The Voice UK 2013 | Leah performs - The Live Final - BBC One

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Al Cardenas Sr
You guys just jealous try singing yourself
Alan Guenley
I never thought I'd say this but I don't think this song was big enough for her lol. Holy crap most people can't come close to this song and this is easy for her
Aleksandr Antipov
Drag make up
Atam Turkiye
New voice and very nice, we will hear a lot more from her. I guess Will-i-am will not let her go :)
Axel Ruiz
OMG, Whitney should be proud of you. YOU REALLY GOT TI. A diffrent way and BEAUTFUL PERFORMANCE.
Bailey Marie
Good voice just not a song to cover a no,no song!!
Beth Westwood
she really should have won! NOT Andrea!
Black Knight
Bryan Mears
always give the impossible so gs to great performers. no one should ever touch Whitney's songs
Bryan Orjalesa
She totally destroyed the song, I don't like her rendition, but she has a crazy falsetto :)
Cameron Dubrow
I'm pretty sure during the finals she was sick or something. Her pitch wasn't that bad in any of her performances. But in this and Lovin' You, it wasn't her best, but man you gotta give her some slack.
Camila Ramirez
Her voice is amazing! But I think she wasn't very comfortable singing it
Carla Dipple
I dont know if this was just a bad song choice or what, but i think she sounded horrible especially the high notes. Andrea is much better singer imo.
Cavaco Cavaquices
Jesus... It was simply terrible... Please don't tell me she won the competition!
Cristian Alvarado
Nice vocals
Dang Vy
She has a nice voice and interesting techniques, but I just can't stand this cover. Voices and techniques are not everything. Personally, I think if her version had been the first one in music history, it would've never become an iconic love song, where you can feel the beautiful bittersweet longing for someone you cannot have.
Danyaal Malik
out of tune in places, and awful song choice, don't sing someone else's song and change it unless u can make it better, this was horrible!
DeAndre Black
I just found my future wife! She should audition for the The Voice US and Join team Christina. I think Christina would be a better coach for her voice type
Deejay Sunajo
I don't understand why people compare this to Whitney Houston when Whitney covered Dolly Parton's original version of this song.  This is a rendition, not a karaoke--and I think she did Awesome.
Destin Sansbury
she hit all the notes that weren't the melody. haha
Elham Nabi
she makes her version,it's very awesome I like it
Eric Kalolo
shes so sick.... love her range her control her runs Aarrgghh LOOOVVVEE
Faqih Badila
she looks like katty perry
Ferhat San
I do not know, what to say...I am speechless...Best performance ever since the best days of Whitney Houston.....Brilliant!!!!!
Gabriela Peña
Así sera siempre te amare :)
1.53 = whitney houston 100%
Hector Hectorovich
She ruined the song.
Honeybee Davis
I want her voice 😋😎lol
Jacob Helms
I kinda like the up-beat funk to it. I mean I still love Whitney's version but this was good.
Jasline Campbell
even though she can sing any song, she really should have gave her songs that fit her range. she would have been better off with Jessie j
Jess Ware
I don't think it's horrible! It's just people aren't used to listening to Whitney's song like \
0:22 !!!!! I listen to that and just shake my head. Thats incredible. Just to think of putting that flow with those lyrics. Subliimmmmee vocal
NOT a good performance of this song. Her high notes were cracking and of pitch. Her performance of \
what an awful rendition.
Kaye Musume
she butchered the soong ughhh
Kevin Guestlist
I cant' believe she didn't win.. amazing vocals and have character .  the other contestant have no vocal range or star quality
La'Rae Trice
It's ridiculous she didn't win. Completely and utterly ridiculous. I thought this show was strictly about the \
LaQuincia Mcmillan
Lashonda Cannon
Leah was the best!
Lily McKenzie
Should have auditioned for the X Factor UK instead. The Voice UK wouldn't know how to handle a talent like Leah.
Lặng lẽ
She was out of tune at some high notes
she is gifted too
Maddy Ringo
honestly i've heard better
Mara Ram
dont be closed-minded, you just cannot stand to listen to a cover which is different from the original. She sang it great, just her own style.
Marcelo Rivera
I love this version, she should've won, Andrea only win because of her disabilities, shame on uk
Marie Dradin
She's just so talentuous and yes it's unbelivable she didn't win !!! I like so much the way she sings songs because I never saw that anywhere .
I don't like how she sang this song. especially at 0:40
Michelle Mcfadden
she's all over the place and she over do it. great voice she just needs to stay in one range.
Mickel Sinver
if she had sung 'I will survive' or 'Loving you' instead of this in the Final, she would have won this competition easily.
eye liner on fleek
N64 x Thomas
HOW DIDNT SHE WIN omfg \u003e.\u003c still fustrating and i listen to her so much O____o uh...peed off with the sympathy votes
Nam Đỗ
her voice doesnt suit this song
Nino Dolenc
wrong song
Onyka Jallim
she has a powerful range but she needs to stop over doing it peple get tired of that sing but dont try to over power
P-w-E-E Lawrence
her vocals are incredible.. its insane
Pablo GB
If she was blind, she would have got 100% of votes...
Quewan Austin
I'm surprised no one is talking about how she can hit a note higher than Ariana grande 2:02
Rafael Jacob
The most absolutely incredible power voice in pop music in the last 10 years. It just shows you how great these shows can be, I mean, WTF, she'll be around for 30 years with the right songs. She GreatI  I mean greatly original interpretation. Hats off!\ufeff
River Eve
She reminds me of melanie martinez
Rory Connell
no just no
Samantha May
Honestly, I think this was her worst performance.
ScorpianaXRAY X
I honestly thought she was a man looking at the thumbnail...great vocals though.
Sei brav
Great voice, but too often with so many of these contestants, they complicate a song unnecessarily. 
why did they add the beat to this. why?
Shiroe 3
its like Mariah,Whitney and Aguilera's talent linger in her soul she can sustain her powerful voice she can whistle nearly like mariah and can definitely roar with it in one song I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU
Tkari Henson
I really think the only reason this was a bad performance is because her pitch was everywhere. She has the range to sing this for sure, but singing it out of tune just ruins it
That girl has emotion and range in her songs. Fantastic. She was robbed. Yes, people always refer to Whitney Houston when talking about the originator of this song but Whitney sang Dolly Parton's song and Dolly is the original singer. Dolly's version is just as good and some would say even better, in that country heartfelt way that gives it emotion and pulls on the heart strings. Whitney's was more sterile in comparison if you listen to both.
She was robbed
omg horrible
V Ved
Some songs are not to be toyed with.
Vickie Paul
She is Wonderful.
White Amber
what the hell!!! who did her make up??? come ooon..... it's like an horror movie..
Ohhhh, so that's why you lost.
_alexation _
sucks she didn't win .....
I cant believe i've only discovered her today, i must of been living under a rock lol, great talent!
not a very good rendition terrible arrangement and it doesn't suit her.  She's a good singer but probably the song is too huge for her to take on.  to be honest some part of the song were flat.
catter botrder
OMG her voice so nice why shr didn't win?
the last  time the voice on the bbc had a chance of credibility and it blew it.
I can Cleary see that she is in a fukin bad day =\\ Sadly, she is so amazing!
eu ro
Andrea is 1000 times better than this so overrated singer. And the proof... Andrea won the contest.\nAndrea really sing, Leah just yelp.
flip stick
The most absolutely incredible power voice in pop music in the last 10 years. It just shows you how great these shows can be, I mean, WTF, she'll be around for 30 years with the right songs. She GreatI  I mean greatly original interpretation. Hats off!
I'm just seeing this for the first time.  Having just got into the current series of The Voice, I thought I'd look up some of the past performers. Wikipedia said Leah was the runner up in this series and there were mentions that the visually impaired woman that won only won because of a sympathy vote. Well, the first video I found was Leah's Minnie Riperton cover of Loving You. I was immediately struck that she has no control and I posted on the video. I have now found this, her final performance. Wow. Without any emotional attachment to any of the performers from this series, I can say that Leah's performance here is really dreadful, and I maintain my opinion that she has no control over her voice. The notes are very good, but like Eric Morecambe once said to Andre Previn in a classic piano sketch, she's \
grace lutui
If this isn't your cup of tea or you didn't feel this cover do everyone else who loved it a favor & STOP WATCHING IT THEN
jackie smith
Are you'll crazy she has one of the best voices ever .the new best voice get really you'll!!! :-)
jason wolf
Leah kills Andrea. Andrea should appologize to Leah and give her the trophy Leah earned.
She didn't win because she was competing against someone with \
jw Sheen
Omg Horrible
ohh i swear u should be the winner \noh my god this is unfair \nu are amazing and u 200% much better than andrea
maddy Vrt
Her vocal range is just godess 😍
A voice technician, very rare commodity these days. Awesome in the extreme.
nati flores
hizo una mala eleccion de cancion pero ella canta hermoso
paul browne
this was a really bad cover and sounded out of tune most of the time she was great in other videos but this was really bad
shady deeb
the awfulest version everrrrrr
steven chao
leah is the best !
young massica
just shared this on my fb page day one fan man
Đông Bình Dư
she makes the song feels\n so horrible !! I'm sorry but it's true !!
ณัฐนัย ไตรยงค์
i like her so much