Tipper Ambient Set @ CoSM Alex Grey Art

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Support the channel: Tipper performed an All Original set of his own ambient music at the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors.150 blessed souls braved the snow, and attended from as far away as Salt Lake City for this occasion.Alex and Allyson Grey painted live, and Johnathan Singer presented this Visual Manipulation of their work in real time with Tipper.This is the re-creation of their performance together that one amazing night... please enjoy!

... Alex Grey (Visual Artist) Ambient Music (Broadcast Genre) Bird Electronic Experimental The Chapel Of Sacred Mirrors (Location) Tipper (Musical Artist)

Alex Demian
Listened to this during my first dmt breakthrough, breathtaking endless awee!!
awfully good :)
Bob Bell
Next level👌
Bunga Bozo
Use this to fall asleep haha I sleep so good with this on
China Panda
Christian Maldonado
Tipper Ambient sets are literally life itself
Cirse Hernández Lara
Wow. Este 6 de Noviembre del 2015 en México city. El mejor evento visualmente -quiero ir !!!
Cream Nips
that aphex twin remix at 15:12 though nothing better.
Dani Zareen
tipper is love.
Domas Titslovas
17.14 aphex twin?
wish i could make this my backround on my laptop
Douglas Fisher
💯 all the way through.
Dragon ́s Tale España
Born, Death, Born, Death, Born, Death, Born, Death, Born, Death, Dharma Finish.. NIRVANA
Elisa Adams
19:00 CINDER CONE...!!!! Fak yas
Etheric Sight seer
Tipper, Ott, Quixotic, Alex and Alyson Grey at Red Rocks. All I'm gonna say
Gediminas Jesinas
I‘ll have to be big critic of his works as in his COSM movie there was a lot of ignorant bullshit. Sure paintings are beautiful, amazingly detailed and a lot of effort was put into painting BUT Greys philosophy no way can appeal to scientific and realistic world view. It seems that Alex keeps implying theistic world view, that there is creator God who loves everyone and so on. But reality is that he is just trying to profit from lies that ignorant religious and mentally sick people buy. Religious stories and even LSD trips are not proof of divine realms although I have to agree that it shows how our mammalian brains have great imagination.\nNature is NOT loving and harmonious as he depicts in one of his paintings. But in fact it‘s violent and indiferent to suffering to sentient beings. Even peaceful herbivores are fighting in nature for survival, Alex even depicts in one fragment how bear kills deer – how he can call that loving and compasionate act? Nature creator is either pure evil scum or there is no creation and everything is just purposless chance.
Ian Smith
Was this done under the dome? It's incredible.
Jackie Quiriarte
Watched and this amazing art while tripping on LSD and it was utterly beautiful. Tipper's music was so calming it def synchronized well with the visuals. While watching this video I found lots of meaningful things that my mind, body, and soul needed to be reminded of. It made me feel a combination of love, appreciation and how to not fear the unknown such as death. Such a beautiful experience that I would hold tight to my heart.
Jacob Desciak
Be warned of the flashbacks
Jacqueline Sophia Cordova
so wonderful! when was the performance?
Jacques Leruth
ia this live?
James Lamacchio
Javier Martinez
What's the song at 25:00?
João Peixinho
the cure for a bad trip.. this set will calm you like a baby!
this is a best video i have ever saw.
Lucas Godsey
Track name at 41:00?
Lumpy euphoria
Very Euphoric
Marko Barrows
Tipper should be played at the play-rate he recorded the tunes at. Stop taking speed and calm down and just listen. If you are rushing yourself you might be falling so be careful.
Megalon Video
Hey look at all those commercials, for that video that isn't yours...
Natalia Kazana
What's the song at 31:38?
Nick Tara
So trippy
Paul N
thats tipper for ya.
Rah Beats
14:45 i see heaven/hell at the same time\n(have eyes locked on the center)
Rupinder Unju Mann
Sounds great. Wish I was on shrooms while listening to it though.
Scott Mayfield
love performing at CoSM!
Stephen Strickler
this definitely adds to the acid...
Steven Jeba
thank you
Stewart Cherney
HEY EVERYBODY!!! Play at 1.5x speed! ;)
Tom Souden
Wayne Azzopardi
What is the song called at 32:00?
I saw a similar set of his last month in Eugene. It was so pure and intimate. All seated theatre and the most spectacular visuals by Singer.
DMT is a powerful drug. Beautiful
justin mitchell
And yet, you definitely DO NOT need drugs to enjoy this!! Amazing
martha singer
I loved the visuals. That Johnathan Singer is great.
very good! High Level Tripping proofed!
Tipper -the great chameleon.
pete standingalone
Am i dreaming?
COSM is the shiet
does anyone know the song at 16:25?! he played it ambient night in denver and i totally recognized it from this video!!
tellthetruth nigga
song at 15:00?
tightest producer ever