Revenge Of The Ninja

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Action movie from 1983 starring Sho Kosugi

Keith Kosugi Sho Vitali

Christopher Boynton
When sword fights were good!!
Masculine Buddha
This movie was so bad it's HALARIOUS!
Mike Evans
Watch the guy on the ground get hit by the sword 8:08!! You know that hurt!
Six Pants
name.roy Richards .man i cant stop watch these movies
Someone made a good comment on another one of these fight scenes. If you watch at about 8:08 you'll see the ninja on the ground get hit by the sword and his body gives a slight jolt.
Spartaculus Jones
Both Bruce Lee and Sho Kosugi became this skilled through hard work. They are legendary.
William Elbaum
I bet Sho Kosugi has a 3 inch pecker.
Damn good movie.
joey arc
legendary movie
legendary realistic ninja movie
I always thought \