best video in youtube I have ever seen in my whole life
Rousting army
Football is not just a sport, \nIts an emotional game.
S& X
Sadi Chowdhury
Some americans will be like....\
ShadowNinja 04
Modric is the deserving ballon dor winner this year !!!
Shashank Negi
chapecoense 😭😢.. \nGoosebumps literally..!
lit vid I hate justin bieber
Swad Bodhy
And some will maintain, football is just business, money, luxurious life, is..but this beautiful side is soulful..
The Sunderland kid is the best most innocent child ever
Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu
8:23 Kaka...mannn i love this man
The Diamond Crystal XOXO
I want likes.
Tupac Shakur
Even tho messi won’t win the ballon dor this year. He is still the best human being to ever walk on a football pitch.
Turbo Skills_TO
What a beautifull game !!!! #Footballisthebest \nWho was like about to cry ?!
Usama Labanieh
This is where real men cry
X Masterballer X Neymar jr
Since this two weeks I have been dreaming about me meting cr7
X-DaRk_ ShoT-X
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Zachary Kar
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aathil hd
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amine ifari
i think this is the best vid of the channel
anonymous 777
Do a video:what happened to Jackson Martinez
firt 12
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gragnese meally
Please make video of victor valdes, \
jevaughn dennis
Football is my life💯
No sport is superior than football.
mohammed Besar
name of music please...❤️❤️❤️
subhan muhammad
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