American Authors - Deep water (Lyric video)

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Athena Clark
I'm singing this for my talent show wish me luck🤞🏽
Caddalak Beat Gang Cbg
i love the song deep waters
Cindy C.
Great song..😊
Denial Number 4
I love this
Emmalee Ohmer
its \
I think it's went for the title, got hit by your tridal wave. Pretty sure. But could be wrong
Enoch Gray
I could see this song being sung by a choir at church.
Gaelic Storm
So many feelings in this song ❤❤❤
Harry Tinoa
My wife swnt this to me when i was turning myself into jail and i can say it motivated me even more
Jaylin Miller
Jessie the book nerd
This song kinda reminds me of my depression...
Pretty much started listening when i saw them on the new Bar Rescue episode.
This song makes me cry no matter how many times I hear it.
Pizza Pizza
Thanks for making the video! Good job!!!!
PumaThe Boy
wow I like it and its my favorite song thx ;)
Ruth Vl Malsawmi
Love his voice✌😘
Anyone here from the Good Doctor... it's an amazing thing that TV shows do, they expose you to great music.
Shahin Ahmed
Sharkmansam 1111
New SOT dlc background
Sunnyside 03
I absolutely love the background pic
I listen to this song a lot
Amazing job. But i'm pretty sure its \
reema Khwai
The lyrics is simple but it strikes a beautiful fascinating meaning....