Mr. Lordi and his choir - I Love It Loud (kiss)

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KISS - I Love It Loud / Mötley Crue - Shout At The DevilMr L was one of the mentors on the Finnish TV format "Kuorosota" in 2011. His choir comes from his hometown Rovaniemi. "Kuorosota" is a music competition between several choirs, put together and led by successful Finnish singers/musicians in their home region. The celebrities take on the role of the choir leader and support their choir in the struggle for a perfect performance. They also act as members of the jury and evaluate the performances of the other competing choirs. TV viewers vote and determine the winner, and each week another choir gets voted off. The prize is in the form of a 40,000-euro contribution to a charity active in the artist's hometown.Nowadays Mr. Lordi's choir is called Rock'n'Rollo choir. (Rollo is a nickname to their hometown Rovaniemi). Rock'n'rollo choir performed with the Lordi band at Lordi's 20th anniversary concert at Simerock 2012.

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Lordi for ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
it's been 5 years, and i'm still a HUUUUGE Swedish fan of LORDI\r\ni'll never stop being a fan of them until the day i die
Mötley Crüe out of nowhere hahaha didn't see that coming
4 people did not LOVE IT LOUD!!!!\n\nI love the KISS Gene Simmons makeup!!!
Flskon TheMad
No, it's absolutely true. But the Beast or not to Beast costume is much better than the last few.
Geraldo Abdo
Mr. Lordi e o outro cantor conseguiram SEMITONAR a música toda. É melhor deixar só o Mestre Gene Simmons cantar. Sou fã do Lordi e Kiss. Mas semitonaram a música toda e não ficou bom.
God Of Thunder 777
I like music from mr.lordi, kiss
Mr. Lordi's choir had always mixed a part of some other good song to their performance to have more tribute and good show.
Mark Smith
Could you upload the video where Lordi sings The Final Countdown in this program? I can find it in Internet. Thanks!
Marko Zrinščak
for what was this filmed
Mathias gilgamesh
yeah but your first comment made it sound like this. Why was this filmed. This is bad get it of the internet or this isn't good delete it. :)
Miika Turunen
kiss on paras ja lordin kuorokin
Gotta say I like Hard Rock Hallelujah and I know Lordi likes KISS...but seriously I've never been a fan of KISS, mostly because of Gene Simmons and how much I dislike him and most of his family (Nick's okay but the others are primadonnas.). I still like Hard Rock Hallelujah though.
Is it me, or was Mr. Lordi's outfit way cooler and realistic 5 years ago?
Shandi Rock
What is this mixed with Shout at the Devil of Motley Crue at minute 1:27?
Silvana San
Kiss and Motley Crue todether! It´s fantastic!! :)
@PeikkoKuningas95 Misunderstanding here... He/she's asking WHERE this was filmed... As in tv show and country I suppose.. He never said anything about the quality, shootingplace or staging... He never complained about anything?? Just asked a simple question? No need to go all apeshit here bro..
Tomáš Řemínek
Great combination! Lordi and Kiss ... xD
KISS ans Lordi rule!\n
@Zrinschchuck first your coming here complaining about the quality (which is pretty decent) and then you don't seem to have ANY sense of humor :D hahahhaha your pathetic
how the did a motley crue song got into a kiss song???